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  1. :D @ whats a bunga???...and how you tie it .....btw i luv the way anjaan bhenji ties her dastarr or dumalaa......sorry i dnt know the difference between dasstaar and dumalla :D ?....exactly
  2. one of the lady in that documentary goes that " islam says men and women are EUQALLL???....something new that ive heard? :D
  3. ...so in other words people who are left handed should start training their right hands?
  4. sorry bhaiji/ bhennji if my post did upset you in any way...yh proberly the word "ritual is too strong"....
  5. sorry but its easier for a person whos right handed to say that kirpan should be worn from right shoulder to bottom left.....but i think its more of a ritual to say that kirpan should only be wore on the right side....cuz to be honest it wil not be practial for a left handed to wear it on their right side as the will bot be able to use it properly ( as someone said before)... and the whole aim of wearing sri ssahib is so that it could be used on such times...therfore if being practical, you will wear it on the side that you think it will be helpfull??... and truee.....every memeber of this ar
  6. wel....i think if you ARE going to take amrit soon and are preparing yourself then yh go for it! as bhenji/ bhaiji said above that kachera kanga kara kesh/keski could be worn as practice then i think sri sahib could be worn as part of that practise aswell ( before taking amrit)....just my opinion :wub:
  7. That is not a righteous way to do simran I could see blasting some keertan about Sikh sacrifice but we dont want to stoop to their level. They are trying to make Sikhs get out of their real character by insults. Just dont do anything against what the Gurus have taught. Protest is one thing. Violence/vandalism/looting is not in the teachings of Sikhi but only radicalist hindus, christians and muslims do that anyway. i never said they should resort to violence pritam singh i still think doing simran and keertan outside is the best way to go if talks with committe have failed thats it. yep i a
  8. but yh what about if some1 left handed and dey would prefer it on the other siede??..is it that wrong??
  9. OMG thats mad!!! but guess what........................IVE WORKED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! basically lets have sum examples 1st: 24.....2+4=6......24-6= 18 12.....1+2= 3.......12-3= 9 56.....5+6=11......56-11=45 now then.....whats the simalarity between the end number???.....they all go into 9...such as "18" is a multiple of 9...so is "9" itslef and "45".....and now if you look at the map which shows all the symbols....every number that goes into 9 is the same symbol....and as the game is planned out the last number will be a multiple of 9..... ...also if you keep the same number agai
  10. oohhh kk...sorry i misunderstood....thnks! vaheguruji ka khalsa vaheguruji ki fateh
  11. thank you veerji...so does that mean we're only allowed to carry 3 inchs kirpan...lol i dont exactly know how big that is but sounds pretty small :wub:
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