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  1. Here is a shocking video of baba ranjit singh ji dhadrian wale contents of the video showing people bowing down worshiping him giving him money thinking he's some type of spiritual guru
  2. Garcha4thewin

    Is this acceptable ?

  3. Garcha4thewin

    Shepherds Bush Gurdwara - this is not right!!

    what a fool the committee always takes a blind eye to this
  4. Garcha4thewin

    Is this acceptable ?

    Highly disrespectful
  5. Garcha4thewin

    Is this acceptable ?

    "Our man Baba Deep Singh was seventy-five years old at this time, but he hadn't lost a step -- the only thing his excessively old age did for him was give him a totally awesome beard. As soon as he heard that the Golden Temple had been profaned and destroyed, he pulled his old, beat-up, thirty-pound Khanda sword off the wall and started walking towards Amritsar. Along the way, he stopped in at every village he came across, recruiting a huge mob of pitchfork and torch-bearing warriors ready to go Dr. Frankenstein on those Mughal bastards who fucked up their holy monument. These dudes set out to avenge their temple Bruce Lee-style, and nothing was going to stop them."

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