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  1. How much of that is down to parents though? People who push the external roop on their children, even when they must suspect something is not quite right? Then, when you have kids who've been raised like this their whole lives, people chide them for continuing to wear Sikhi saroop once they come out of the closet. We need clearer rules.
  2. dallysingh101

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    Here, here!! But then like you ain't got your own issues in this department bahmnunha.
  3. dallysingh101

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    It's scary dude. You don't know when someone in your own fam might end up in this situation. I don't think this guy's got the gonads for what you are saying, but he obviously has no qualms with psychologically abusing his missus - and I think women get messed up over this as bad as physical abuse (not that one is better than the other). Like I said - scary.
  4. And like I've said previously, meet me yourself and show me how much of a 'Jut soorma' you are. Remember how you were blindly singing the sifthaan of the very people you are now openly condemning. Explain that. You thought these people where the greatest thing since sliced bread only a couple of years ago, now you've done a 180 u-turn. Explain what happened to change your views so dramatically. Please. What made you finally wake up to stark reality? Maybe some other 1diots could also benefit from your experiences?
  5. I'm glad you're getting woke brother. Some of our own ancestors (sadly) played a big part in entrenching and emboldening these people by supporting them in their wars, which played a major part in establishing white supremacist dominion over non white people on a global scale. If apnay never did this, I don't think certain people would have been in the position they are in now. I hope you realise this now, and the implications of this for the future. Notice how brits seized an oil tanker around Iran, and then are now crying about Iranians dong the same to them. Who is messing around in waters thousands of miles away from them.... I thank Waheguru that even simple Juts have gained enough intelligence to realise that fighting for such causes is not a smart move.
  6. dallysingh101

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    I'm sure you love the power you're wielding over the women. I'm just wondering how warped you're going to get with it?
  7. dallysingh101

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    Plus, he has threatened to boycott and permanently leave the forum umpteen times before. He won't do it, because he's got that super-gay need to be centre of attraction. If he goes to a LGCT forum, he'd just be another one of many. I imagine that such a forum would consist of a number of such people who would be metaphorically pirouetting and doing high kicks in the most wide eyed, attention hungry, exaggerated fashion, all trying to outdo each other.....
  8. dallysingh101

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    Best idea of all put out on the topic. Makes you scared of having a gay son in your own family. I'd just accept it I reckon. Better than having someone live a full on lie their whole life because of keeping up appearances, and dragging umpteen others in the web of lies. Gays in our society were better off in the traditional system of turning a blind eye I reckon. Now, they can inflict their excessive emotions on us with no restraint. Like we don't have women to do that anyway......
  9. dallysingh101

    Nishan Sahib, when did we start using the Khanda

    Great video. Everyone should watch it. Answers the OP's question quite thoroughly. You should maybe make a new thread and repost the video - so more people will watch it.
  10. dallysingh101

    Nishan Sahib, when did we start using the Khanda

    They've basically had a lot of help by outside forces that view them as geopolitically important. I think a lot of our lot can't seem to step above rural farmer mentalities into global realities. It's like many of them are a stuck in a mental timewarp? Or maybe they are just biologically unsophisticated through inbreeding?
  11. dallysingh101

    Nishan Sahib, when did we start using the Khanda

    This is one suspicious looking flag, which firstly, is in no way as old as M. Ranjit Singh's time. You can tell just by looking at the condition of it. And if it is a replica of an older one, where is the original? We have other standards from that time available, none of them look like this.
  12. I'd say the same to you actually. I tell you what the big problem is. People like you are (to put it kindly) 'risk-averse'. The advantage of people who aren't (who usually get into trouble when young because of this characteristic and not really understanding it) is that they don't suffer from the cowardly paralysis that inflicts people like yourself. And some of us who haven't been hiding under their mother's skirts all their lives, know exactly what type of people originally stepped up to the grooming/conversion issue. It was giddarhs singing the tired old song that you are singing right now that actually caused the groomers to get more and more emboldened. So emasculated people like yourself, with your fear driven lifestyles, are actually a BIG part of the problem itself. The enemy within. You do more to help groomers than people within who try and address this. So why don't you take responsibility for your own cowardly, unmanly, unSinghlike characteristics first, and admit how inactive people like yourself are exactly what paedo-groomers rely on, to operate with relative impunity. If SIkhs can't protect their own community (partly because of obfuscating cowards like yourself), what do you expect them to do about other communities also on the receiving end? This is even more of an issue, when the whites who've jumped on the issue are riddled with far-right, blatantly neo-nazi opportunists. The white community brought this one on themselves to a degree too, because it's their own police force, social services and successive governments and media that turned a blind eye to it all. Now we know how rampant paedophilia has been in the higher echelons of their society - it's probably a long standing, unspoken of, open secret type of cultural issue going on. That explains why these grooming nonces have been given such a free ride for so long. The whitey in power way of hiding this truth is to pretend this was all because poor old whites were too scared to be openly called racist by calling it out - which is the biggest bunch of BS ever - because if that was true, Sikhs highlighting and trying to combat this issue gave them the perfect opportunity to deal with this without this so called 'stigma'. But no, they consciously made the decision to protect the groomers for decades, again and again and again. PS - Theoretically if someone on any forum did do anything about this, they'd be pretty much deranged to post it all over the web (where we know whitey and their apparatus monitors) and incriminate themselves. Are you that clueless as well as cowardly? Thankfully many people in our community have seen through the pusillanimous 'arguments' of people like yourself and know what the score is out there. You should try and catch up. If the coward cap fits, wear it. Own it. Are you even a Sikh btw??? Or some sneaky whitey?? Try answering please.
  13. You know what though. Raw talk: Some of you guys out there. Just imagine that you had some decent daughter/niece that was married and then you heard the bloke was going on like this. That could cause serious problems. I'm surprised no one's come around to slap this gay guy around for how he's behaving??

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