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  1. Navdeep Singh was guy who caught him stealing, think his friend came forward, why have the police not been involved. in the theft and attack? they seem to be doing a good job of covering it up.
  2. there was an article in pardesweekly about Himmat Sohis brother in law stealing from golak at Southall Singh Sabha, I could only see the headline. Apparently caught red handed, now there's rumours the security guard who caught him was beaten to keep him quiet? how much truth is there to any of this and why is it not being reported more if true!?
  3. time for a revolution.....get some new blood in there for next years elections, we all moan about how corrupt and egotistical these committees are, its time for change. How hard could it be to set up a third party, not like last elections that was complete BS and ploy to split votes by a desperate Sohi. mixture of young and old with no hidden agendas and politcal favours, just a straight up committee who are there to speak and answer questions from sangat with new and fresh ideas. or am i living in dream land?...
  4. Woke up to this on BBC website this morning.. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15480741 now I dont confess to know much about him but his stories of being the ONLY surviving master of a forgotten martial art seem far fetched and now his story is in mainstream media being fed to the world!!
  5. Website set up by his sister Kamaldeep Kaur, contains pictures, videos, and letters exchanged while he has been in prison. http://www.sangharshdasach.com/home.php
  6. i am really surprised by that twitter or facebook posting, could someone please put up any other information regarding his views?
  7. where you there last week when bindi lost it? you cant expect people to take sohi seriously when he has thugs like bindi and daljit trying to railroad people into doing what they want. Bhindi is not even on the committee, yet he talked to us like we were dirt speaking down to everyone there including my elderly Aunt. and i suppose you know about vandalising the cars that i assume bhindi organised the next day... the whole community cohesion stuff??, why should the people running our Gurdwara try to gain brownie points with hindu politicians who have their own agenda. yes maybe it politics
  8. lol are you guys sohis boys?.... i have spoken to both Malhi and sohi over past few weeks, and maybe they are one in the same, but when it came to sikhi and supporting and encouraging the youth Sohi seemed a very bitter old man whose line of thinking was definitely in sync with anti panthic organisations like RSS. He came out with suggestions like removing ALL shastar from around Guru Granth Sahib for health and safety reasons and it not being maryada, and a depressed person may come in and use them. Well mr sohi tell that to just about every other GUrdwara inthe world!! we were so shocked
  9. just another update: gatka classes are no longer to be held at Khalsa primary school, the committee refused unless they signed various dubious documents. They had already admitted to some of the parents that they want those sevadars out and their own teachers brought in. Today parents and committee members held a heated exchange during which some of the mothers were sworn at by phindi Sohi (Himmats son) as he left he also threatened me which was reported to the police. various other Gurdware in local area and west london have asked them to move gatka and punjabi classes to them, but we have
  10. the whole election process needs to be changed, rules bought in about how long a president can hold post for, etc etc, but this wont happen without the sangat, this isnt about i like so and so president or i like that other geezer, its about a fundamental change, giving the gurdwara to the sangat. Problem is the sangat have to care and most are blind to the politics and just vote the face they know. will take a lot of changes to peoples thinking, and it has to be done carefuly because the last thing we want is confrontation, we have had that all before in the 80's 90's with police coming int
  11. UPDATE, they are continuing to put obstacles in the punjabi/gatka schools way, they have changed the times of the sukhmani sahib paaths to coincide with saturday class, so 300 children have to squeeze into hallway on top floor, in Sunday gone they locked gates to field in khalsa school to stop the gatka classes, and have told them they need to pay £2100 for use of field for sikhi camp, this camp is meant to be free and done out of seva for 3 days end of this month, it puts this in jeopardy now. He is being very sly about this, at no point has he tried to cancel all classes out right but he ha
  12. Is there nothing that can be done about this committee?....the list of grievances are building up including harrassing the organisers of the punjabi/gatka school, they are a charity but are not serving the community here, just a big power trip for Sohi.
  13. does anyone know what time this is shown? Many thanks
  14. Thats right, he said he does not want to the classes to effect the sukhmani Sahib paaths, but sometimes there is a clash so the children go upstairs, there is a largish area for the classes, its not ideal as the class grows but its never been a problem before. Generally most people seem to have the paaths during the day, he is being very petty, he cant get his way so has to find some other obtacles for them. I have attached some pictures from the morning of the nagar kirtan, it was an amazing sight to see all these young children in their full bana, how this could upset any gursikh if anyth
  15. This is a very good point, maybe the sevadars wont bring this up themselves but we as the sangat have every right to ask if they have been checked.
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