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  1. Nah, you just don't know how to analyse and read it. It's didactic narratives designed to make sense to the reader - not all historically based. A lot of it is based around literacy and explorations and adaptations of literary forms, jungh vidhya, bir raas, social issues, just governance.
  2. Yeah, I can spot them from miles away now. Unfortunately this type is also adept at worming and scheming themselves into positions of power - so they are usually at advantage in work hierarchies, and as you've noticed, they can sense your heart and that often makes them hone in. They are VERY jealous and just being liked by others is enough to set them off. They are hyper vigilant, although they act nonchalant, and save bits of info to use against you at a later date. You're right - they give off an energy you can sense a mile away, just from their presence and facial expressions - even without talking. We must give off an energy too, that they sense. Their language is another giveaway, they don't talk about feelings, unless it's their own disgruntlement at something. They are completely oblivious to the feelings of others. They often go overboard to try and portray themselves as 'nice people' and go mental when anyone cracks the facade. I think they really struggle with abstract thoughts and concepts, hence the sole anchoring on material and status and exterior presentation. A materialistic bimbo is their best bet for a partner (they like trophy wives/girlfriends), I feel really sorry for some of the poor women that get embroiled with them only to realise what they are dealing with years down the line after years of emotional abuse and neglect and having kids with them (who get embroiled in the narcs emotional games). They are really good at charming the f**k out of naive people to get what they want.
  3. I agree. Many will literally go bonkers through this. But I do believe that the flipside to the negative aspects of Panjabi character and it's often sociopathic nature, is the inheritance of an abnormally strong mental constitution which can combat this. Some of us have this, I'm guessing you're one of them? I don't think it's a modern phenomena at all. Most social structures seem to be designed to kill the conscience and turn us into unquestioning drones. Caste system in India is a perfect example of this from outside of the modern world. I hear that. The realising that close ones have these 'mental health issues' like under discussion, is nothing short of traumatic. And I'm talking about someone who studied psychology previously. It's a shock with covert sociopaths who've been under the radar, under your nose, in power positions (like olders) for all your life wreaking havoc. It makes you look at everything gone by in a new light. It's not a nice experience. But if you've inherited that Panjabi 'protective factor' instead of the sociopathy, you're lucky as f**k! You'll feel deep pain, but you'll survive it, and be more clued up than the average bod. I've always leaned on dukh daru sukh rog paiyaa to deal with this myself. Resistance often leads to strength. I don't think people in the past who had to deal with dysfunctional, suppressive systems like caste or the Moghuls had it any different - maybe much more worse? Yep. Then you go through the solitary journey that either makes or breaks you. Just to give you another insight. I've got a fair few sociopath types in the family. What I've learned recently is that if you stick to your guns, a few of the younger ones clock onto what is going on and become allies. Even when it's their own parent whose acting dysfunctionally. These kids are sometimes very well armed in disarming the antics of their olders, providing they have support and other trustable family to turn to. If you're in a position of just looking after yourself - that has positives and negatives - focus on the former.
  4. Even goray are at a loss on how to 'treat' this 'condition'. You just have to become aware and take protective measures for yourself and those you love. From what I've seen the narc essentially destroy themselves in the long run through poor health choices and becoming unbearable to those close to them. When they do self-destructive things, their own egos makes it pretty much impossible for them to critically assess their behaviour (because they have grandiose notions of never being 'wrong'). It's like watching a car crash in seriously slow motion. Which can be sickening if they are close relatives. If you have such people around, protect yourself firstly and also try and attenuate the negative effects of their behaviour on vulnerable people around them like children. The other thing is that they are invariably compulsive liars, so getting to any solid ground through conversation with them is impossible. It isn't even worth trying. I think narcs sometimes 'unionise' with other narcs to target people and jointly feed on events. I think they can intuitively sense each other. This is a good video to watch about them. I think that is covered by our thing through the devtay-daint conceptualisation. Bad people do exist and we do need to combat them, our thing is in no illusion about this, and we've even been instructed to be armed incase it comes to that.
  5. I'm pretty sure narcissists have some inbuilt radar to pick up on empathetic people and target them. They feed off this. Also, I agree, violence or out maneuvering is the only thing they understand to adapt their inner drives (or at least conceal them better). Even then, they can be vindictive as hell, and contrive for revenge whenever the opportunity avails itself. These people (because of a lack of being able to feel some normal human emotions) often create dysfunction all around them and they feed off this energy. They often portray a public image in stark opposition to what they are like inside - and get into white hot rages when this gets exposed.
  6. You have to try and combat this, because although some people may well deserve your detachment from them because of their dysfunctional behaviour, others in your family (i.e. the younguns) might need protection from it.
  7. What's the source of this? I know such people have genetic dispositions that get activated through circumstances. Or does our own Panjabi culture play a part - either through harsh upbringings or narcissistic selfish behaviour being encouraged from a young age? I think many of us have got some NPD types in our families.
  8. Get off the Internet as other people are suggesting. I think you might have reached a point where all the stuff around you has reached a limit and you're (involuntarily) switching off emotions just to cope.
  9. I totally disagree. Dasam Granth is different from SGGS ji for sure, with a heavier focus on social matters, literature, psychology, language, politics, culture, Indic mythology etc. etc. Repurposing traditional narratives to suit contemporary Sikh needs has also been done. If Guru ji used narratives to explain things to Sikhs, it's on you to try and grasp the underlying themes and points of the narratives, not discard them because your own preconceptions and mental conditioning go against this.
  10. And they probably don't find it remotely difficult given the types of 'apnay' that we are talking about...... I'd guess it might be along the lines of largely, simpleton, docile useful idiots. Ones you can use and abuse and fail consistently, and then condescendingly pat on the head and bring on board again without any serious threat of comeback. People you can readily rely on to turn on each other once you throw a few pennies their way.
  11. So a person can be a hypocritical casteist, but keeping your kesh makes it alright? Or proclaim the greatness of a region, and how it 'saved' Sikh Panjab, whilst at the same time saying that the 'Sikhs' of the region have never been particularly 'religious'. That's not contradictory? What I'm complaining about are people trying to claim that they are some 'pillar' of the panth, who don't even believe in the basics regarding it's social vision. Keeping kesh and tying a dastaar just seems like the the donkey who Guru ji put a tiger skin upon, for such people. And I'm not whitewashed at all. You know that I'm deeply tied to my roots. Anyway, Ranjeet's bull5hit supposition that rural pendus are corrupted by urban Sikhs has been responded to. We all know rural apnay are perfectly capable of corrupting themselves without any sort of push from outside.
  12. Now you're doing that weird Trump thing when repeating something often enough makes it true to your thick brain. Like your previous insistence that I was from Africa....lmao!! You must be the descendant of the 'slow to learn' brigade: And anyway, to counter your previous complete bollox, fictional account of negative trends permeating through to 'innocent and pure' (cough, cough!!) rural Sikhs. This is how it more realistically goes: Jut Sikh>>Other Jut Sikhs>>Other nonJut Sikhs and even nonSikh Panjabis Well, seeing as we've been Sikh for centuries, and you know dasmesh pita has a strong history in the region. What does that mean? Plus, let's keep it real, numerically you belong to a majority sullah biraderi - of which you are a Sikh minority. And I bet your ancestor was a sullah.
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