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  1. I'll try and look into the wording but I'm no Braj expert. You'll probably have a better understanding? Some of these translations are a bit dubious
  2. Let me reflect on this. We really need to get the panth's Braj Bhasha knowledge up for such things. Though, I'll say outright right now, I not sure if the Chaubis Avtaar narratives of Dasam Granth are purely didactic, with the avtaars playing some moral/ethical role models. If I recall rightly, Lord Rama had Ravan's sister's nose chopped off, just because she fancied him!! lol If that's the case, it would justify any attacks by Ravan in my eyes. Turning the whole narrative around.
  3. Bhai ji why isn't the Gurmukhi text up? I don't fully trust translations, and can't make sense of transliterations.
  4. Some seriously deranged people about..... Former Royal Navy veteran dubbed the ‘Brighton cat killer’ dies months after he was jailed for five years for a string of deadly attacks on nine cats Steve Bouquet was dubbed the 'Brighton cat killer' after targeting pets He is believed to have killed at least nine cats between 2018 and 2019 He died at Maritime Medway Hospital on January 6, prison service confirmed https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10414805/Brighton-Cat-Killer-Steve-Bouquet-dies-serving-5-year-jail-term.html
  5. We need ourselves to be at the forefront of confronting and addressing any issue in this department. Domestic and sexual abuse of silenced Sikh women revealed Not only because such behaviour is vile and repugnant from a Sikhi perspective, but also because of exactly what we are seeing here - outsiders trying to exploit it to attack the panth and also deflect from their own filth. When we deal with our own matters in a serious manner, it takes the steam out of these outsiders attempts to malign. No one (with any right mind) would want their daughters, sisters, cousin sis
  6. We could also learn from sullay about this too. All manner of gundh, but keeping 'radio-silence'.
  7. Yeah, but we should also remember that most working class people in the UK don't really read or pay attention to these rags. We're probably doing the writers a big favour just by highlighting the 'articles'. We should concisely refute and then let the articles die a quiet death.
  8. Going to add this important witness statement testimony from a long time serving policeman with London's MET (John Wedger). It corroborates accounts from many Sikhs about a longstanding apathy by the police and social services towards the sexual exploitation of young, vulnerable females, and also suggests this is prevalent throughout England. It also mentions active endeavours by the police to silence those who try and highlight and combat these norms. https://www.iicsa.org.uk/key-documents/21478/view/INQ004929_001-004_009_024-029_030_038-039_040-048.pdf
  9. I thought about it, I think the boar's blood in Amrit is unlikely and probably just early european propaganda/exaggeration.
  10. I would have thought in this day and age, where everyone uses the Interweb to do research, they'd be hard pressed not to encounter alterative points of views?
  11. Remember the 'independent' is owned by arabs now. They've been putting out a few antiSikh things.
  12. "This is how we say goodbye in Austria." Shame no one told Adolph.
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