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  1. moorakh mugadh

    R.I.P Gagandeep Singh 1989 - 2011

    guru sahib mehar karn...heartily condolence to family
  2. moorakh mugadh

    Gurbani Anywhere Iphone Edition Version 2.0

    not trying to showoff but we must donate for such kind of sewa 10 dollars from daas,i know its little link for donation---https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=6834085
  3. moorakh mugadh

    Gurbani Anywhere Iphone Edition Version 2.0

    ***SOLVED*** searched GA site downloaded latest 2.0.1 version and it solved the ang problem problem ... could u pls tell fonts problem less tan 16 ???
  4. moorakh mugadh

    Gurbani Anywhere Iphone Edition Version 2.0

    wjkk wjkf first thank you soo much bhai sahib for doing such a big sewa thanks again ...bhai sahib daas was facing this problem in the new software When I go to search by Ang option on iphone 3g, the iphone key board covers the text field of the dialog box. Now I can enter the ang number but since "ok" and "cancel" buttons of the dialog box are covered with the keyboard , I can't press OK or Cancel. Infact once at this stage there is no way to come out of app other then by pressing home button of iphone. Is anyon else facing this problem or am I doing something wrong? what should i do veerji ? one more thing the fonts are too large in 16 also is there any option to reduce it more even ? thanks
  5. moorakh mugadh

    Help With Bana Issue

    bharosa rakho veerji .....there are many many many many who they cant wear this and will not let wear others" koi na koi eyaaje gal khengeh ull think what are they telling" but just IGNORE ALL OF THEM...ur veechar is soo good lowest of low bassss keep this in ur heart.. guru ram das reham karn never ever stop veerjio .... nitnem ,abyaas teh maharj kirpan karn,fatteey chako fer :D GOOD LUCK
  6. moorakh mugadh

    Bana/Kirpan Question

    wjkk wjkf pehley ta bohat bohat vadaae for wearing bana all the time guru sahib birdh banney de laaj rakhn ... in home we can wear a "FATWI" its a type of thin cloth like a shirt 6 inch above our goda,with nihangaan wala kachera..that outfit all nihang singh wear usually at home sarbat da bhalla
  7. moorakh mugadh

    Kamarkasa Help

    happens to all,try duty belts they never loose
  8. moorakh mugadh

    Dhann Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee

    dhan guru tegh bahadur sahib dhan mati das ji dhan sati das ji dhan bhai dyalaa ji dhan sikhi
  9. wjkk wjkf sangatji can anyone pls help me finding Salok Mahala 9 sung by ragi surjan singh ji..thanks in advance
  10. moorakh mugadh

    Mandir Parshad

    i agree with vsingh ji we should respect other religion
  11. moorakh mugadh

    Amrit Di Shakti

    bohat vadeaaa malang ji title should be ARDAS TEH AMRIT DE SHAKTI
  12. moorakh mugadh

    Very Intersting Kath By Panthpreet Singh

    wjkk wjkf 2 days katha has been uploaded in that same channel in youtube,1 day more i might have ill upload it in couple of days veer ....
  13. moorakh mugadh

    Very Intersting Kath By Panthpreet Singh

    wjkk wjkf veerji its been recorded and then uploaded
  14. altogether there are 3 files do listen all of them

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