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  1. Look at the hate in this one lol. And still some cowards in the community refuse to believe there is a legit problem. Look at the one at 3.03 for instance. Imagine whites going round saying stuff like this, you would be up in arms, but no, because they are black, it's ok. Jokers. This is literally one of thousands of examples, I am not kidding you.
  2. Look at the comments in the above video, this is not such a 'small' matter as some people here and everywhere are trying their best to portray it as.
  3. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/richard-jonathan-edwin-court-appearance-1.6418890 2 Innocent Indian students shot dead in a 'random attack' by a black man.
  4. Sorry bro, no offense to your Nani. It was mainly the only marrying your own brown Sikhs part that didn't sit right with me but I hear where she is coming from and agree with the rest of what your Nani said. Rest of it was about your other posts, which make no sense whatsoever.
  5. The only one confusing here is you bro. Most people are baffled by your posts. I admitted my mistake in who I quoted but for anyone who is not going to get emotionally triggered by it, my points still hold true.
  6. Sounds like you jumped off your own boat a long time ago bro, from this post and many if not all of your others?
  7. Can you send me some links to something credible which refutes what Sowell says? I'm interested to know.
  8. I'm gonna research Sowell more but point taken.
  9. I'm saying this is what's causing racism to rise in their community. It's going unchecked because of this. I'm not saying people here on the forum are saying that. That rhetoric is well known and recognised. It even culminated in them trying to change the definition of racism itself! It's mad.
  10. What, for pointing out the racism we are getting from 'sane' members of this community? Not a couple of crackheads with generational trauma? I mean you are saying you are not excusing any attacks but sometimes your responses aren't the most helpful either.
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