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  1. Thank you, it's great!! The problem is, wherever I go to find Ardaas there's always different variations and I just don't know which one's supposed to be the correct one. At the moment, I'm using the one from RajKaregaKhalsa website with different colours, I've stopped using my red velvet Nitnem book for Ardaas.
  2. Wow... I have no words, this is very philosophical I like your thought process. I will definitely think about this daily, when I was younger I had darshan of Guru Gobind Singh Ji in my dream. I had a bad dream and all I remember was I prayed and we were in the sky at lightning speed with different colours and I woke up in a flash. I would love to have darshan of Guru Nanak I pray to him a lot.
  3. Hi I'm back after a long time, I wanna know so when I'm doing my Ardaas is there a part where I speak to God for my wishes and to explain the purpose of this Ardaas. Please, someone, help me and write the line in English Punjabi, Thank you.
  4. Haha of course, I’m doing this for my yaadshakti I’m going to continue studying with Gods grace and thank you.
  5. I will keep you guys updated on this paath. One thing I can say is, that my focus is still bad I've got other things on mind that stress me out and I keep on getting up and going back and forth instead of focusing on studies.
  6. I've been to the Baba Vadhbag Singh Ji Gurdwara in Coventry... loads of weird happenings in the darbar hall I can say. But not many people visit that one as there's another Gurdwara adjacent to it. I normally visit the Ramgharia Gurdwara whenever I'd visit my cousins. In India, my relatives do the same thing for a baby boy, they go to the Dera and do the hair cutting ceremony (which I have no idea about). I can agree there's more of a chance of getting possessed there than actually helping the possessed as it's so dangerous and everything's scattered everywhere. So many people are against this but it's a matter of life and death for some. There's a similar temple Hindus go to it's a Hanuman temple and it accumulates a lot of negative energy due to loads of people visiting to get rid of there spiritual possessions, I'm very interested in this stuff as its mysterious yet interesting within limits Those strings attached have Shabri mantars (like Hindu ones) so there very dangerous as they backfire but they get the work done very fast in Kaljug and have no lock on shakti. Baba Vadhbag formulated many Shabri prayers (very long prayers I may even have one lying in my house) as well as Guru Goraknath, Baba Balaknath and all the other nath panth... even including my village Guru (again I don't know details on how he can be my Guru) lol. But you won't find these mantars on the internet anywhere they're rare to find.
  7. There are obviously stories behind them, to be honest, I learnt most of my stuff in religious studies classes and not really from my parents who are Sikh.
  8. Oh ok, that's fine I guess, but just remember that everyone's different, there are God knows how many Sikhs in this world and I'm only 18 at the moment so I've got a long way to go (to even think about that kind of stuff frankly)...
  9. First of all, those are not my own words. Second of all, it's for educational purposes ''for people interested''. No more and no less, and this was not related to marriage it's an interesting story especially because today is Gurpurab and my thoughts are on Guru Nanak. There's no part of me ''putting words into Guru Ji's mouth'' how rude of you?!
  10. Hi Sangat, I came across this and found it very interesting if anyone’s interested below:
  11. Oh thank you, that's such a weird term but yes these things happen way too often
  12. I meant when 2 LGBT people get married undercover as man-woman for the happiness of there family and in-laws. What you are implying is a sham marriage. By the way sorry, what does ''beards to hide truth of gay man'' mean? @Not2Cool2ArgueI think this answers it maybe
  13. I'm so sorry I made you angry, I mean even I was confused about this theoretically I totally believe the energy is Waheguru himself but I wouldn't eliminate other energies such as gossip, jealousy, backchat energies that are in the Gurdwara forgive me and I wholeheartedly believe this story because it happened within my own family
  14. ^^I should rephrase that to Punjabi tantar mantar as opposed to Sikh tantar mantar sorry
  15. Honestly, I didn't know that could happen. I thought the energies would vanish in the premises of the Gurdwara (sorry if that's offensive to anyone). That's why I've been told to never take food from anyone because they can mix urine, period blood, ashes and even spit into it and what not and put some spell. It's crazy how this stuff happens but I'll never know the mechanisms around them. I think most of the black magic stuff is either Hindu or Muslim tantar mantar. I'm so grateful it's limited in Sikhism not saying it's not there.. but you certainly won't find the stuff online you'd have to go elsewhere in Punjab.
  16. Hi, I've personally had black magic effect me and my family as well as quite a few of my cousins. Me and my family: We had a muslim tantar black magic dug into our tree outside of our house. There's a Sikh Gianni from Kenya whom I know for a fact has some ridh sidh nau nidh type energies with him as he's predicted deaths, illnesses and all that jazz. He used a coconut with nothing inside it, did Ardas quite a few times actually, placed the coconut in the garden then brang it inside and opened it. Me and my family were in a circle and all shocked... I was only 14 when this happened I believe. It had weird looking coins (kind of like 1p look-a-likes) along with all types of daal, multi-coloured threads, Urdu writings. We disposed of it in a river and was told not to look back coming home. The thing that shocked us to our core was we were told a Singh actually placed the magic before we moved into the house along with a Muslim lady in a burka so he couldn't identify her in his mind... I didn't sleep for a week. In terms of bad effects, my dad was a hardcore druggie/alcoholic, he committed adultery against my mum and my mum had a miscarriage before me (I nearly died in the womb too, thank God I'm alive). I used to see this weird hood like black figure in my mum's room (parents did not sleep together) but it went away after Baba cleared the house of the dull energies so grateful. I also would see white ghosts (kind of like Ghostbusters not a lie at all) fly around my room at night. I was also very undereducated and lost 99% of my focus and was essentially in my own world half of the time. My dad also once kicked a piece of raw meat he found on the road, this was back in the day and it's caused a lot of chaos (don't know the details have never asked him and never will). I actually see loads of pieces of meat myself nowadays whenever I go to an asian dominated area. Cousin 1: This takes place in the Gurdwara.. yes you heard me right! My cousins had lost their shoes in the Gurdwara (presuming they got stolen) so they wore somebody's flipflops (a Southall Gurdwara). So when Baba broke the coconut (at there house) open blood oozed out and he saw that somebody put black magic on those slippers and placed them in the Gurdwara so they would never find husbands and never find success. They're both in there 40's now but ones married. Cousin 2: This one's a little more intense and I know most won't believe me, even I don't believe this one because I didn't witness it. So the Baba instead of using a coconut used a red cloth and placed some stuff in, did his paath and when he opened it steamy black fumes were coming out, words were coming out, weird objects never seen in the house came out and other stuff (wish I knew it fully). Cousin 3: One of my cousins actually lives in a wealthy area so it's not normal for people to visit these kinds of places. So a lady came to the house with a buggy.. presuming she was holding a baby but in fact, they were some black magic articles who knew? At her front door the lady spilled red kumkum sindoor (presuming its energised with bad energies), and had some kind of solution in a pasta jar type thing and poured it all over the cars and left some other weird stuff like a lemon with chillies (I thought that was supposed to clear away the bad energies, oh well). They saw it on CCTV and came to know it was actually her maid who used to do shifts at her house but she stopped for some reason before this. The moral of the story is that if it personally happens to you that's the only time you'll fully believe in these kinds of left-hand energies. And the scenario will always be different so please don't judge because some have been through so much mental trauma it's ridiculous, but don't fear these energies, God knows without my mums daily input in her paath where we would be, I don't even think I would have survived with the way my dad was but that's a story for another day. I'm in such a happy place now and my dad's my best friend.
  17. 1st paragraph: Yes I totally agree with the lust stuff and especially with social media being on the rise it's hard to not portray and conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner (meaning we're becoming vain as the days go by). Wouldn't you say it's the Gurdwara committee members/Giannis fault who are helping conduct the marriage? The couple simply would be going there to get married so on and so forth. 2nd paragraph: Looking into the whole sex education thing, I remember in primary school we were shown an animated video on intercourse and some of the kids after that came across some inappropriate animated videos which I'm guessing some of you might have an idea of that. And yes, it was in that time frame where everyone started to explore stuff if they had the access. I thought you meant that being LGBT was filth in the first place?! I actually had a secondary sex education as well where they actually brought stuff in to demonstrate what goes on, but I didn't have my own laptop or phone to actually explore more so I guess I'm so lucky in terms of that. Trust me when I say this, in 20 years time the focus won't even be on Gay people only God knows what other orientations there are in any shape or form (even being Gay I'm saying this!!!). No offence taken lol, I try to stay humble when it comes to topics like this because it's one of those things you'd only understand if you were actually LGBT, so some opinions don't phase me but religion is important to me. If someone offends me, I tell them ''If God is inside everyone, then why should you stretch that extra mile in hurting someone'' (in other words you hurt a part of God, very philosophical if I say so myself ). Then again I'm only 18 so I've got loads more to learn and I'm willing to learn with a positive mind frame!! Apart from marriages in a Gurdwara, I don't believe in marriages in convenience, forced marriages, honour killings against LGBT people, bashings, beatings of any nature in the name of izzat etc.
  18. Thank you, one of my aunties used to tell me in Punjabi 'learn Punjabi so that you can communicate with Guru Nanak' I think in that context she meant Waheguru, but it's good you cleared that up for me
  19. Hi, thank you Dally it means a lot. It's an iPhone app called 'Sankat Mochan' with an orange icon. I also have the paaths in book form that my grandma used to keep alongside her malas.
  20. By the way, I forgot to mention, there's this great website to learn about LGBT Sikhs the website is: fateh.info hope it helps anyone.
  21. Hi, I like your opinion on the fact that it's the connection between you and Waheguru and that an orientation does not depend on the likelihood of that relationship. When you talk about people bending maryada, do you mean Gursikh LGBT people? I'm sorry I'm just a bit confused about that. And, what made you think that education on Gay rights takes the innocence out of children, I genuinely would love to know why just to understand. In my opinion, it would broaden the child's knowledge of the types of people in this world against any bias. It's also to create a safe space for let's say an LGBT child so that they know they feel welcomed because it's not necessarily an easy thing to deal with by yourself. However, If parents do get upset about this there should be a letter to ask for permission for this kind of education (personal preference), I just think it'd confuse the child even more frankly speaking lol. I know for a fact I'd loved to learn about things like this, as I grew up homophobic until I actually realised I was Gay, that was a big game changer for me
  22. Hi happy Gurpurab, I logged into this especially to see if I had any replies for my thread but not as of now. I really want to know soon about how to do it, so I can do it every day. Thank you.
  23. Hi, I totally agree with that likewise, everyone has different patterns of thinking. I don’t think I’ll ever think to get married at a Gurdwara, it’s insulting. What I do have a problem is, if someone stops an LGBT person from entering a Gurdwara for prayer (suppose it happens). I’m quite strong when it comes to my relationship with Waheguru and I feel like I have moderate lust. But I notice some people I’ve met whom say Gay people are hyper sexual, my opinion to that is they’re in denial of there sexuality and need professional help. This is so interesting, because I’d never have thought this Sikh forum would touch such a topic
  24. As a Gay person myself, I would follow the point of a marriage being between a man-woman in a Gurdwara and fully respect that in context. In terms of LGBT people being lustful/sinful, it all depends on your own thoughts on the situation. For example, say if you met me and you came to know I was Gay from my own words, then If you think I'm sinful then all you'll see me is being a sinful individual. At the end of the day for me personally, it's limited to an orientation rather than a lifestyle because it's part of my own build-up and I don't need to push it onto anyone because it's a personal matter that I should only reflect on myself. When it comes to situations about it being in a Gurdwara then I can agree it becomes an issue. I would love to answer any questions and I'm sorry for offending anyone on here as I've noticed some people simply despise it.
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