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  1. You only speak for yourself. You DO NOT speak for others. Learn to respect your elders. If you really must insist on understanding my posts, you will have to get inside my head!
  2. Don’t you dare insult my Nani. She was a better Sikh than you could ever be. She spoke more sense than you ever would and she was not your average everyday Sikh, she was a devout gursikh lady, if you know what that means!
  3. And what about your own community? Why are you do keen on seeing them *f prosper what about the brown Sikh community? You have got some very deep rooted inferiority complex within your subconscious mind, it is so deeply rooted that you are ashamed of identifying yourself with your BROWN SIKH kaum. Grow up and smell the coffee and see we what’s happening your very own kaum first, before commiserating with those that have NOTHING in common with us in terms of our wonderful Sikh religion, our history, our culture and our people. Besharm badmash! I think, Sikhi WOULD be GREAT for you too if only you’d care to apply to your thick head! Apply it to yourself first and then apply it to others. Practice before you preach. I bet, you are NOT even an Anritdharri Sikh yet. Confused characters like you never are.
  4. @Deepthinking22 and @singhpunjabsingh You’re both confused.
  5. We brown Sikhs have different history, different life experiences, different needs, different religion and we can’t expect others to fight our battles who have nothing in common with us. Others cannot be our role models, we have to find them in our own kaum. No point in posting images to promote grotesque ideas. Stick to your own.
  6. My Nani taught us not to go to anyone for support. Support your own and they will support you in return. She said not to beg others to highlight your problems do it yourself. My Nani was a very devout Sikh and believed if we don’t marry our own brown Sikhs, Sikhi will not grow. It’s a brown Sikh people’s struggle and not anyone else’s to fight racism, so no point posting converts over here. Grotesque, frightfully grotesque strategy in my view.
  7. This is exactly what I have been waiting to hear from you. Good work, keep it up! Don’t let the two i*i*** for the likes of @singhpunjabisingh and @Deepthinking22 brainwash you with their confused identity crisis. It seems Deepthinking22 came across his ‘uncle Thomas’ when he jumped off the boat. My Nani always taught us to have our own story tailored to who we are and what we need, not copy others because we have different needs, we are culturally different and also there is no other religion on this earth to match ours. We as brown Sikhs are unique with unique needs and we must let the world know this, we exist. We are not going anywhere and the sooner you see it the better it would be for you all!
  8. Stop being such a hypocrite and holier than though here! If you don’t feel comfortable under your skin like the rest of those you represent, it’s not difficult to notice. Most of your issues arise from there and you are not able to recognise it. In fact, after reading your posts one cannot fail but realise that you are so uncomfortable with yourself in terms of who you are. So please stop preaching, stop it.
  9. How many times are you going to hit the nail on the head?
  10. And how do they look upon those look alikes, so called, empty <banned word filter activated>-pots claiming to be Sikhs, imitating hand, finger, facial, hip and legs movements of the group and the very ones your friend comes from? Besides why are you and your lot struggling so hard to be like them? What’re your reasons to be accepted by them, have you not got a superior heritage or what? Do you not originate from where early civilisations of Harrapa and Mohenjidorro took place? What about the message of Guru Nanak which is far ahead and so superior than what emerged from Abraham’s trap?
  11. The whole kom has become a fucked up kom minus few. Fucked up people form it and there is no doubt about it.
  12. Who are these faces in turbans and why are they wearing Sikh other Sikh emblems and who told them they could do it? Leopards never change their spots. Do they stand up and fight for your Sikh issues or anything? Do the white turbaned ones do this ever either? They look down on you and your lot because of your brown skins, as inferiors. Stop f******n* bragging about your plight and attacks on the f*****g vazoorgs! The vazoorgs are to blame for not teaching their children about what racism did to them when they were ruled by others in their own country. Their children or descendants have no knowledge of racist rule or racism because it was never talked about and because it was easier to brush it under the carpet than to challenge it. STOP F****n* playing God and preaching SARBAT DA BALLE here, you are NOT GOD. Do SDB for your own SIKH only people first and then the rest of the SARBAT ........ will follow by itself! You are nothing but a <banned word filter activated> morons and thats all who you are. Do the Harbajan shite yogi converts stand shoulder to shoulder with other Brown Sikhs to highlight their issues ever? Do they ever come forward to express any grievances affecting their Sikh counterparts living in western countries? GO AND PREACH THEM <banned word filter activated> SARBAT DA BHALLA FIRST.
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