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  1. I reckon he might have been bummed by the priests when he was younger? I've met a couple of apnay whose fathers have sent them to proper CofE schools to try and improve their life chances. This might be a side effect?
  2. I've never been LA (or the US, and don't think I'd be allowed in in any case). But it wouldn't surprise me. Answer please honestly, without all the flag ar5e licking brainwashing.
  3. I think a lot of you apnay just like talking shyte for the sake of it, a bit like jananian in the langar hall. What has this got to do with us?
  4. We talk about Khalistan, but with people like these within, and in positions of power and influence in pends, it would be an embarrassment. Look at how the pendu's (presumed) back up turned up when they were caught out.
  5. How can you say that? It's guys from our own lot in england that have done more than anyone else to confront and raise awareness about this issue.
  6. I tell you, you people on this forum are ..... If this thread was about Moosewala, it'd go on and on and on. But confronting this zulmh in our own community - you're quiet like mice! Shame on you. What, are you people dead inside?
  7. Only in Sikh 'gangs', who aren't really going to be nationalistic like that, given revelations about UK involvement in 1984 and a persistent blind eye turned towards the grooming of Sikh females. Simples. Then even if this regiment thing went ahead, streetwise people would turn around and say subjugating yourselves to another cause when you're riddled with your own issues is a dumb, docile move in itself.
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