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  1. dallysingh101

    Dealing with an angry wife

    What does dhile mean.
  2. dallysingh101

    How do you see all the Gurus as one ?

    How do you not?
  3. dallysingh101

    Dealing with an angry wife

    I think they may be doing this to cover up their true nature, but using the holy man like a ...err...handbag?
  4. dallysingh101

    Dealing with an angry wife

    I think they may be doing this to cover up their true nature, but using the holy man like a ...err...handbag?
  5. Don't knock Bhangu's work. He is a big time Sikh historian. His family credentials are solid, and the work is a masterpiece. It's today's simple minded, dualistic thinking brain (influenced by goray) that can't get their head around true unadulterated Sikh historiography like Bhangu's.
  6. dallysingh101

    Dealing with an angry wife

    We need to hear and factor in this type of stuff too.
  7. dallysingh101

    Dealing with an angry wife

    I like that strategic thinking....hehehehe Ain't it a shame that two adults can't just talk it our rationally though.... which I know is neigh on impossible between genders in our community. It's still a shame though. Women...Venus, Men mars and all that.....
  8. dallysingh101

    Dealing with an angry wife

    Daym Singh! You think fobbing the missus off like that isn't going to create further issues! Then, what happens when Ajeet's big 'secret' comes out too.
  9. dallysingh101

    Contribution of Sikhs to the UK

    ^^^ Bringing the fact of mass grooming and sexual abuse on the streets of England out in the open despite persistent anglo attempts to hide the issue for decades should be somewhere on top of the list Ben.
  10. dallysingh101

    The Sikh Revolution by Jagjit Singh

    Get this one done and I'll find some more for you after if you want.
  11. Why don't you just not post here anymore?
  12. Then why do you still post here all the time? Drama QUEEN.
  13. I don't think you are going wrong. People assume roles here on earth - some are demonic (asuras or daints) and some very rare ones are akin to devtay (gods), most fluctuate somewhere in between with a natural tendency towards succumbing to their egos and self-centredness. Then there are clearly a lot of people out there who are on some sociopathic/psychopathic scale, who seem to be cursed neurobiologically to be incapable of conceiving the world around them outside of their own twisted selfish mental constructs which views other people as simply potential tools to manipulate for their own ends, and sometimes just for their own amusement and twisted self-gratification. This inability for empathy and compassion makes them akin to demons. Akaal Ustat (to me) teaches us about all this diversity in human nature, Sikhi also teaches us to protect ourselves and our community (and even the most vulnerable when we are strong enough). I think people have symbolised the shaster/aster aspect of SIkhi so much now (post annexation and under insidious angrez influence) that they actually can't grasp why Guru ji instructed Singhs to have 5 hathiars going on, on a practical real basis outside of some twisted outside introduced notion of symbolism obviously introduced by goray to weaken Singhs and reduce their chances of throwing off colonial rule in Panjab. Understanding human nature and protecting yourself from the more destructive elements of it is part and parcel of Sikhi from what I understand. This includes forces within us and those generated from other people. Even CP heavily broaches the topic of being aware and not getting caught out by deception and your own ignorance.
  14. It just seems to be going around in circles. First SGPC objected to and demolished or destroyed a lot of Indic artwork in Sikh complexes due to the suggestion that this made SIkhs into 'Hindus' somehow (a notion introduced to them by the brits), now they've introduced Buddhist art. What the heck...??!?!?

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