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  1. Ok, this has been really annoying me for a while now. It has been going on for quite while and yet as far as i am aware no one has batted an eyelid. Not just non Amritdharis are guilty of this but so are countless of Amritdharis and Gursikhs. So far this year I have received 6 wedding and Akhand Paath cards and in each and every one of them there is a tuk from bani! Two of these cards I have received from Amritdhari families. I think putting bani in these cards is extremely disrespectful! The cards if posted get thrown all over the place and are held by someone who may have just had a bacon sandwich or cigarette a few mins ago. If they are hand delivered then most are left all over the place. And once the wedding/ Akhand Paath passes how many get thrown straight into the bin? We wouldn't treat an ang from Guru Granth Sahib Ji or from the gutka in this manner so why is it acceptable for a card that contains a line of bani. In fact what is the need to contain bani in the card in the first place? Stick what ever else you want on there but LEAVE THE BANI OUT!!!!
  2. Correction only need names for: * Ghuggha (not gugga) so a name beginning with Gh in English, already have names for G * Tainka * Thutha * Lulla
  3. Bumping up to see if anyone else can help!
  4. I've been on both of those websites suggested and to be honest I'm not fond of any of the names suggested. Also both websites are going by the english letters and not the Gurmukhi...i.e they have grouped Tainka, Thutha and Tatha all under the letter T. If you check the names they are all those beginning with Tatha and not the other Gurmukhi letters. Not sure if any of that made sense!
  5. Fateh Ji I am asking this prematurely as the baby has not arrived yet, (still have a couple of months to go) but I am compiling a list of baby names for each each letter. So that when we do the Janam Sanskar we already have names we like for whatever letter Guru Ji chooses for us. So far we have names for every letter except for: Ghuggha (not gugga) so a name beginning with Gh in English, already have names for G Tainka Thutha Puppa Yaiya Rara Lulla Please note the above are the Gurmukhi letters so need names beginning with those letters. The sort of names we are interested are the unusual names, the names you don't hear much now. For example other names we have on the list are Mahtab Singh, Ajaib Singh etc...so not your everyday sort of names. If you know the meanings of the names you are posting that would be even more helpful. All suggestions will be considered...thank you all! Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  6. Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan Birmingham - click here
  7. Yeah they are cutting a little too fine! They need to time to promote the event too otherwise not many people will attend.
  8. Gurfateh Ji I can't seem to find any information about this year's rally. Can anyone in the know please share the date on which this happening this year? Thank you very much
  9. Oh great! So not the most ideal time to organise a wedding then? Oh well...can't be helped now! Does anyone know where i can get fresh flowers from in Punjab? As in a florist...(do they have them in Punjab)?
  10. Can anyone recommend anywhere where I can get nice egg less wedding cake from in Punjab?
  11. Would you know roughly how hot? In terms of degC?
  12. Fateh ji I've got a wedding to attend in May in Punjab but I was just wondering what the climate is like then. The wedding is taking place mid May. I've been to India in July/August when it is really hot and attended a wedding then (that was torture). And I've been to weddings in Nov/Dec when the weather is lovely. But Have never been in May so can anyone give me any insights? Fateh ji
  13. Fateh Ji I have just sponsored you. Good luck with the run. Also Please don't forget to sponsor me either. Details are below in my signature. Thank you Fateh Ji
  14. Love the name Isar - what does it mean?
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