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  1. Don't know how true this is but an interesting claim of drug use in war (sukha and amphetamines):
  2. Have people noticed that blackmailing women/girls after having 'relationships' with them seems quite common from certain quarters?
  3. https://www.miltonkeynes.co.uk/news/crime/religious-leader-who-has-led-worship-ceremonies-in-milton-keynes-is-arrested-for-sex-crimes-4276173
  4. Not the only one. Look at this 'beauty'. https://www.m9.news/usa-news/indian-woman-shot-dead-by-bf-in-us/
  5. TikTok influencer, 24, blows a kiss to her father as she taken down to serve life in prison alongside her mother, 46, for murdering toyboy lover and his friend in 100mph car chase Saqib Hussain (pictured), 21, was killed after having an affair with Mahek's mother Ansreen Bukhari. In a 999 call moments before his death, which was played to the court, he said: 'They're trying to kill me, they're trying to kill me. I'm just getting rammed off the road' Mr Hussain's friend, driver Mohammed Hashim Ijazuddin (pictured), also 21, was in 'the wrong place at the wrong time' as he was killed when the pair were forced off the road by Bukhari and her associates https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12469817/TikTok-influencer-Mahek-Bukhari-prison-car-chase-toy-boy.html
  6. Just another heads up to the sangat. Analyse this. Clearly this guy is a nonce. And he is amongst us. He wont be the only one. These people are diseased. Their degenerate instincts don't go away. You can tell by how some who have been banged up for years for this, go on and try and do the same thing soon after they are released. They will adopt all sorts of disguises to hide themselves - especially overtly religious ones. This is why we must be vigilant. Guru ji has warned us about such people who on the surface look like humans but really underneath are lower than beasts:
  7. Plenty of Sikhs I know are in good shape. Plenty of pretty apneean have degraded themselves on really ugly, fat, slimy blokes of other communities. What you're saying is a point, but the greater situation is infinitely more complex than that.
  8. We can't let down those of our sisters who have some sense of decorum and honour just because we have our fair share of kunjureean and let's be frank (as you've alluded to) given what we commonly see in the jutt movie and music industry - apnay who have no problem encouraging and facilitating apneean to do a jaloose of themselves and the community (and themselves). Exactly. But I think it's actually good if different groups specialise or focus on different areas. Internal AND EXTERNAL are issues. The way Mal Singh plays down external now days is shady to me. I've always said there is a nexus between grooming gangs, drug dealing and fundamentalism. I've seen active anti-grooming guys be warned off being active by friends or relatives who were involved in the drug trade because it was hurting business. These people think it is okay for their pak connections to target Sikh girls, and are more concerned with their profits (and keeping their pak connections on board) than their own community being targeted. All of us street guys are 'shady' - you can't grow up where we have, like we have, and be exposed to what we have, and not be. But we are also the first the see what's going on, and react to it. Deepa might be shady but the fact is that he brought the whole anti-grooming thing forward in a way not achieved previously despite decades of activism by his orgs very savvy internet use. I think if heroic people live long enough, they inevitably become the villains in future. I don't agree with some of how Deepa operates, but I can't deny he forced that grooming thing in the mainstream, very cleverly when the whole country (paks, blacks and whites at street level) seemed united in trying to cover it up. His activism is probably also what kept Jaggi Johal alive too. See the gundh we see in Canada? Right now we are on the potential verge of going down that path - that's why it's real important for us to deal with these things. Look at how many jutt men are being caught in big time deals these days, often with sullay - how long before they start killing each other over it like in canuck land - and give all our enemies a laugh.
  9. A 27 year old virgin man isn't usually considered a catch in this world.
  10. PS - Plus some of those girls aren't the most attractive and groomers especially target them because they know the girl will be desperate to keep someone who is physically attractive above their grade - and thus easier to subsequently manipulate.
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