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  1. dallysingh101

    Did we evolve from apes

    Cats seem to have emotions and personalities too. What about Hanuman btw? Does he represent some lost link?
  2. dallysingh101

    Do you trust other Sikhs?

    What about the impact of evolutionary psychology on females, as sort of subtly and creatively alluded to in CP. I don't think this is going to go away anytime soon. As for many apneean, their development seems to be more a consequence of their individual family, caste background (as well as their own personal susceptibility to outside influences) than any dharmic framework.
  3. dallysingh101

    Do you trust other Sikhs?

    Can you not see how this statement of yours appears to be seriously self-contradictory?
  4. dallysingh101

    Do you trust other Sikhs?

    What I find ironic is that it was Sikh-Afghan merchants who were the chief suppliers of burkhas when they became compulsory by the taliban. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised. I mean I grew up seeing apnay pretty much running the Off License scene in London a few decades ago. They sort of monopolised selling cigarettes and booze for a while. lol
  5. dallysingh101

    Do you trust other Sikhs?

    Let's call it what it was: systematic rape.
  6. dallysingh101

    Do you trust other Sikhs?

    I see that too. I also see these two specific groups often really hate each other. Bengalis don't really trust Paks - it might be something to do with Bengalis breaking off from Pakistan?
  7. dallysingh101

    Do you trust other Sikhs?

    Look at preSoviet invasion Afghanistan.....
  8. dallysingh101

    Racists should be allowed to voice their opinions?

    Here it is. Pictures are missing though: https://books.google.dk/books?id=ULhgNexD92QC&printsec=frontcover&dq=hari+singh+nalwa&hl=da&sa=X&ei=W5uRVe2RNYmosgGEnbXwAQ&ved=0CCUQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q&f=false
  9. dallysingh101

    Racists should be allowed to voice their opinions?

    I don't see hordes of people I grew up around suffering from these things on a scale greater than anywhere else. In fact when I went to uni, I met more people with things like bipolar and depression than I ever did on the streets of East London. I think victory against the neo-nazis and their powerful allies (like the police and some politicians) gave brown people a sense of pride and self-worth that they wouldn't have had if they had been continually abused. And the environment created some seriously tough kids back then. When I think about what they used to do at this stage, I know what I witnessed was something special. I also believe that Panjab in the times of our Gurus was an infinitely more violent and dark place than East London has ever been. And that didn't stop Singhs fighting, taking over and creating a powerful empire there though. I think as a community we've totally jettisoned aspects of SIkhi which encourage bravery, stoicism, and what goray in the past referred to as 'keen resentment of injuries'. Read some of these old extracts from this book on Hari Singh Nalwa:
  10. dallysingh101

    Do you trust other Sikhs?

    I'm not too trusting of apnay myself, but to think sullay have better unity than us is a fallacy I reckon. I think the unity amongst sullay we see today is relatively modern phenomena that is the result of funded Wahhabi/salafist type parchaar (usually from up north/midlands) that became quite popular from the late 80s onwards (in London where I grew up at least). This 'parchaar' was very successful in the context of the rampantly open racist environment in the UK at the time. Plus, I think it is really important for apnay to recognise and remember that part of this parchaar's success was also as an alternative to the Panjabi peasant culture of drinking and bhangra-paaing that was VERY POPULAR with many 'asians' way back then, not just apnay. You would hardly find any sulli janinis with a hijab on in my time at school for example, compare that to now. So it was young, Brit educated sullay (a lot of them were street guys) who jumped on this interpretation of Islam, which was empowering for them. And it did go somewhere in trying to foster unity amongst all the different races in islam (with hindsight I think this was more successful than Sikh attempts to combat casteism amongst themselves). I think this 'unity' amongst them is now declining, mainly because of military defeats in the mid-east. Putin has dealt with the jihadis out there quite successfully compared to the ineffective yank and brit endeavours. And let's keep our eyes open. Most of these wars, be they in Afghanistan, Mid-east, Pak, Yemen etc. etc. are essentially different factions of sullay killing each other, even if you have some devious white men lurking around in the shadows of this all.
  11. dallysingh101

    Do you trust other Sikhs?

    What like the Saudis and Turks right now? Or Sunnis and Shias historically?
  12. dallysingh101

    Racists should be allowed to voice their opinions?

    Remember there were no mobile phones back then (some families didn't even have landlines at home), let alone ones with cameras and movie capability. Large sections of the indigenous population (especially in the police) had a lot of sympathy with active neo-nazi groups like the NF, so people could get away with a lot more. I remember one case where some brown people actually caught a group of goray attacking some young 'pakis' and grabbed them up and called the cops. Only for the cops to let the white men go and arrest the brown ones and try and stick assault charges on them. lol That being said, it is something else to see resistance to this racist oppression. I saw young people doing the most reckless acts of bravery to fight back. I don't think millennials have that in them myself? They should strive to be something more than some effete, modern day brown, inoffensive 'hipster' type.
  13. dallysingh101

    Racists should be allowed to voice their opinions?

    Made me think of this:
  14. dallysingh101

    Racists should be allowed to voice their opinions?

    The East End is not all bad. At least it helps people toughen up (well it used to anyway) and be a bit clued up about life.
  15. Modernity doesn't necessarily suck bro. It has its own energy and advantages, and we should utilise them. What we've got to do is steadily and incrementality increase a lifestyle which emphasises physical prowess/discipline and intelligence too. Maybe it isn't for everyone in the panth but we can strive to achieve a critical mass that would culturally influence things in the right direction (globally). A contextual analysis of DG alone is (from my limited experience so far) seriously mind expanding for example. It's the physical training that I imagine would be more difficult to promote in these sedentary times?

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