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  1. sikh women used to be educated pre-colonial times too, and they still married young. The problem is now people are western-educated, or colonial-era educated, and that even means they may not be educated in sikhi!
  2. the only way around it is to make a new post by rewording and going around their filters! that is what I had to do!!!
  3. posting in gupt didn't help, had to change the title
  4. had to use a title that didn't require approval, what's going on???? my original thread is hanging in limbo require approval new thread
  5. had to use a title that didn't require approval, what's going on????
  6. link to original thread once moderators are no longer missing! so last week was west bromwich nagar keertan. the west midlands transport didn't even bother calling us sikhs, instead they used the terms "indian religious worshippers" and "indian religions". was it ignorant goras, anti-sikh hindus (I am not sold on this though but you never know) or sikh-hating muslims (like some of the muslim police officers)???
  7. there is absolutely no excuse for a sikh to eat cow, not even an en excuse to be anti-hindu like some american sikhs. If only they read Ugardanti bani or knew about Guru Hargobind's jeevan against cow killers But still the worst is McDonald's in Panjab and possibly Subway being kuttha! I mean, why do SGPC allow them to have a vegeterian Mcdonald's on Harimandir Sahib Heritage Street if the other Punjab+India Mcdonald's is kurahitee!??
  8. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh, benti to mods, can my topic thread be approved?
  9. when I first saw the photo they just looked like typical indians, until I saw them using names like they are amrit-dharis. It's so unfortunate that many sikhs use Singh and Kaur as their main names and yet aren't even tyaar bar tyaar to be protected from such a situation, especially in a country which allows guns! Regardless, this is so sad what happened and especially the baby.
  10. what's happened to posts, why do they need approval now, was there some kind of hack?
  11. I think it is rehat to keep joora as mad-sees. maybe it's in rehitnama?
  12. hmm I doubt he literally meant gurmat against bhai Gurdass vaaran!... did he actually say anything objectionable in the videos?
  13. so is India and Pakistan, sooo same difference if they went there?
  14. there are so many sikhs in Canada, they are still not reducing the incidence of Kuttha such as Popeyes (I heard this from a Canada sikh online, probably on reddit or twitter) and Hortons, and even Kuttha is high in restaurants in Punjab such as Mcdonalds and possibly Subway. removing most of the polytheistic elements. some are still there such as the black stone, and Kaaba's origin is still a polytheistic Mandir.
  15. this guest is not me, I did not write this comment. and besides, I don't brag about my car at all. I am more likely to brag about the amount of RAM, storage and dual sim capacity in my non-Apple phone.
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