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  1. Sangat Ji, I am providing a small donation to Everything's 13 and the great thing is my work place (Salesforce) will match my monthly donation so essentially the donation becomes doubled. Salesforce need to verify the status of Everything's 13 charitable status as well as contact a member of the charity to set up the donation process/verify bank details. I have contacted Everything's 13 as per there website contact details but have received no reply to e-mail and the phone number seems dead. Can anyone confirm a person that can be contacted at the charity so that I can provide t
  2. Raaj Karega Khalsa! 300 years ago, against all odds, the first Khalsa Raaj was established under the leadership of Baba Banda Singh Bahadhur Ji with the blessing given by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Join us in paying respect to the countless Khalsa Warriors and commemorate this occasion with a special programme taking place at: Guru Arjun Dev Ji Gurdwara, Derby 30th May 2010 from 2pm till 11pm Visit www.emcg.co.uk for more information! :rolleyes: See you at the event! :rolleyes: [/center]
  3. i dont have a xbox or a ps3....the last console i had was a sega dreamcast! therefore is it possible for pc users to play the games mentioned along with xbox/ps3 players and dont suppose there is a crowd of singhs playing counter strike source or team fortress 2?
  4. Kirtan Darbar in Leicester organised by DMU and Leicester University. Date: Weds 21st November, from 6pm til 10pm At: Guru Nanak Gurdwara, 9 Holy Bones, Leicester, LE1 4LJ. Many kirtannies from the Midlands as well as the country will be attending for this sikh soc event, including people such as Manvir Singh. Kirtan will be accompanied by translations and katha, in English. Also, plenty of opportunity to do various types of seva, so make sure your there! For more information and contact details have a look at the poster below. ------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Fathe As with many Sikh leaders, people seem to find it easy to sit behind a computer and critique the leader, without (from my general experiences) having done a great deal themselves. Some people you will never make happy, if a leader doesn’t support Khalistan he is a traitor, if he does support Khalistan, for one reason or another which comes into existence he is also a traitor, or at least not a good leader. Also "jss" it seems fairly obvious to me that you do not have a favorable opinion of Chauhan, and therefore you are simply trying to bring him down with your "questions". Could you p
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