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  1. It's funny DallySingh we were talking about this recently. Tyrone, more than likely a black male. Wander if this was a hate crime. Any updates with the motive? I searched google but couldn't find anything.
  2. I've thought about this too. I reckon it could also be a guilty conscience thing about the past i.e. slavery. They go out of the way to show they are not racist to them because of the collective guilty conscience.
  3. Me and my half white and half indian friend always talk about this. It's so deep. One of his reasons is that the British conquered India but the Chinese didn't get conquered hence they have more respect for the Chinese which I'm not sure I agree with. I reckon the main reason is this. Brits like to think of themselves as very open and accepting and tolerant. The thing is, they are not, unless you completely assimilate. For them, integration is not enough. They want you to completely lose everything about your culture/religion. Only then, you may be accepted as much as Dwayne the kala.
  4. Yes mate, I'm glad you said this. I noticed mixed race people to be some of the worst offenders. I mean, they don't know where they stand. They can have the race hate from their white side and then the aggressiveness and ghettoness from the black side. Makes it a perfect cocktail to take out on us browns. I remember when I was in college (I was a bit less confrontational then, but even then was at times) I was speaking to a mixed race girl from my class on the bus. Her friend (a mixed race guy) came on the bus and started chatting to her. When I spoke to her, he asked me what I want.
  5. Yeah I'm fine when having convos with people eye contact wise. But I'm just saying generally, I think people look at each other too much anyway (myself included at times) which can lead to all sorts of feelings of 'why is that person looking at me', from both sides. What I want to do is just be more focused on my internal thoughts and state of presence.
  6. Also, I think with a lot of these working class types from estates and what not, they mistake humbleness for fear. I think that probably comes into it too. A lot of them lack manners and if you show any, they probably see it as a sign of weakness.
  7. I haven't met many rastas but yeah I can imagine them being different. I hope I am not giving off any pappu vibes lol. Because I'm one of the only very few Indians I know who is ready to fight anyone. I'm thinking if it's a case of they give these vibes (wanting to start something) to every Singh whether he's a p'''y or not but I notice it more because I'm more conscious of it and looking out for it? I get similar vibes from Pakistanis which I'm sure many other Singhs do too. Anyway I guess the best way to handle it is just to be more present in my own head and just make less eye cont
  8. Yeah too many pushovers in our community, not all but probably the majority. They need to be more confrontational but I think a lot of us have been brought up to think having a school fight is the biggest sin in the world. Oh, it's gonna be the end of your future, career, reputation blah blah blah. I remember hearing this when I was younger.
  9. Not really relevant to the topic is it. I'm talking about regular West Indians and Africans, British or non British born and the reasons why they may have issues against Sikhs. I highly doubt all the ones if any I'm talking about have been Muslim.
  10. Care to expand on this? Could be the one of the reasons. It also makes it racism because they equate an entire race with an attribute and then have contempt as you explain to people who harbour that perceived attribute. The one I confronted was not expecting me to come up to his face. I'm sure he'll think twice next time about giving it large with someone like me.
  11. Who's not aware? I am aware of Rastas but they are very few compared to Sikhs especially in the UK. Also, I'm not saying it's purely the turban. I think being Indian with the Turban is what may be setting them off (the ones who get set off).
  12. Yeah. I'm also wandering if it's anything particularly against pugh wale rather than just Indians. Because every now and then I just tie a joora behind my head and don't wear a pugh. I was in fact doing this for a while. I didn't get the sort of looks and feeling from them as I do when I wear a pugh. I have a theory that some of them are jealous or even intimidated by it in that we have kept this part of our culture but they lost theirs? I don't know. Then even my other theory about being seen as goody two shoe soft targets because of being religious?
  13. I wanted to know if anyone else has had experiences of racist/funny reactions from blacks. Out of all the ethnicities in London, it is black people I feel I get the funniest looks from when wearing a dastar. I very nearly got into a fight with one once too because he kept looking at me (mind you I kept looking at him too). I have experienced similar looks throughout the years when wearing a dastar or patka from black men and women alike. Once a black woman was properly eyeballing me when I was younger in a patka. I saw an incident at the Nagar Kirtan after party in Southall once where a
  14. Lol, I'm not suggesting we use that as the only way. The fact that Sikhs are still getting attacked after Sikh Organisations trying to educate the masses doesn't mean it isn't working. I don't think there is really much to debate here. I feel you're making a point out of nothing. I'm saying when Sikhs have done, do, and will, when the situation comes about (such as being attacked due to mistaken identity) they should use that opportunity to say they are Sikhs (make it clear rather than saying they are not terrorists). That's all I'm talking about. The other point you mention I agree
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