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    So I uploaded a topic similar to this but I am still confused. So let’s get to the point, people say looking at videos of attractive females is lust because your not thinking about Naam and that your forgot my Naam. But aren’t we forgetting Naam when we take a school test or when we watch a movie. Because technically we are really focused on the test in school or the movie we are watching, so isn’t that technically lust too? When you take a test in school , the test take all your awareness towards it. Even when you watch a movie, the movie takes all your awareness too but people don’t consider both of these things lust, but they consider watching attractive females videos lust. Watching attractive females and watching a movie both do the same thing, they take your awareness away. So aren’t they both lust. Is watching videos of attractive females in moderation lust? Is masturbating in moderation lust? Because they are no different awareness wise than watching a movie or taking a test . No disrespect, I’m just confused.
  2. But don’t you forget Naam while taking a test in school or watching a movie because both those things draw full attention. No disrespect just curious
  3. So as a teenager, hormones are in full effect. And I’m not going to act like there aren’t beautiful girls around the world I feel attracted to. I am confused on masturbation, is it fine to do in Sikhism? I know that the main problem everyone has with masturbation is Lust. And from seeing different opinions from people, I am confused. Lust is the bad part because it makes you forget Naam. But doesn’t watching YouTube or a movie make you technically forget Naam too? The first thing I do in the morning is to pray to God and talk with God. Everyday I feel like I remember God and Naam. So I am confused on what is bad about masturbation done moderately. If forgetting Naam is a reason, don’t I do the same thing when watching tv or playing a sport or when I’m in school? Say this, If I daily pray and talk with God and remember God, is it bad for me to masturbate moderately to attractive girls in Sikhism? Because I feel like I remember God everyday. People say The bad part of Lust is forgetting Naam but I am confused, aren’t I technically forgetting Naam while doing things that take my full attention for example like school, sports, movies. Can I balance my sexual life and my religious within Sikhism? I mean no disrespect, just curious.
  4. I am a 15 year old boy with hormones kickin. Heres the thing that is stopping me from doing what you said. I searched this topic on other websites and they say that masturbation should be avoided since it “indulges lust.” And they say it is kaam and kaam is a sin. But i think that doing it to release those sexual feelings is ok, but i don't do it. I like masturbating because it gives me pleasure but everyone says its wrong for Sikhs to do. Since everyone says its wrong i stopped doing it, but i still want to do it. Is masturbation right or wrong for Sikhs to do? Also i feel like its hard to control sexual urges since that energy is trapped in you because I can’t release it because I can’t masturbate. Are males that aren't married allowed to look at other women in a attractive way, in a hot way?
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