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  1. look, some "sikhs" don't understand nirguna/sarguna concept of Waheguru Akaal. They are stuck in gora/firanghi understanding of God, which has damaged sikh panth and sikh literature and teaching since colonial times. All this paranoia to heritage and cultural terms used for nirguna and sarguna roop stems from those times.

  2. nothing wrong with being a pendu. Actually some kenya sikhs have tried using it as a slur towards me a few times, and even the term "indian mentality".

    But then there's also the term unparh pendu which actually emphasises dimness. I think this term is justified!

    I also tried to use the term village <banned word filter activated> on this forum, but the term for stupid beginning with the letter 'i' seems to be banned on here. 

  3. 18 hours ago, PokeYourPinealGland said:

    you're right.  i shouldn't have tried to justify. couldn't help it. y'all were going in on jatts lol but you're right brethren 

    I think in this thread, posters haven't gone into jatts too much. I mean when some people are actually trying to go against caste and caste system, they instead go full racist against jatts. 

    I support people who use the jatt term to instill good values and real annakh and izzat etc which help someone be dharmik, not those who use it for false pride and ego. unfortunately that is what it seems to be used for. Many jatt families seem to becoming so uneducated in sikhi and any dharmik values that I don't understand what they see in using the jatt terms for themselves?

  4. 1 minute ago, genie said:

    True, plus I've learn't that alot of people who claim there some kinda "high caste" jatt are actually seen a farmer peasant labour low caste in the brahminwad order of things...just have to look at how haryanvi hindu jatts are treated by the treat of the other higher caste hindu's.

    Many  of todays jatt's are unwittingly from dalit and other caste stock whose forefathers gave their surnames as from the jatt caste when they moved away from their towns/villages where people didn't know them back in the days or settled aboard in the west and other countries to get away from their "low caste" status.

    Hence why approx 70% of Sikh population is Jatt when the actual truth is actual true racially pure jatt farming stock is far lorbme racial purity in the jatt caste and they have to maintain it, is nonsensical and too absurd to carry on.

    As I am from jatt background myself, all I can say is that once jatt loses his turban, I don't know what he is still proud of? And I think everyone should wear turban if they complain about being looked at in a castist manner. If Gurus have given all sikhs freedom to wear turban yet people get a firanghi haircut like they are gulam and complain about being called low caste or whatever?!?!!

  5. What an <banned word filter activated>! Come on there are jatts marrying who-knows what in western countries just so they can get indefinite stay or citizenship.

    And then this jatt man does this? Seriously? He doesn;t even have a turban on his head, and yet he is ashamed of marrying someone from a poor background and poor class?

    What is a Ramdasia again?

  6. On 5/30/2017 at 1:51 AM, Jacfsing2 said:

    The solution will only be available once we teach the importance of Issat in the house of Vaheguru, and not Issat in the court of man-made governments. 

    More importantly what I don't get is why Sikh men go for these types of girls over Non-Sikh women who's only real problem isn't knowing Guru Sahib, when the concept of Issat is not even instilled in these "sikh", women? I don't want to sound sexist or anything like that, but I don't think that Sikh men marrying Non-Sikhs has the same effect spiritually and mentally for our Issat as "sikh" women marrying Non-Sikhs. (I support gender equality, but believe men and women are equal in different ways, not the same way). Also if we were following the 52 Hukams, no such command exists that explicitly says don't give a son to a family of Non-Sikhs, but a reverse is true. 

    these sikh men are either drowning in the work and make money mentality, and so have no time to think about izzat. Also too many come from these village <banned word filter activated> families that just seem too uneducated to pass dharmik values to their children and grandchildren. Mix both issues and you get a mess.

    Also seen some religious and amrit dhari families doing these dating things. All the amrit dhari ones I seen are from east african families, but I hear there are indian ones as well, perhaps they are 3rd generationers? Regardless when you follow sikhi in a religious/ritualistic manner like a gora or arab, then you forget to follow it dharmically. And you lose the dharmik culture of which some desi families still have left. Colonial pro-religious adharmik attitudes mess things up, and those sikhs that spent too much time serving gora even when wearing turban and 5 Ks might have lost a lot of dharmik thinking and definitely dharmik culture. Just really weird to see families where the men have turbans and girls are dressed in certain way and are drinking glassy.

  7. On 5/29/2017 at 9:43 PM, genie said:

    Here's another trashy punjabi girl of Sikh heritage. From what I gather from her convo shes actually talking to an afghan muslim guy and both are mocking and belittling indian / sikh guys.

    Shes actually giving us an insight how the mind of a non-muslim girl easy to groom and convert to islam is. ...

    1. The guys good looks is important

    2. The impression the guy is  are part of the hardest tribe on the block. Willing to indulge in violence to prove it and get respect and authority. Alpha male mentality and submissive female.

    3. Then the continually pushing of islamic ideology and its alleged superiority by the muslim guy which eventually convinces the lame non-muslim and punjabi slags that yes it is superior. Stockholm syndrome.


    I went through her timeline, couldn't understand anything. IS she some kind of troll account, maybe someone pretending to be a girl?

  8. On 2017-5-21 at 11:02 PM, Guest Mothertobe said:


    does anyone have any girls baby name recommendations, i'm looking for something western but happens to also have meaning, not necessarily the normal names we hear like bani, keerath etc..... a modern western name which is in bani. 



    what is the letter that you have chosen from Adi Guru Granth Sahib hukumnama? please tell us so that we can suggest names according to the first letter

  9. 2 hours ago, genie said:

    I'm not a fan of holding the Dasam Granth on equal par to SGGS Ji however there is alot of wisdom we can draw from it. in the Dasam Granth Guru Gobind Singh Ji allegedly describes what happens to society when moral decline happens.

    Its basically called adharm (atheism/irreligious) when liberal atheist lifestyle, ideology and culture gets brainwashed in the minds of easily impressionable and influenced excitable young girls. They start to think and behave in ways cause them long term harm. Short term it maybe all good and fun times but as they get older the sins they are committing start to weigh up on their shoulders.

    A deep analysis and then action is required in context of Sikh theology and western liberal society today. How does a youth born in a Sikh family reconcile the two maintaining their religious Sikh identity and values and coping in a world where low class standards of behavior and thinking is acceptable and encouraged by their non-sikh peers and media (grime/hip hop / black music, shows/documentaries/films depicting loose moral behavior, proliferation of porn, etc) .

    it's dangerous to translate dharm as religion, this is what was done in colonial times. First we need to understand the real meaning of dharm. The fact that many sikhs follow sikhi like a religion like a gora or arab would, instead of being dharmik, is something that is destroying us.

    The fact that Dasam Granth is not available or visible in post Singh Sabha gurdwaras is also bring down our izzat, annakh and dharam as well as the martial side of what is meant to be the Khalsa dharm. The fact that instead harmonium is instead put next to Adi Guru Granth Sahib is a bit shocking (yet we criticise Dasam Granth being near Adi Guru Granth), especially after what Akali Phoola Singh said when people tried to bring harmonium into Harmandir Sahib, even though now that is what is used!

  10. Pleanty of punjabi or "sikh" girls on instagram, facebook and twitter showing off wearing izzat-less clothes and some are smoking sheesha/hookah. also in many pics they are probably drunk.

    proper pub-club mentality. 

    Seriously, even after coming out of the pend these families are still village <banned word filter activated> penduus. How do you get these people to learn any sikh teachings? They just stamp their head in their gurdwara and don't learn anything. need some kind of revolution to wake up the village idiots' children and grandchildren.


    (wait that word for stupid is banned? it's not even a swear word, even kids shows use that word lol)

  11. On 2017-5-27 at 7:48 AM, AjeetSinghPunjabi said:

    Our hindu ancestors most likely stepped into sikhi thinking of it as a sect of vedantic hinduism. They certainly didn't see it as some alien religion . 

    well yeah (besides your very colonial of way describing dharmic panths as religions, and as if the term hinduism even existed before the goras created it in British India), our ancestors saw sikhi as a panth that follows dharma. But also something more, especially with the Guru jis and their teachings.

  12. On 5/22/2017 at 3:55 PM, Jacfsing2 said:

    Basically BasicsOfSikhi is a wonderful start, but it is just that a start, we need to be an independent minded people. I will admit, he's a good inspiration and does have the push to get people to start on this path, but it is only a push and we must take everything with a grain of salt.

    and that is why they should just keep the name basics of sikhi instead of Advanced sikhi :)

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