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  1. @OP, watch out for structural damage more than cosmetic stuff! The cosmetic stuff can be sorted out comparatively easier and you're probably going to do that anyway? I don't know what country you are in, but you should have got some reputable Building Surveyor firm to do a condition report at least. I think you might have to pay extra for a structural engineer to check it out - but well worth it. Don't use the sellers people, they might have a relationship with them, and cover stuff up. Use an independent reputable firm. (Good luck finding one!)
  2. The start is already there: https://www.indiamart.com/kalsiindustries/about-us.html I'm sure there are a few firms like this in Ludhiana and possibly elsewhere. Just need growth and nurturing. This way too, we could have jobs for people with proper qualifications and not the fudhoo ones ahhm pendus like to do. By proper qualifications I'm talking about Chemical Engineers, Process Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Software developers, technical engineers etc. etc.. Plus some of the juts need an attitude change too, instead of expecting things like they have some birth right. If I
  3. Bhai ji. Structural defects in property won't disappear in this way.
  4. Did you get a RICS condition report and a structural report? (If in UK)
  5. It blows my mind our lot ain't benefiting from the billion dollar emerging sukha business myself??? The mind boggles........the stuffs growing everywhere in Panjab from what I saw.
  6. All things said and done, given the apparent gender disparity in Panjab, men will have to marry out. Otherwise go back to buying girls or sharing wives between brothers. That's some rank anti-Sikhi gundh!
  7. I love growing myself (okay, on a small scale). It's murder even keeping a tiny bit of soil constantly replenished with nutrients in a sustainable way. I've achieved it after trying for years, with composting all food scraps and the grass and cardboard, and that's only on a miniscule scale. Worm farms help big time! I still have to buy a big sack of soil every year though. There is something very spiritual and therapeutic about growing, no doubt about it! But when it's just a business......I don't even know if you get that? Panjab has literally ruined it's soil with 'modren', 'green revo
  8. This is in Ludhiana. Pendus need to think outside of farming.
  9. @Premi5 @Jai Tegang! @GurjantGnostic @proudkaur21 @MisterrSingh etc. etc. Look at this. Looks like a relatively small operation in england but the firm is world famous. We can have stuff like this?
  10. There's a Karamsar Gurdwara around these ends, they did a program and gave out parshaad at the height of the epidemic. A bunch of people caught it, and the head of the Gurdwara died from multiple organ failures after being hospitalised.
  11. That ones been around since the 80s. The 'volatile' 'unpredictable' border region of Panjab. I'd guess the current furore going on back home would further put off outsiders investing? I think they make lots of stuff in Ludhiana (you'd know more than me perhaps?). Sewing machines etc. too (that I was told Levis use). Bata footwear! There isn't a limit to what could be done, but I feel like our lot have this small minded provincialism going on, when they should be thinking globally. Also, crabs in a bucket mentalities.
  12. There shouldn't be any limitations! Factories like you mention (like already in Ludhiana). But also, we shouldn't exclude the possibility of tech centres. Construction. Why can't we manufacture mobile phones there? Doesn't Tata have a plant there?
  13. A lot of states have put juts in OBC status. Even then, I don't think that will solve the problem. There are only so many government jobs available. What we really need is a change in attitude towards commerce and business in Panjab. We need people to create big, powerful private companies that offer mass employment. The tendency to corrupt everything doesn't help.
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