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  1. Nah shootings to easy ! Think we should lock them up and have this very song on constant repeat for 3 years then shoot them afterwards lol.
  2. Stupid leamington spa people ! dont have a clue !
  3. am shocked iv not seen a claims direct advert ! lol
  4. . Not that i was going to become one, but would be good to know why it would be so difficult ? When i was 19 i applied to become a Fireman was told that the equipment is not suited for a sikh and due to health and safety i wouldnt be insured. etc. So a Singh cant be a MP or Fireman, is there anything else we cant do ? p.s i would have been the best fireman ever ! lol all you need to treat burns is some cold atta !
  5. Think il become an MP, you rekon i could claim for a 25kg champion atta number 2 bag?. Would make my mums day ! Why dont we have any Sikh MP's? instead of all the Gudwara commitee stuff they need to think main stream !
  6. Not sure, do we have a sikh related aid charity ?
  7. True say, just found it strange how they have disowned her. And tried to make her out to be an undercover muslim. One of many so called conspiracy theories ! Yep the fighting arm of hindus makes me laugh !. They just dont get it ! Iv heard that phrase so many times !
  8. I saw a very similar program a few days ago. Pakistan is going through some testing times. Pakistan has still done well to warn people, alot other countries would have ignored the minorities!
  9. we have stupid people in all walks of life! But changing opinions and minds doesnt happen over night. Its starts with a few and will spread over the years. I surname is associated with the Jatt clan, that’s why i chose to disown it. I am a Singh and that’s all people need to know. There maybe Jatts out there that promote being higher but yet claim to be Sikhs. Trust me they are far from Sikhi as possible. Keep your faith strong, god see's everyone as equal. And there are a lot of True Sikhs that don’t believe in this Caste system. I dont see or believe in man made divisions. You breath the
  10. Disappointing, how we cant even get the simple things right. Think we should hand out a list of rules to people that call themselves sikhs. Caste system would be somewhere in the list. We have to blame ourselves sikhi is so diluted, you have moanay saying they are Sikh ! But yet cant even follow the basics !
  11. Hitler has to be there at the top somewhere, shame about all the sin's. But it took hell of a lot of skill to bring the world to war. Even mr Bin Laden has'nt achieved that and hes got a crew of a few 100 million !
  12. A few interesting observations, this was taken from a rightwing hindu blog page. Typical Prat ! Lets see if you spot the typical hindu mentality that got me vexed ! Indira Gandhi s Muslim Roots By: The Truth Detector In order to commence the story of Indira Priyadarshini Nehru, the so called daughter of the philandering Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (Nehr means nullah or a large drain, in Persian), let us quote from K.N. Rao's THE NEHRU DYNASTY, page 20. There he writes - "All biographies of Nehru by the dynasty-worshippers fall into a pre-conceived pattern, which is on the following
  13. Sikhs are not confined to a nation!. We have no Boarders! We have no loyalties to any Government, King or Queen ! Am Sikh before am British!
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