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  1. I don't think earrings were as big a deal for Sikhs in the past compared to today. Not that I think keshdhari blokes should wear them today, because they will probably end up looking like gandus.
  2. They would probably benefit enormously from such a 'rebranding' (sorry to use that word but can't think of any better one right now), but you know our 'uncles' are a bit slow on these things. Plus, as useful as it was at the time, it's obvious some of their material (for which I am grateful) has been superseded by massive amount of subsequent research that has taken place since their original publication.
  3. These english fudhus need to concentrate on long-established pakistani grooming, hard drug-dealing gangs, instead of just focusing on bozos. Useless cowards. Police arrest 15 'Romanians' on suspicion of trafficking women into UK as officers discover 29 'victims' in early morning east London raids Fifteen people are arrested on suspicion of sex trafficking in east London raids Officers discovered 29 alleged victims as they busted a Romanian gang Police reportedly raided 16 homes in the capital and arrested 15 people They also seized money, drugs and stun gun. Another man was arrested in Romania https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7684371/Police-arrest-15-Romanians-suspicion-trafficking-women-UK.html
  4. Yeah, I grew up with their books too, they need to be updated now.
  5. That's because those people are their tried and tested tokens, ready to do their bidding without question. If you're not a melanin deficient pig-skin, then you're definitely barking up the chumcha tree yourself.
  6. If anyone has perused Guru ji, and then these other abrahamic 'religions' and thinks they are essentially the same - that person is a maha-moorakh.
  7. Come on, these guys were driven away by obnoxious, pendu rural caste behaviour. It's such a shame, and then the same group who have driven them out cries about declining demographics in Panjab. That level of stupidity really is remarkable..... I agree. Even the most fudhu of Sikhs I know, knows better than this.
  8. That seems like a lot for Indian currency.
  9. I tell you what, I'd never advocate for a women to constantly be on the receiving end of abuse (both mental and physical). People might get all 'technical' about it, but the reality is if someone in your own family (like a sister or daughter) who you cared for, ended up getting married to some abusive animal (and it CAN easily happen!), you'd be a fool to tell them to endure this for their entire lives.
  10. So true! lol Women are crazy like that. The attractive ones never think about the future and revel in the adulation they receive like they are high on drugs. When they get on, and they see they are no longer the centre of focus, it hits them suddenly and hard.
  11. 'Sexual liberation was a complete con': She became infamous for her taboo-busting nude scenes. But Helen Mirren reveals why she felt objectified, embarrassed and exploited in every one of them https://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/event/article-7635111/Helen-Mirren-reveals-felt-objectified-one-famous-scenes.html
  12. I've come to the conclusion that only sharp streetwise people amongst apnay really have any inkling of what goes on under their nose. Living in a brown area now has made me realise that some apnay are so dumb that they could have a whorehouse run by paks or eastern europeans on their very own street and be oblivious to it. Sullay rely on this lack of acuity on apnay's part. So, you might be under the impression that nothing is going on, but if I talked to some other guy whose got ears on the ground, they'll tell me the complete opposite.
  13. Because we have our own longstanding cultural moorings in this department, and having outside cultures foist their own crap on us is only going to make things worse. We've successfully dealt with homosexuality/trans/bis/hermes etc. etc. in our own society long before white people ever did. These people were never overtly killed or imprisoned like they were in the west until very recently, but they were also never normalised either, especially with children. Have you not noticed that just prior to contracting into nothing, a lot of big 'empires' and prominent cultures reached a point where all manner of weird sexual proclivities were outright normalised and accepted - notable examples are Greeks and Romans. That's where these goray look like they are heading. Regarding your point, if apnay have the lowest fertility rate there (which is arguable because the media over there just wants to constantly push demoralising news on apnay by the looks of it). There are reasons for it. Be this the surreptitious burial of radioactive waste in the region or the retarded mass use of pesticides/fertilizers on the land which poisons it. An let's be frank, the situation in Panjab is largely the result of selfishness, narrow mindedness and a complete failure to plan the states future strategically by our own over there. Yes, outside forces put the boot in - like with water diversions from the centre, and paks throwing heroin packages over the border for apnay, but apnay are hardworking and resourceful enough to overcome this if they want - but they chose petty things like caste and petty one-up-manship over each other instead of this. Gurdwara donations in Panjab alone could totally transform the state but they mainly go to one family and their cronies. Most of the problems over there seem self-inflicted and the result of following nonSikhi siddants at leadership level. Aphay beej, aphay kavho. On the plus though, the only good thing the SGPC did was to knock the idea of gay 'Anand karajs' on the head via the Akaal Takhat.
  14. Yeah, those Chalvey Boys (or whatever they were called), were on that grooming shyte hard. People responded. When at uni, I remember apneean girls in halls of residence telling me how the slough paks would constantly harass them and tell them that they weren't religious. But then still go to prayers. Typical. People rushed the town once.
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