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  1. It's meant to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. That might be why? Try it in milk with a touch of black pepper and half a teaspoon of honey. Actually tastes good. I heard it's the THC (the cannabinoid that makes you high) that can have the anti-cancer effects. Seen a few testimonies of people who've had cancer and tried Rick Simpson oil (i.e. high THC oil), and it's apparent that it doesn't work for everyone. But if I didn't have any other options, I'd try it.
  2. Anyway, I've always wondered about the use of bhang in war. Cannabis is usually associated with feelings of peace and relaxation - hardly what you'd want if on the frontline of violent battle. I recently come across this extract from the memoir of someone (Joseph Thackwell) who fought in the second Sikh-anglo jungh. It's one of the first references I've come across which explicitly records an example of the use of cannabis in war by a Sikh:
  3. You do both Chatanga. That's different. Solely relying on your ithihaasik information from one source, and persistently avoiding the act of reading, is as dangerous as it is lazy. Then we have the whole issue of people starting to practically worship the parcharaks - which doesn't always end well. This not only makes fudhus of the people doing the doe-eyed exalting, but then also usually has a knock on effect of sending the egos of the parcharaks into outer space. If I was harsh, it was frustration at people who appear to be avoiding reading at all costs.
  4. This is dodgy. It can come back and haunt us at the worst time, like that Harbinder Rana fudhu.
  5. This is pure lies. Juts struggle with with accepting nonjuts as equals. Some twisted notion of supremacism is a norm, even if a handful of western educated juts claim to not believe in it (and make no difference to the situation anyway). There is systemic abuse and oppression of Mazhbhis by juts. Girls are abused too. They love alcohol and have deeply embedded caste based politics in even premier Sikh institutions, where they buy people's votes off with alcohol no less. Self-aggrandising to delusional levels seem to be a norm amongst them (look at all the videos and songs...
  6. Well this is what rural Panjabis typically ate over a hundred years ago. Little seems to have changed up until after my parents time:
  7. It's not like women aren't justified with their concerns here. Look at how long and rampant grooming's been going on!
  8. Dude, you know if this was a brown man flashing himself in a restaurant, he'd have been sitting at home, with his badge and gun taken off him whilst an investigation was going on. And there would have been no way that he wouldn't have been reprimanded in some way, if not sacked. There is something strange going on with the filth right now. They've been pulling up females from various protest groups like BLM and low key harassing them. I just heard they did it to a young bibi whose been at the Farmer protest things over here, and has posted on Facebook about it - she was on he
  9. Got a few relatives who recently (as in last week or two ago) took the AstraZeneca one. They are still standing so far.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9352321/Indecent-exposure-allegation-reported-police-four-days-Sarah-Everard-vanished.html Riddle over 'flashing' incident: Watchdog probes Met as it emerges Sarah Everard suspect kept working as gun cop for days after report of 'indecent exposure' Wayne Couzens, 48, remains in police custody after arrest in Sarah Everard case Met Police received report of indecent exposure in London on February 28 Force made referral to IOPC over whether officers responded 'appropriately' The police watchdog is investigating the Met
  11. Sarah Everard suspect probed over 'indecent exposure' at South London restaurant 3 days before she disappeared The police watchdog has opened an investigation into how Met Police officers handled an allegation of indecent exposure against Wayne Couzens https://www.mylondon.news/news/south-london-news/sarah-everard-suspect-indecent-exposure-20094705
  12. Don't forget he was an ex TA 'soldier' too.
  13. I think these people are more like you myself. The way people like yourself go on, is like I personally time travelled to go back and write these things in the granths myself. Well, I didn't. And I just try and make sense of my people's history - using contemporary source material - instead of recreating according to my own whims. It's you that can't accept the 'fact' that these things are written in the granths. Same way some people don't want to accept Charitrio Pakyaan because it doesn't conform to their already made up minds. I'm glad we've got such a rich history, and am thank
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