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    Gatka,Gurmat Parchar, Kirtan, and my greatest intrest the fire in me for the enemy of khalsa panth
  1. one who mock as fauja singh http://rajeevnigam.com/main.html rajeev@rajeevnigam.com 9867629494 this is contact details of Sumit raghvan host of this show http://sumeetraghvan.com/contact.html
  2. thank you so much for that link

    i look forward to the day when I can finally have darshan of this amazing mahapurkh

  3. new pics and video of mahapurakh sant Ajit Singh Ji Hansali Wale @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sant-Ajit-Singh-Ji-Hansali-wale/159602774060706
  4. Watch amrit di shakti, will fill you with love and bairaag waheguruuuuuuuuuuu http://www.gurupdesh.net/2010/10/amrit-di-shakti.html akaal Sahaye
  5. Waheguru i dont have words .. just tears in eyes watching this video and really i want to kill culprits
  6. Sarna did it as per order of Congress, H.S. Phoolka is very nice person, he helped the victims , he even got threats and offers too but he was a real sikh fighting for his own sikh brothers , Even some time sardar phoolka financially helped the victims and singh accused in fake cases and obviously congress dont want that , so congress agent Sarna played his trick . Delhi Sangat Wake up . kick him out of DSGMC .. If u really want justice support Sardar Phoolka .. Akaal Sahaye
  7. nothing against panthic.org but yea Ratinder singh is misguiding panth and even panthic.org, coz its a family dispute bout property. with his chacha, but he misguide eve one by saying its a RSS attack, but its not coz Tarwinder want his share of property back and ratinder singh is not doin so .
  8. Story behind the attack of Senior panthic editor is fake . according to ratinder singh indore ( senior panthic editor ) tarwinder alias satta is a RSS ruffian but actully, tarwinder is real chacha (uncle) of ratinder singh indore . Ratinder singh create it a panthic issue but actully its a property dispute between ratinder singh indore and tarwinder . Ratinder singh want to gain sympathy of panth and misguiding the panth by creating it a panthic issue . Ratinder singh ji, its your Family matter sort it yourself dont misguide khalsa panth and singhs ..
  9. Singho i was there that day when all this happnd but unfortunately . i forgot ma cam at home do u have video of what happen in lakhi shah hall .. plz if you have post it and let sadh sangat knw bout reality of sarna ...
  10. World Sikh Convention vich proud khalsa de sevadar S. Avtar singh taari nu sarna de bandeya ne Parmjeet sarna de kehan te farr ke room ch band karkey kutya ..coz proud khalsa ne lakhi shah wanjara hal di beadbi case expose kita and ajj convention ch is case de khilaf awaaz chuki i m feeling like appa gulaam ho gaye aa ... ehna political parties de .. je koi singh sikhi de layi karaj karda aa... manmat and pakhand khilaaf awaz chukda aa fer ehh haaram de political leader uhna di awaaz nu dabb dinde aa ... sarne nu lagda aa ki uhne sikh panth nu khareed leya ... singho come fwd and rise your voice against this shameful act of Paramjeet sarna and help singhs of proud khalsa .. coz they face all this for our panth they face all this coz they love khalsa panth .. now its our turn lets show sarna ki uss di aukaat ki aaa ...., i jus want to kill sarna
  11. some of Litrature of this press are against sikhi, i think thats why sarna dont want any gursikh to be in this press .. so that no one come to knw whats goin on there .. even entry of common sangat is banned in this press .. now its time to teach sarna respect of guru ji
  12. check exclusive pictures & videos of clash between Sangat & anti panthic DSGMC at mukharjee nagar Gurudwara Singh Sabha . . where Prof harminder Singh (member DSGMC) organized prog. of former sikh prof Darshan . Watch full video and pictures of clash at www.proudkhalsa.com
  13. waheguru... What the hell ... realy waheguru ji , i think its a time to kick out masand now..... need GURUDWARA SUDHAR LEHAR ... Singho Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib orderd to excomunicate Ragi Darshan but this sarna is now challanging Akal takhat Sahib's hukum ... dont u think we should also file a legal case against sarna on this issue coz m sure if Akal Takhat Sahib Ji will declare him Tankhaiyaa ... he will again challange it .
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