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  1. I know Malcolm X came to Smethick to lend support to brown folk (including apnay) when racism was openly hardcore there. So he must have cared a little.
  2. How common is that though. Kids not turning out exactly like their parents want.
  3. You hit the nail on the head! 'Sikhism' that 'mainstream' colonial repressed, sycophantic construct pandering to illiterate casteists will not survive. That Waheguru for that! Sikhi ain't going nowhere but from strength to strength.
  4. That's if you are a pu55y sheep panchoda. Not everyone is. Thankfully. At worst we'll have a culling of our weak links. That'll make us stronger. Have some shardhaa for your own sakes......
  5. I think being illiterate played a big part in what you describe above. As more and more apnay become literate, and more and more Sikh texts become accessible, coupled with the fact that being in a diaspora seems to inevitably result in some sections of the diaspora to focus on and try and understand and reflect upon their heritage and preserve it, we will see a renaissance of sorts. This will feed back to the people back home in time. As an example we've been alienated from Dasam Granth for a long while so a rising awareness there alone will change us. Cultural practices like jathera will also diminish over generations due to simply losing the connection to your village and it being irrelevant. Many will lose that casteist sense that restricts marriage between Sikhs of different castes. The dynamics of the community will change - and it doesn't have to be for the worse, it can be for the better. I do honestly believe we have a rich and powerful heritage. Someone on SA articulated it perfectly for me a while back. It's like various metals that have been underground since the beginning of earth, only to lay there untouched/unused, as time progressed man became aware of them and started to use and understand them more and more - from basic tools/weapons, to modern sophisticated industrial uses of today. Sikhi is the same. We haven't caught up with it yet - partly due to our own baggage and backwardness and partly because external forces have been trying to manipulate and exploit it for their own purposes.
  6. I think we've been written off too many times only to survive. Yeah sure, things might not be the same as before, but that is inevitable anyway. I think pessimism or a defeatist attitude will only increase the chances of what you are suggesting happening. What I believe will salvage things (in a big way) is a small group of intelligent, questioning, reflective khoji Sikhs who will set trends and reinvigorate the dharam. We've had such contradictory messages sent to the youth for so long with this hotchpotch of what on the surface looks like the dharam but is really a mixture of colonial era manipulation and older (usually caste based) cultural practices which have a lot of negatives as well as positives. Once we start to explore, present and practice (as a society)the dharam without the hypocrisy, it will blossom.
  7. That may be one reason for it. But there are others as well, including plain fashion/styling (if people are into that look......)
  8. Yeah, but with the weakening of Panjabi 'cultural' factors, we might also get to a position where we actually start to explore and promote the dharam with less of the contradictory cultural baggage?
  9. Well you need to be up on your Charitrio Pakyaan then, that sort of mentally conditions you to handle these things with a Sikhi perspective.
  10. I think also, young males are realising that they don't have to marry within and still can carry on their culture/dharam too.
  11. Too many young women seem to love talking to randoms on the internet!! lol That has to stop. Grooming isn't straight forward. You could get adults being targeted, but those 'adults' might be special needs or have cognitive issues that make them think like innocent children. They could be going through some issues that makes them susceptible to false 'friendships'. Or a predator might find himself in a position to exploit some vulnerable, girl who isn't too bright or confident and feels intimidated and isolated, say at work or college/uni.
  12. I think parents get exhausted by those 'strong willed' apneean who insist on pushing the boundaries, and just give up for an easier life. These 'strong willed' 'independent' types also inadvertently make themselves more vulnerable to predators who seem to hone in on them, from what I've seen. They bring attention to themselves like that.
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