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  1. Yes I remember very well at uni both guys and gals drinking like there was no tomorrow. I remember as a 19 year old at freshers and a Sikh punjaban crowd of girls at the bar completely out of their minds and making their wishes known that they all wanted to lose their virginity that night. Sharaab has a lot to answer for.
  2. No one was particularly drunk to the point of wobbling. And what's more the play for money! Yes in full view of woman and kids at a family function! Left me staggered
  3. Went to family function Hounslow last month and my oh my what gandth.. what a place..mattresses dumped in roadsides, shopping trolleys outside people's home and old sofas disposed just literally out on the streets. What a place. Place seemed full of Albanian descent people and the local High St was a sight I'll never forget. Every shop was a fast food takeaway or Arabic food store. Then only this weekend just gone was at a wedding engagement function Ladywood and Great Barr areas of Birmingham. Again mattresses and sofas dumped on streets, lots young girls barely 17/18 years pushing a latest fancy trendy 3 wheeler baby nipper pushchair. All the locals who attended the function admitted many Birmingham areas had become a scrap heap. One guy piped up that "Solihul is nice man...they have detached houses there" Strangely all they seemed interested in was the bottles of alcohol and dancing. And what is it with guys in Birmingham playing cards whilst drinking at family functions? Seen this few times now. People of extremely low intellect in both places. Cannot understand why on earth anyone educated in UK born and bred here would want to live in these places. Found it shockingly bad and I get the impression people in denial
  4. Where on earth do you live??? Sothall or Hunslow?
  5. You are spot on. I've seen many a parent bullied into doing it. I've seen parents frightened of their offspring. Never ever let your children scare you. Once they do its game over
  6. Read the first post on this thread. It was a polite request. From reading the responses here it would appear there are more besharams than I first thought. Using that disgusting punjabi swear word referring to a woman's genital on the same platform forum where we talk about our Guruji's?? No I dong think so. If you think it's ok then carry on. Ask those more educated than yourselves. Ask you mothers. I challenge you. I'm out of this site. It would appear tht there are a lot of young chat by type uneducated so called Sikhs here. My buddies were right about this it would appear .
  7. Bekwoof means s1lly. But what would a young kid like u know about Sikhism? You are showing urself up. Thanks to all those sending me messages reflecting what a besharam this dailysingh101 is. Thanks again
  8. Carry on swearing then . I don't want to be part of it.
  9. Forget it brother. This is a pukkah besharam bewkwoof. Complete besharam
  10. It's not sensitivity you si11y person. It's about RESPECT. Hang your head in shame you besharam .
  11. Thanks to all those who have shown me support in this message. Sadly there are individuals such as dailysingh who think it's all very well to use the disgusting language he on the same platform as our Guruji's. Sangat ji all I can say is this is a perfect example of a young sikh of today. No Akal, no shame, no direction and no clue on Sikhism. Shame on him and all those who think it's ok to use the filthy language right beside our guruji. Has he even thought of those peeping into this site and the impression it gives? No because he is all me me me. His mum would be ashamed of him. That's fact.
  12. Gentlemen, It was a polite note to refrain from using vile language on this site. This site is based on our religion. It's quite obvious from reading some of the posts in response to my request that there are some individuals here who quite clearly could not careless using vile disgusting language sometimes in the same sentences quoting our special Guruji. Shame on you. If this is the low this site will go to then I am afraid I would not want to be part of it. The note I had put out was a polite request. Most people have sent me messages expressing how they support my request and are offended by seeing language for which there is clearly no need for. One member in particular has expressed that he sees this vile language being used at his work, warehouses and building site etc etc. Well this is not the place where such language should be used and quite frankly I am disgusted by some members response. Please have some respect.
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