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  1. Basically, they have no future, and their kids are abused in schools. Anyone with any sense will get out while they can. India needs to bring them in. Our Panjabi Sikh brothers and sisters need to welcome them.
  2. Dude it's probably not a machine but a compost bin! lol Just throw in the scraps and wait for a year or so and you have rich soil. Worm farms are also very useful as they create really nutrient rich 'castings'..
  3. I hope the video works for some people. Personally I don't think it would really resonate with working class UK Sikhs because it seems overly sentimental and simple.
  4. That maxim of 'an enemy of my enemy is my friend' is only for simple minded idiots who are destined to fail. It's not rocket science: the enemy of your enemy can be your enemy too. It just goes back to that persistent strain of lullo level dimwittedness, that all but the lullo can clearly see.
  5. I think certain people have been using that strategy of being friendly and positive about Sikhs to their face but feeling completely the other way inside for a LONG WHILE. When all the bhangra gigs used to go on, certain sullay used to be all friendly like that - but we all know what their real objective was now. Certain apnay are susceptible to flattery, no matter where it comes from, and everyone knows it. Goray used it along caste basis, flattering certain groups as 'manly and courageous' to their face, but really considering them dimwitted and easily manipulable canon fodder out of earshot. We need a strong sustained campaign to highlight this idiocy with flattery starting from young amongst apnay. That tactic gets used all the time even now. It's that childlike gullibility certain people have again. That's a reputation we want to tear down as swiftly as possible.
  6. Khalistanis want to wake up a bit. Those people across the border aren't their friends.
  7. There is likely to be a war in the region soon. I think this is all the prep for this. 1984 is something I don't think I've really got over, but whatever the case, right now, I think apnay in areas that are obviously hostile to them should take up India's offer while they can. Anyone who is streetwise and savvy knows the score with isolated minorities. Quack quack!! We have our own history which has repeatedly demonstrated what happens to men and women in these situations when it goes off. And it may be that having floundered in the middle east, certain fundamentalist groups will now focus on the safer, secure areas around Panjab (Pak and Afghan) to operate from.
  8. What do you expect when we had such a powerful movement that totally reconstructed Sikh ithihaas during colonialism, with hordes of our people buying into it? That's why anti-DG people don't surprise me. I know why they are that way.
  9. I think there is something intrinsic in specific people that make them less susceptible to brainwashing too. Look at Sohan Singh Bhakna compared to other sepoys from that period. A sort of robust mental constitution and a deep innate hatred of being fooled into subservience even if rewarded for it. Some people are easier to tame and break than others. Some are a lot more easier to manipulate as well. Some will go along for a fist full of gold (or a LOT less with many apnay). Some can't be outsiders under any circumstances. Many are terrified with any physical consequences this may have upon them. But this same impulse for avoiding enslavement, when gone too far, can take weaker minds into weirdo territory too. People seeing conspiracies everywhere, and having problems with being grounded in reality.
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