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  1. thanks. yes i am fully focused on my career and my spritual development. my love is a diffrent topic it is not related to my studies and sprituality not it is disturbing them
  2. i will take amrit not to be in relation with her.
  3. i don't drink. but yes i eat meat. regarding keeping kesh i want to keep kesh but my family didn't allow me to keep kesh. i read bani. i had learned some of the banis. yes one day i will be a proper amritdhari. right know i cant ask her hand for marrage because I am just 17 and she is 19.
  4. i know i love her but afraid that will she loves me. one more problem is that she is a pure amritdhari and i am a mona. and also there is age diffrence.
  5. i had a crush on a girl but problem is that I am not sure weather i really love her. what to do i don't undetstand.
  6. nice kirtan by this girl. her name is gurnoor kaur and she is from dehradun india
  7. is harnam dhuma, ram singh or amrik singh ajnala is jathedar of damdami taksal.
  8. the missionary collage came into existence in 1994. there are two missionary collages in ludhiana. the sikh missionary collage which support dasam bani and the gurmat gian missionary collage which is an anti dasam granth.
  9. i think you should leave. are you anti dasam granth sukh? if yes then leave this forum. this forum is for sikhs and for those eho want to know more about sikhi not for those against gurmat philosophy. so leave. ADMIN PLEASE BAN THIS GUY.
  10. anti dasam prachar was started by ram raiyas during the time of baba banda singh bahadur
  11. denying gol dastars, taksali and akali bana, use bad words for puratan maryadas and sampradas. they think they are very intelligent.what these missionaries says about bani used by dasam pita during first amrit sanchar. what are there views about that
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