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  1. dallysingh101


    I tell you one good recipe I sort of adapted from my mom. Soak some poppy seeds overnight (a tablespoon per person), or for a few hours. Grind it into a paste in a mortar and pestle. Then add to milk in a pan. Add some keeo, crushed almonds, green cardamon seed powder, a tiny twist of black pepper, and a tiny bit of gurrh (if you like it slightly sweet). Boil this well (stirring it regularly). It's lovely and gives you a very subtle saroor.
  2. dallysingh101

    Tiger chasing Deer

    What do you think that Sarbloh Granth brings in that Dasam Granth doesn't - just out of interest.
  3. I think a lot of it stems from whatever shyte hole juts ran off from and erased from their corporate memory before they reached Panjab (I'd guess they were Roma gypsies myself). It's true that brits exploited it, but the stupidity was already there to exploit and encourage by goray.
  4. dallysingh101

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji beautiful handwriting

    Looks like: Ik Oankaar satguru ji?
  5. dallysingh101

    So I took a Ethnicity DNA Test...

    That sounds like some colonial gora slipped one of your great-grand mommas 'a portion' on the sly?
  6. From what I see, our lot don't seem too keen on this idea in any case?
  7. This is eye opening. Ex Scotland Yard police man Jon Wedger (who did 27 years service) exposes how high ranking police officers and politicians derail investigations into organised pedo rings, and try and intimidate people who persist in confronting these things. It's interesting to note how he mentions one of the hotbeds of such abuse being Southall, which most of us will know has a sizeable Sikh population. Sadly, we still get the odd dimwitted, cowardly apna (and apnee) who resent Sikhs who have been trying to combat the long-standing phenomena of the targeted grooming of people in our own community. Often they suggest that the phenomena is exaggerated, or that confronting leads to 'community tensions' (which their cowardly nature seems to make them petrified of?). Well, here we seem to have an informed, experienced perspective from outside of our community. The indifference of the police, social services and political class Jon Wedger alludes to here, echoes the sentiments of many in the Sikh community who've been trying to deal with this, or who have approached the establishment for help in dealing with their own family issues in this department. I've only seen the first hour yet, but I'd like to salute all those people who've been trying to confront and deal with this issue (sometimes for decades) in the face of so much obfuscation by people in positions of power. Keep it up, and all these efforts ARE bearing fruit as awareness IS increasing, despite all the attempts to malign people and cover up. Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  8. dallysingh101


    Nah, have you?
  9. dallysingh101

    Bhai Maharaj Singh- freedome fighter

    Man, that painting in the video clip in the OP is awesome. I've always wondered what Bhai Maharaj Singh Ji looked like since I first heard about him as a kid, and now we can see. Sad but totally predictable how the brits killed him slowly but cruelly through neglect. Shame on them. Tossers.
  10. dallysingh101

    Bhai Maharaj Singh- freedome fighter

    Here's a picture of some items of the 'Bhai Maharaj Singh Collection' in the British Library. I think goray took these things off him when they shipped him off to Singapore. Notice the flat karas. This was the best image I could find and it isn't exactly great. I tried blowing up the chitti in Paint to try and read it but it was too pixelated to make sense of.
  11. dallysingh101


    What did the mushrooms do to you? How did they affect you? Just out interest. I heard that some pharmaceuticals were considering using small doses for depression?
  12. dallysingh101

    Maharani Jind Kaur's Gutka in British Library

    Why don't you give examples of this.
  13. dallysingh101

    Maharani Jind Kaur's Gutka in British Library

    Will there (or has there) ever only been one interpretation? It doesn't look like that from what I gather from precolonial Sikh literature. I think the greater danger is how the SGPC and various universities in Panjab and abroad are rewriting Sikh history along western influenced racialised/casteist lines. It's the unique Sikh 'social vision' that is under attack the most. This strikes deeply at cohesion which is always difficult given Panjabi nature anyway. If we are talking about bhagti marg or spiritual side of Sikhi through naam simran and paat. It's our own personal journey into that that expresses itself to us. If people are excessively relying on other people to hold their hands in this (various gianis and babas they subjugate themselves to) - are they even getting it? And it looks like for most people the 'sangat' is more of a social/community thing than anything else? Yes, people have always tried to subvert this thing (and not only 'Hindus' but especially the british), but I think it is the uninformed and gullible pendu masses that keep falling for this. They don't really like thinking for themselves in any case - and don't like reading - so that is inevitable. They bring it upon themselves with their cultural norms. Farmers make me laugh - they cry out about the surreptitious 'bahmunization' of Sikhi, whilst themselves sitting in some pseudo-Sikh, protestant anglicised colonial product 'religion' themselves. The irony.....
  14. dallysingh101

    Tiger chasing Deer

    You keep asking this like a fudhoo. I told you before that Sikhi differs from 'Hinduism' in its meritocratic, militaristic egalitarian social vision for Sikh society - which ironically very few Sikhs actually practice - so they aren't any different from Hindus in that respect - at the moment.

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