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  1. You’re speaking as if God has suddenly disappeared. He hasn’t. You’ve become distracted. He’s given you everything you need. In life you need to create a balance. Best of both worlds. It cannot all go one way in the way you want it.
  2. We are all children of the same Lord no matter what colour, land or religion we profess to live by.
  3. There you go the lack of replies speaks volumes. If and only if, there is truth in this will I believe it. I’m taken aback as much as you’re. I’m troubled. I’m worried and shocked how this has past so many people without someone batting an iota of contempt. I understand people through fear and intimidation won’t come forward but we need truth.
  4. SSA ji Throughout the pandemic Gurinder Singh Dhillion has streamed his weekly Q & A answers on YouTube; available for everyone to view. Me? Quite an eye opener. Is he appealing more to the Sikh rhetoric? Talks a lot about karma. opnions, judgements, good & bad welcomed What do u think?
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