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  1. I think this was the fort where they were shaheed:
  2. Here's a translation of a contemporary Persian account of Zorowar Singh palit's shaheedi (from Grewal & Habib, Persian sources of Sikh history):
  3. That's not true. We know exactly who introduced homeopathy to Panjab. Honigberger. I'm not disputing that Brahmins made a lot of knowledge gains historically. But post the fall of Bharat (starting with sullay), they exhibited very low life characteristics, colluding with the invaders, and obsessing about 'purity' in a backwards way, whilst having no qualms about eating drinking cow poo and pishaab respectively. They have been averse to egalitarianism. Whatever greatness they had in the past seems to have vanished.
  4. I'm pretty sure they are doing sukha and/or a bunch of other stuff with it already. You know the clubbing scene. The bhangra thing is a Panjabi equivalent, especially in Canada (it was like that in the UK too 80s onwards, but has calmed down lately). How much drug dealing revolves around the clubbing scene.....
  5. Jut culture (which spread throughout Panjabi culture) has this clownish, egotistical, hedonistic partying, hyperbolic quality within it. A lot of reserved females would be repulsed with that, and would be attracted to more sober, less exuberant social interactions. So it doesn't surprise me that they jump ship. On the flipside, a lot of 'religious' people in our samaaj have this narrow minded, boring, rigid quality which would be off-putting for those attracted to 'raunack' and ostentation. What you posted about the park is likely just the beginning. Soon more and more people will be rej
  6. I think well intentioned (as someone said earlier) is the truth. Like all attempts to create a more fair society, human nature has a tendency to corrupt it. Read Orwell's Animal Farm to see how. We've had a similar thing. Look at how SGPC/Akali Dal have become a casteist corrupt group now. One thing people forgot to factor in (or more likely weren't aware of then) was sociopathy. Once something starts looking promising, and gains momentum and resources, these guys naturally gravitate towards it and worm their way in to high positions. They don't have any idealistic/hi
  7. Okay, I find the way his moustache was black, whilst the rest of his hair was white to be intriguing.
  8. That whole 'giddha paa-ing princess' stupid culture didn't help either. Meanwhile the blokes are getting plastered doing bhangra.........
  9. That's where the US has got it right. You get caught out like that, you're going down hard. Probably getting your 'cheeks split' inside too. Here..........God knows what these degenerates are thinking. People stopping the pedo rapists get longer sentences than the nonces. Hell, even the queen's son looks like he's in that gang. My mom would f**k me off over a lot less than pedophilia, this old bag is protecting him. What kind of message is that sending to the english people? I think the phrase is: 'burying our heads in the sand (like an ostrich), not hands. First,
  10. There appears to be a culture of protecting sexual predators going all the way to the top here. Plenty of Sikh guys have battled this. They've been given disproportionate prison sentences, been put on gang and extremist lists. Police, media, government itself and social services seem to be complicit. Even indigenous working class white girls were abused on industrial scales here........ Be careful in Canada, it might be like you describe now, but these pedos will slowly work their way in after identifying the vulnerable/susceptible in the community. Don't think it can't happen there. Th
  11. I've always said Panjab needs a diverse, robust economy. Just focusing on agricultural is insane to me.
  12. I think this type of attitude helps keep Panjab economically backwards.
  13. This history seems true. It's not a new discovery, and this Zorowar Singh palit has a history and legacy in Bassi Pathaan that people there still acknowledge. Info has been out about Zorowar Singh Palit since the late 60s at least, when Ganda Singh put out Sri Gursobha. That people here haven't heard of him here says more about their own piss poor study of history than anything else. Plus this figure being from a tarkhan background would have motivated the usual jut casteists to jealously try and bury his memory, so that probably played a big part in his occlusion and hence so much
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