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  1. I found a short video from my pindh on youtube. I'm exiled from it after my parents separated, and all the usual land dispute stuff. I learnt a few things from the vid. I'm gonna post it on sikhawareness.com soon. Was interesting.
  2. I think that is a valid criticism.
  3. Not surprising, that whole attitude cuts across all groups with privilege and power. Look at how many of our lot react so angrily at attempts to level the playing field for so called 'low castes' in Panjab.
  4. Some husbands supported their wives though! These are the words of one the husbands: 'I admire the rebel against injustice, man or women, because I know that it is to them that all real progress is due.' Frank Sproson Some husbands who supported their wives were also vilified and targeted too. Some apna pajama blokes could learn a thing or two from these women, who seem a helluva lot tougher than them. .
  5. Malwa, from a pend near Ludhiana. Where is Nawanashahr? Yeah, like I said, what you say above was happening, but apparently my great grandpa with some Jut mate of his marched some of the sullay to some refugee camp. They apparently drew their kirpans out and told the people to follow them and ran to the place, they must have been intimidating enough to put any attackers off. Other family members went the other way apparently.
  6. That might be the case now, but read up about the suffragettes - Anita Anand's book on Princess Sophia is a good introduction because you get a bit of Sikh historical knowledge as well. Them lot weren't messing about, and most of the white male society of the time was against them. They did prison time for their cause, got force fed, they were properly active unlike most men today who are too timid to be.
  7. They often had to fight again in those foreign lands. So don't think that they were welcomed with open arms because of their participation in the foreign wars. Look at the Komagatu Maru incident for example. I saw the 'friendly' welcome in east London first hand as a child so, I know what I'm talking about. Plus it wasn't just limited to my ends, plenty of people all over the country have accounts of virulent racism and violence directed towards them. Then you talk about ww1, and in the words of Bhai Jagraj Singh, look how they rewarded us for it with Jallianwala Bagh. And then partition straight after ww2. The Sikh story is greater than participating in foreign wars. I don't doubt those guys were brave, but they will never be shaheeds or remotely comparable to those that fought for the freedom of their own people, against the most powerful and devious empire of the time. If you read Omissi's work on Indian soldiers in ww1, he believes that goray specifically targeted the poorest and most illiterate farmers in Panjab, and press ganging was definitely going on. So they weren't exactly 'allowed' to move to foreign countries, they got there and fought for rights to remain against often hostile white populations. My family defended their illaka and some also saved some sullay (and otherwise), and they didn't have guns. They had shasters though, but great grandpa was a blacksmith, so he probably had good shasters, plus by accounts I've heard he was as strong as an ox from working in the forge. Yeah, a lot of people didn't hand in their bandooks, I think some of them were even used in 1984.
  8. I'm infinitely more proud of the Sikhs who stood for their own freedom rather than some foreign cause. People like Kartar Singh Sarabha and the Ghaddari Babay and countless others who get swept under the rug in the face of pro-colonial propaganda.
  9. That's not true. Plenty of people who didn't fight had the doors opened to them too. It was the rebuilding of the country in the postwar era that necessitated the need for reliable labour. Most of the ruling classes here seem to believe their own are a nuisance and not up to par in this sense. That's why they prefer eastern European labour too.
  10. Okay. I didn't read the whole thread. In the words of the black comedian Eddie Griffin (paraphrase). With black churches the priests will <banned word filter activated> your wife, with white ones, they'll <banned word filter activated> your kids.
  11. Ranjeet, how comes in all the plethora of problems we are facing as a panth, you still find time to vilify kalay like that? The worse they do is some street level crap: they aren't messing with our faith, or trying to undermine our culture, or trying to politically subvert/use us. And the street level crap they do, they do to each other more than anyone else. I'm proper baffled???
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