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  1. S So fly her to Alaska if she is that desperate, i am sure someone will teach her all she needs to learn. To be very honest I have never seen a female sikh ever. Here every sikh person you see is a man, with a turban and a long flowing beard, either dyed in very dark red or bright yellow colors, mostly speaking in very unfamiliar dialects. Very strange.
  2. Yes, but plants don't walk on all fours to move from one location to another like animals do. Plants have to be pulled out from the ground to a different location. Sometimes, they don't thrive in their new environment due to unsuitable soil conditions sadly enough. On the other hand, animals can be transported from one place to another whether dead or alive, they will thrive anywhere if fed properly (a bit like yourself). Even Bernard shaw was a strict vegetarian, never killed a fly in his entire life. You all need spiritual counselling. Judging from your post, you don't seem to have any beliefs, values or morals, forget about Sikhi. You seem like someone who visits Masts and their babeys in green clothes who tie threads around their wrists for protection from evil spirits and so on. People like you are deeply steeped in superstition and silly activities which consist of mumbo-jumbo rituals, dance, alcohol and meat consumption on daily basis.
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  4. kangw


    How nice to hear that! I wear a round one myself. I agree, the youtube videos never show you how to get it neat and tidy from the back.
  5. kangw


    19 hours ago, OneBeing said: 'Things that my mom says to me keep coming true!!! Whenever she says "I hope you get sick and become unwell" it comes true like an hour later and i get health problems all of a sudden. Problems that i havnt had for months come back again... what the hell??? Its getting really scary man! She said once "i hope you get a panic attack" and it happened So yeah...is it just me and im just acting dumb orrr is this real??? Unless its just my own mental psychological problem turning into physical health effects.' My reply: Have you told her this? I think your mom should stop saying these things to you especially when she knows everything she says comes true. She should really replace every imprecation of hers' with a blessing, such as, may you win the lottery, marry a good woman when you grow up and give her a few grandchildren when the time is right. May you turn inwards and follow sikhi and Guru Sahib. There are so many nice things one can say to others and what a shame no one says them. Don't be scared man! Do you normally have panic attacks when faced with difficult situations? She should help you with this instead of making it worse. We shouldn't say bad things to anyone let alone to little children. You can always repeat the naam as soon as she starts to purify your mind and your surroundings till its all over. Naam repetition works as protection so try saying Vaheguru, Vaheguru, Vaheguru mentally till she has finished cursing you. Then go to your room and continue with the naam jap, simran, till you have regained your composure. Remain composed and collected at all times and don't be scared. You just have to feel sorry for these souls and pray for them beause they are wounded souls due to their wicked past karms, that's all. When we take a new form our past karms, good or wicked, accompany us in this life and we behave according to these past karms. That's why we have to pray for them, for their spiritual well being, so they can be set free from them.
  6. Very sad news. He did huge sewa in the name of sikhi. He will be missed by everyone. So very sad.
  7. Please Sachey Patshah bless our brother Bhai Jugraj Singh ji and his lovely family. Definitely, it's either the Gurus' way or the highway. Rehat is what makes me a good Sikh. Please Sachey Patshah help me to live within the boundaries of your wonderful Rehat. Thank you Bhai Jugraj Singh Ji for all your helpful videos. May God bless you and your lovely family.
  8. Waheguru, Sachey Paatsha, please Bless our brother Jagraj Singh ji and his family. Kirpa Karro, Sachey Paatsha, Kirpa Karro.
  9. Lakh lakh vadiyaans to you and your family too, JSinghnz. Sorry about my previous horrid comments in the past. I wish you and your family happy Gurpurab celebrations. Let's start afresh and become friends (forum) from this day onwards with Maharaj's blessings.
  10. This is what hurts me most. I have seen the same on many occasions, and some of these leaflets have Guru Sahibans' images on them.
  11. This is exactly what happened to me a while ago. I was blessed with the Amrit Daat whne I was in my early teens. My spiritual journey was fairly smooth in the beginning but it came to a sudden halt after roughly three years when I started asking questions on a lot of concepts in sikhism. There was no one around to give me satisfactory answers. It was a very painful journey for me and even more painful not to do my paat and kirtan, but at the same time I couldn't find anyone to motivate me enough again. Anyways, after a few years' gap, suddenly I was brought back on the Path by Waheguru ji's Kirpa. It is still difficult to stick to it, but I carry on with what I can manage. It is not easy, but I will never ever stop following sikhi and the dicipline it has taught me completly, come what may. So, please, don't loose hope. Just carry on with what you can manage and everything will be fine. Please have faith in sikhi and Waheguru. Good luck.
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