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  1. 1 hour ago, proudkaur21 said:

    Personally if you take away sikhi from Punjabis that is what the majority of us would most likely be like. These ideals come from Sikhi not Punjabi culture. What were Punjabis like before Sikhi and how do Punjabis act when they distance themsleves from sikhi , I don't think we have a honorbale culture like the Japanese for example.

    punjabis would have had dharmik values, or otherwise islamic values since many were muslims as well

  2. On 1/14/2022 at 12:01 AM, lostguy said:

    Sangat ji i had a good run over the last month but once again i think im just not cut out for this. Maybe there is something within me which is causing me to fail constantly or im just not worthy of this path.

    Took 2 hukamnamas over the last 3 days and both were quite upsetting to read. I feel like i have been trying and progressing but then again maybe im just not cut out for this. I will list the hukamname below if you want to see but yh. I managed to wake up amritvela for a whole month and do my 5 bania, i tried to do simran often, read extra banis, listen to kirtan, take notes on katha, but maybe recovery is too far gone. I felt like i was doing well so receiving this hukamnama is heartbreaking. Sorry.


    First hukamnama: Sorath Mahalla 9, Ang 631

    Second hukamnama: Aasaa Bhagat Kabir Ji, Ang 479

    I have always been poor at amrit vela, and my nitnem got disrupted when I started working and doing Masters. Few years ago, I was driving to work and listening to bhangra while doing a tiring commute. I thought to myself, bhangra music is just tiring me, why don't I listen to nitnem because I don't get time to do it anymore because of work!? So that is when I started listening to nitnem on commutes for different jobs like driving or travelling on train or bus, and usually reading paat on weekends. 

    So nowadays I often listen to nitnem on playlist saved on my phone, how much nitnem I listen to depends on when I woke up and how busy my workshift is. I have been working remote since lockdown so this is much easier for me. If I can, I sometimes read japji Sahib and maybe Jaap Sahib, or maybe more, depends on the day or how tired I am. Occasionally listen to Asa Di Vaar. But without fail listen to at least some of my nitnem playlist.  Usually evenings I listen to Sodar Rehras and Aarti and keertan from Hajoor Sahib from Youtube, although I have playlists setup if I don't have much time.  One day I hope to be able to wake up and go listen to amrit vela nitnem in gurdwara sahib, although in the pend have been able to listen to this on village speaker.


    Stay in Chardi kala, nitnem is regularly possible with techonology, and if you miss amrit vela make sure to still do your nitnem later. And still, if you wake up late, you must still do Japji Sahib and Jaap Sahib. If you aren't going to read paat then use technology to listen without fail.

    Chardi Kala!!

  3. I thin keshdhari families need to have loads of children. Due to events like 1947, 1984 and continuing killings of Singhs, we cannot have small numbers. Look at the dharmi fauji families, or families where sons were killed during encounters and 1984. Many of these families just have the old men alive without any further generations. This is what small numbers do. Look at Bhai Mani Singh ji, he had Uncles who were martyred for Guru Hargobind ji wars, and Bhai Mani Singh had 2 wives and many children. We know how he was sacrificed and some of his sons have given shaheedi as well.

    Instead of wasting timing dating and making girlfriends, keshdharis, and especially proper kshatriya rehitee Singhs like Nihang Singhs, should have multiple wives and many children. This will ensure survival as well as cancelling out a lot of the many mona punjabi families who are just behaving disgracefully these days and bringing everyone down. Allow these dating Singhs that say "I am just getting to know her", lol they aren't bringing bhujangis into the panth.


    We need a kshatriya mentality where we have numbers to protect our community. Singh families with numbers will also influence mona families. Small keshdhari families are also at risk of negative influence if they have many mona relatives, unless of course they have access to good sangat!

  4. things have been bad since covid lockdowns. I have been observing university sikh societies which used to bring this information such as grooming to young sikhs. Some of the West London sikh societies have either closed down or are inactive, or barely active. Even the Oxford university sikh society seems to have closed down or become inactive. Universities had good reach for people who don't bother attending gurdwara.


    Places like Southall have many gurdwaras and I know the migrants usually attend the gurdwaras, especially on Sundays. So it's important the gurdwaras do these talks regularly!


    I feel many of these migrants with the hedgehog haircuts, or the Pakistani look, aren't going to be good with protecting their daughters, especially the ones who have the wives who are too busy doing fashion and makeup and adopting questionable clothes when they come uk, sometimes so much that they don't have time to tie their sons' jooras so just end up giving them haircuts!

  5. 2 hours ago, jkvlondon said:

    They are all gursikh piare  there is no difference they are brothers and sisters together  the divisions are illusionary created by our dushman to keep us from being ik joot as a khalsa family. Don't play the mindgames they would like us to play , rise above and recognise your blood

    yes, the divisions are definitely created by our dushman. Once we lost our raaj, the divisions were created in the form of jathas and committees. and came out to play and confuse the panth!

  6. 15 hours ago, ssinghuk said:

    It will do us better if we take a more positive attitude rather than picking negatives.

    Its the first time I've seen something like this. I think its great! It shows unity between different groups of the Sikh panth. Many Mahapurkhs have said that squabbling on a jatha level is frowned upon "up there" and this work looks to fix this.

    Yes, there are many other great GurSikhs Mahapurkh that have been left out. However, the GurSikhs included in the work are dependent on the sharda of the individual/family who has commissioned the work.

    If possible, can we name all of the GurSikhs included in the work?

    The obvious two are Sant Jarnail Singh Jee Bindrawale and Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh.

    I think Bhai Rama Singh is in the panj pyarey behind Maharaj.

    I really feel most of the "gur"sikhs in this pic come from a certain jatha, although there are a few other Singhs such as mahapurakh like baba Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale, I don't really see much panthic unity from this pic. That is just my viewpoint unfortunately...


    I supposed the right hand side represents shaheed Singhs from the last century, and I am unsure about the Singhs near Guru Granth Sahib maharaj.


    And I am very excited to see Tanti Saaj as a regular representation in Harimandir Sahib as was the case in puraatan times and pictures, as opposed to the archaic Harmonium.

  7. On 7/13/2022 at 2:44 AM, Singh375 said:

    Saw this incredible artwork by jamiecooperartist 

    Just WOW! ??



    Does this family like Nihang Singhs, looks like they were excluded from this Harimandir Sahib pic for more favoured personailities!

    On 7/13/2022 at 2:46 AM, Singh375 said:

    A closer look…



    Hopefully harmonium in harimandir Sahib pictures will be rare, it's good to see that pictures were created centuries back to represent proper sikh instruments and well done to Akal Takht jathedaar to start the process for kicking harmonium out from Harimandir Sahib. Good riddance to the colonial era of harmonium at Harimandir Sahib, a very bad representation the panth has made compared to how Guru Arjan Dev ji and sangat greatly promoted Tanti Saaj keertan in Harimandir Sahib.

  8. 21 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

    I think there are hordes of keshdhari Sikhs who are complete, docile sell-outs too. I wouldn't belittle the life experiences of those old schoolers here, especially if they raised a son like Paul myself personally. Someone who is not only hilarious and witty but conscious too. 

    You might want to watch or rewatch this: 


    will try to watch it later. But it's crazy to see people won' cut it for muslims but will vut their hair for whiteman gora recognition. We shouldn't be wanting anyone's recognition beside Guru. As soon as persons put someone else between Guru and themselves, then they fall down!

  9. 4 minutes ago, dallysingh101 said:

    I don't get what you are saying. His dad was a keshdhari Sikh when he first come here. Dealt with race attacks, and Paul probably has more to highlight racism than any other Sikh here.  That's not someone I would call a sell-out. 

    I didn't know his dad was keshdhari. But I remember from the photos it showed sikhs being forcefully haircut and being forced into islam in Rawalpindi. Those sikhs saw kesh as their strength and commitment to Guru sahib so either died fighting or were beaten into cutting them. When someone from those families that left Pakistan cuts their hair, especially in cases like Rawalpindi and other genocide areas, it spits on their memories and sacrifices, in a way making them worse as cowards and wimps that cut their hair due to sheep mentality as opposed to being tough and strong until forced by violent extremism. It also ESPECIALLY makes it worse as these were families who escaped anti-sikh genocide relatively recently as opposed to those who have to look at shaheedi such as chotta and wadda ghallughara as examples in the past.

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