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  1. I feel gurdwaras are maybe somewhat getting back to their functions as dharmsalas containing schools and learning centres. With panjabi schools, gurmat classes, santhiya, martial arts, keertan training, with sikhi camps occasionally in towns, there is somewhat some functions connected to traditional gurdwaras of the past.
  2. there's too many Kenya Singhs in those kinda gurdwaras, really chummy chummy with the goras and politicians, fixo the beards to the max and younger generations just trimming it instead of getting into the fixo malarkey, lack of open beards and turbans you can take off like hats, don't make for intimidating or annakhi singhs. I heard that pakistanis try to pickup girls from the Slough Ramgharia gurdwara. They need to join with the other 2 gurdwaras in Slough to help them out, they can't act like the elders did where they split from the Singh Sabha gurdwara because they were too aggressive, now is the time to use that aggression. And the Guru Maneyo Granth gurdwara Bath Road gets nationwide sangat on Sundays, so just use those numbers in Slough! in these gurdwaras, gyanis and sewadaars are known by the regular sangat, and regular sangat is close knit. Activities and panjabi schools are also good as most of the same children come. In both areas, I don't like the lack of cooperation between Ramgharia and Singh Sabha gurdwaras. Overall it's a benefit to have gurdwaras in at least 2 different locations in big towns and cities. But it's bad if they don't cooperate, especially in major issues that Khalsa is known for. Ramgharia gurdwaras like to rep up Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgharia, with the Slough gurdwara even having a statue. But the lack of keeping Khalsa rehit, looking too scared and cowardly to keep full beards or open beards, not acknowledging the Khalsa Nihang Singh mentality of Jassa Singh and being stuck in the kenya Singh mentality, not even willing to read Chaupai Sahib properly during Rehras, and many of these Ramgharia gurdwaras are not even willing to keep basic rehit of allowing sitting on the floor for langar and allowing shoes inside as well, all these behaviours aren't working for chardi kala of the panth! It's like they are trying to keep their own type of sikhi, it's not even a tradition, just being stuck in their own box, they are not in the colonial British army, or serving in the world wars, or making train tracks or some other jobs for the gora, why do they behave this way, this archaic stuff in gurdwara? And doesn't do justice to Jassa Singh Ramgharia, who would have been a rehitee Nihang Singh, annakhi Singhs who defeated the enemies and kept in the brotherhood of the Khalsa with the other misls, even after their whole misl was excommunicated expelled from the panth, they still rejoined the Khalsa and helped defeat the enemies! I don't see them trying to integrate with the rest of the panth in the ramgharia gurdwaras, not like Jassa Singh, obviously it's the elders who instil these mentalities, with some of the youngsters trying to connect back into sikhi!
  3. it's called formality. I think I read that baba ji did this so they could continue doing sewa. I think even Maharaja Ranjeet Singh went peshi to Akali Phoola Singh as a formality to look good in front of the people. Regardless, Phoola Singh Akali was much more rehitvaan than any current "jathedaars"
  4. why not send them to khalsa school? Also are they going to panjabi school on Sundays? Osterley has a really good school for sikhs called Nishkam school! I have moved just outside of North Bucks in Northamptonshire. They have even taken over the commercial restaurants all the way up here, 2 halal Taco Bells, halal KFC, and their regular nationwide stuff like Tim Hortons, Popeyes, Pizza Express etc who knows what else! But there's a sikh stronghold nearby in Coventry, so many gurdwaras there, at least 6-8 gurdwaras. there are Only 3 gurdwaras to cover all of Northamptonshire county, and 2 are in the main town! Also Milton Keynes city in North Bucks only seems to have 2 gurdwaras. The Ramgharia gurdwara has regular sangat, but the other gurdwara run by MK sikh society, seems to mainly only have Sunday Sangat, which is a trend in isolated areas, it's the same for Northamptonshire gurdwaras unless there's a special programme, event, gurpurb etc.
  5. he should get stronger in rehit and do bhog of everything he eats, especially maas. Isn't Buddha Dal rehit to do bhog of every food? please Read the history about when Guru Gobind Singh was dressed as uch ka pir, and his Singhs were dressed as mureed, and the sikhs came upon the situation where they were offer halal maas!
  6. yes this one has been bought up by Bhai Mohan Singh, he has shown videos of questioning this person and even family
  7. yes and after that, think about why you are engaged for so long, instead of getting anand karaj?
  8. The Hajoor Sahib Singhs married were originally Nihang Singhs who married hindu women, and some hindu women still marry them. sikhi is strong amongst them and they don't cut their hair at all! They still have strong connections to the current Nihang Singhs. They follow a maryada where the hindu women MUST take some kind of amrit pahul, this is usually kripaan pahul (maybe similar to jhoola amrit as well?) They are not given khanda pahul, those women are not ready. However they are given a type of amrit so that husband can consume food and drink from the wife. Obviously, this means that the wife has been initiated as sikh. For a Singh to be able to share food with wife, the wife needs to have been initiated at least into sikh panth. In puraatan times, Singhs were desired for marriage and alliances, so Shias also desired to marry their daughters to Singhs to build alliances. I have read in historical account that shia/muslim women were made to eat pork for 40 days (I think this was after marriage), I cannot remember if this is written in a rehitnama or just a historical account. For muslim men becoming Singhs, Nihang Singhs actually stirred in pigs' blood in khanda amrit pahul, just so that no spies pretended to take khanda pahul. This was at a time when the whole panth followed one panthic Budha Dal maryada! (please don't take this as a discussion about meat, just describing the steps sikhs used for hindu and muslim converts) In conclusion, the hindu woman must be initiated in some way, just like in Hajur Sahib even now!
  9. it was more than acceptable for Singhs to have multiple wives, because Singhs are supposed to be kshatriya. There were also other common practices such as marrying your brothers' widow, and widow remarriage, marrying rescued women that are not accepted back by their families. Fighting wars required multiple wives, many sons,uncles, male family members would get shaheed, such as Bhai Mani Singhs' sons from both his wives, and his uncles during Guru Hargobind ji. Add this to higher mortality rates, people died younger, just look at the ages most Guru jis lived to, women had difficult giving birth, there were risks to women dying during birth, higher infant mortality rates, children were at much greater risk from dying from a childhood illness. All these factors compounded with wars, it made a lot of sense to marry multiple women! And during 1947, 1984 and the dharmi faujis of the 1990s, its still made a lot of sense to have multiple wives, but only if your family was going to be armed and trained! Compare this to sikhs and amrit dharis who have multiple girlfriends and exes, and don't get married until into their late 20s and 30s, we are behaving in a really pathetic non-warrior non kshatriya way! If you're making the excuse of not getting married because you are studying, and then you make a girlfriend or multiples during that time anyway, THEN Singhs should just get married, and all the excuses for not getting married are lame and bringing down the whole panth. I seriously stand by that statement!!!
  10. well this site is ok with a nitnem bani from Charitropakhyan, Kabyo baach benti chaupai, being read in a broken and anti-dasam granth way. They even have group of sikhsthat reads the bani this anti-dasam way, on the top banner listed as "Sikh videos - Intermediate". Whereas a knowledgable sikh with santhiya like Bhai Jagraj Singh and his group Basics of Sikhi, is only listed as "Sikh videos - Beginner" This is absolutely poor having sikhs that do not have a panthic outlook, and being shown above Basics of Sikhi on this forum, whereas a group like Nanak Naam group would be many times better than Gurmat Bibek group. The point is, if we keep letting sangat get away with reading Benti Chaupai in this anti-dasam way, (and it has been around 100 years these jathas and SGPC have been doing this anti-dasam bani activity), then what hope is there for Singhs to read the rest of Charitropakhyan and dasam bani! The fact is anti-dasam bani is being practiced in front of us, hidden in the open, at our gurdwaras and sgpc gutkas!
  11. I am wondering when sirgumm term started to be used in the panth. I understand Meenas, Masands, dhirmalaiye, kurri-maar is more than just name-calling, so thought we should at least take a look or discuss this. And I guess the leaving alone bit is kind of similar to staying away? It's different when it's a personality does something. Similar to some babas and sants etc!
  12. I am hearing a lot of adverts with KS Makhan performing at these mela type events along with others. I have read that a sirgum is an amritdhari who has cut their hair. And a sirgum is to be avoided like meenas, masands, dheermalias, ramraiyas etc. Of course a sirgum may retake pahul. Should sikhs not collectively ban such personalities, or at least distance ourselves. I know these are panjabi cultural events, but there should be some collective sikh avoidance and the ban of being around sirgum should be made more public and taken m ore seriously by panth!
  13. actually he sound like the prachar from the generic non-bana wearing amrit dharis from last century post-partition, with the mantra "don't eat meat, it's against sikhi" etc... Can't be having that in the 2020s, not where Nihang Singhs are much more visible again in the panth!
  14. I know this forum does not allow meat discussion. but does rehat maryada say you should not eat meat?
  15. Actually, you are right about the weirdness. The darbar hall is massive, and even their spare darbar hall is quite big as well, could easily be another separate gurdwara on its own if you know what I mean?! On weekdays, I used to work near the gurdwara in Bath Road, and I visited a few times, and they were doing the Wa-eh-guru simran. Now I think about it it, this way of doing simran is really mechanical and doesn't sound like pyaar prema bhagti. Even when this type of simran is being done, I always say Waheguru in a normal way. One of their babas visited the Singh Sabha Slough gurdwara on a Sunday morning programme, to do prachar and meditation, and I think people were freaked out or something by the baba, and some were saying things about him! I was purposefully saying Waheguru normally to get out of the vibe. I will always say Waheguru like a normal sikh, and not this mental gymnastics being forced upon us by cults sects and babas, it was so weird when Dhadri started doing this type of simran! Anyway that Guru maneyo granth PKMC gurdwara, I always get a weird vibe there, and from the sewadaars and sangat as well! Like the way some of the sewadaars talk is culty, and even if they smile. Actually some of the Singhs on Gurmat Bibek Youtube have a similar eeriness (see their channel link on the top of this forum "Sikh Videos - Intermediate", more like "Sikh Videos - culty", sorry not sorry to the admins, but that is the truth sach satt!) and the bibi on there is really high on the eeriness scale! the GMG gurdwara do some good sikhi programmes though, so that's why I used to go there before I moved out of London, but I never want go to an Ajit Singh simran programme again, I am half ok with a simran session from other sewadaars. Also, one time I went to their Sodar Rehraas paat and I was really surprised they read sampooran Rehras with full kabyo baach benti, I think it may even have been longer than taksal, like Hajoor Sahib or Budha Dal length which is really rare outside Nihang Singhs! I have been to the Singh Sabha gurdwaras in Slough and Southall last year, and even in 2022 they still did not do full kabyo baach benti, that's how poor chaupai sahib Rehras is read in those gurdwaras. Regardless, I always feel a good vibe when I go Singh Sabha Slough or Park Avenue. I do feel a weird vibe when I go Havelock/Guru Nanak Road Singh Sabha, maybe it's the big building or maybe something else? For some reason, I also feel a bit of a weird vibe from Ramgharia Gurdwara Slough, and this is a gurdwara I have been going to since I was a child, and I have also been going to Singh Sabha Slough as a child. I may have even felt a weird vibe when I went to the old Havelock Singh Sabha as a small child before it was knocked down. I dunno, maybe it's sangat at those gurdwaras as well, and as a child you can probably feel the vibes of sangat even more greatly! I studied at Guru Nanak School, and I get weird vibes there even when I go now as an adult to attend anand Karajs! I have been Nanaksar Southall probably only a couple of times in my life as an adult, and I felt positive vibes there, even though I don't think they have a langar kitchen (langar was brought from home by sangat the last time I went, I ate some South Indian dish as well)
  16. @LifeIsBeautifultell us more, what happened. and what is this site you have in your sig for selling homes, it's your business that made you wealthy?
  17. it is cult like, it is based off PKMC which used to be run by the late Tarmala who was notorious for giving out brahmgyani certificates. You will see a successive set of videos of Tarmala's jatha arguin with a group of gyanis in a pend. There is also a video of turbans being tossed in a Tarmala simran video. For some obvious biased reasons, terms similar to "cult-like" are supposed to be banned on this forum from a few years ago! The simran sounds harmless on most days, and it is the AKJ style naam dhrir. However, when Bhai Ajit Singh does the sessions on Sundays, then it goes in madness and angriness. They always promote the Sunday simran sessions when I went to a few Anand Karaj there, I just had to walk out of that Sunday session after a few minutes, even though a Kenya uncle I know used to tell me that I should go visit and it's "peaceful". I have seen children in that gurdwara Langar hall shouting something that doesn't sound like Waheguru at all, that's how messed up their simran is! Children aren't even taught to say waheguru and instead taught to follow the leader!!! Also I have seen people in the car park matha tek to Bhai Ajit Singh's feet, he is treated like some baba/Sant type figure. He has also been caught out in videos getting bani pangtis wrong! If you go further in this forum, you will find some sinister gangster type murder stuff as well! Also people travel from far away just to come to the Sunday divans. This also used to be the case when their gurdwara was in Swindon, before they moved to Slough! Simran is supposed to be done in sehaj avastha! People at the places and rehnsbais take the mick unfortunately!
  18. lol this is the kind of stuff accounts used to get banned for on this forum!
  19. I haven't read the books. I have watched the English movie with Daniel Craig set in the first trilogy "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". And watched the 2nd English movie, which is set in the 2nd Trilogy "The Girl in the Spider's Web". I may watch the original 3 movies for the original trilogy with subtitles, but I don't think I will read the book.
  20. I have seen monas kiss in public, actually in university computer rooms. I also saw a soon-to-be trim Singh kissing his hindu girlfriend in front of me, maybe also in a university computer room. I remember seeing him again years later with beard trimmed, I think she managed to convince him to trim it!
  21. I would be interested. In my ancestral pind, and other pinds I am connected to by family, I want to start a system where langar is available regularly for poor people such as dalits. I would say in a similar manner to how langar works in many London gurdwaras, where langar is most of the day. This would bring these folk also closer to the gurdwara, or rather back to the gurdwara. I would be willing to donate some of my inherited land for them to do this as well! But I also want to use my land for other benefits of people as well.
  22. when modern Singhs try to promote gatka as an ancient shastarvidiya martial art!
  23. in pocket it is still on your body, so this is still suitable. or as mentioned, put a wristband over the kara to hold it.
  24. I think it was just a hall, I don't think it was/is a gurdwara. I am unsure if the building is still there or has been bought by someone else... actually still seems to be there, I just never notice it in Southall recently. It seemed to have been newly refurbished when I went to the city sikhs event. Ramgarhia Hall - Gurdwara Ramgarhia Sabha Someone else who attended actually thought that Param Singh is a khusra....! To me he just seems nutrient deficient, like Rishi Sunak!
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