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  1. I personally believe that you should have full sadkaar for Senchi Sahibs not short of the sadkaar for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s saroop. We have made one of our rooms into a Sachkhand in which we do the sewa of the Senchi Sahibs. There is a bed, a palki sahib, a Chandani Sahib, Chaur Sahib etc. At the end of the day I don’t think there is a specific protocol for Senchi Sahibs and everyone will do the sewa as they fill fit. I personally would not feel right if I kept Senchi Sahibs the same way I would keep Gutka Sahibs. That’s just my personal take on it.
  2. My workshops are in punjab, delhi and mumbai. And we do not employ children, in fact children can do this kind of work which is irrelevant as child labour is unethical and anti gurmat. As you are selling something so niche and focused at the sharda of sikhs, you may want to have full transparency on your ethical procedure. Particularly as the indian fine cloth industry is known for it's use of child labour.
  3. It is more than likely that the taurine in the pharmaceutical or food industry is chemically synthesized and perhaps not directly from an animal. However, I do agree that Gursikhs are better off avoiding processed foods and drinks.
  4. Great comments from Bhai Sahib's father! http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/jan/27/sukhwinder-singh-death-father-tribute Father pays tribute to son stabbed to death by thieves in east London• Sukhwinder Singh 'a good son, husband and father' The father of a man stabbed to death after tackling two muggers in east London paid tribute to his "good and brave boy" today as his son's body was flown back to India for a family funeral. Sukhwinder Singh, 31, a builder who had worked in Britain for 10 years, was killed after chasing two men who had snatched a woman's shoulder bag near a busy train s
  5. Where's the labour work carried out and does it involve children? Thanks
  6. Caterer ordered to pay £415,000 to man killed by egg allergy at Sikh wedding http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/7037520/Caterer-ordered-to-pay-415000-to-man-killed-by-egg-allergy-at-Sikh-wedding.html A caterer who supplied a dessert containing eggs at a Sikh wedding must pay £415,000 damages to the widow of a man who died from an allergic reaction, the Court of Appeal has ruled. Published: 11:55AM GMT 20 Jan 2010 Kuldip Singh Bhamra knew of his allergy but believed he was safe because the wedding banquet was held in a Sikh temple and observers of the religion do not eat eggs. The ca
  7. Vigil held for have-a-go-hero in Barking http://www.bdpost.co.uk/content/barkinganddagenham/post/news/story.aspx?brand=BDPOnline&category=news&tBrand=northlondon24&tCategory=newsbdp&itemid=WeED19%20Jan%202010%2015%3A28%3A36%3A023 Looks like alot of sangat attended. Anyone got any more pictures to share?
  8. I agree. In my view he is a Shaheed, he sacrificed his life for someone else's well-being. Perhaps we should be confident to name him Shaheed Bhai Sukhwinder Singh.
  9. On the Sikh Channel programme yesterday from Barking Gurdwara, they interviewed the Head Granthi who was saying that Bhai Sahib was stabbed twice in the back and one in the heart!! As per the ITN news this morning 3 local youths have been arrested and the Met Police now believe more than 2 youths were involved in the stabbing of Bhai Sukhwinder Singh.
  10. I agree, the more we can move away from this victim mentality the stronger we will become. Once upon a time Sikhs celebrated the death of the brave Soorma, today we have become accustomed to a bit of a victim mentality. I suppose today we see very little gallant behaviour in Sikhs so when it does happens, it is almost alien to us. What needs to be done now is as a community we need to show full support for our brave Veer's family.
  11. URGENT. I have just been approached by a colleague at work who wants to send some money to Bhai Sukhwinder Singh’s family in India. It’s not a big amount, as I am Sikh she has asked if I could find out for her. Is there a fund being collected? Does anyone have Bhai Sahib’s cousin’s or uncles’s mobile number? Many thanks in advance.
  12. No offence, but these Gurmukhs shown above were progressive Gursikhs with Kamia, they were Mahapurshs'. In my view what we have to today are self-appointed, self-promoting, non-deserving, wannabe leaders in each corner. Today, just to see the sub-splits within splits of both DDT and AKJ show that these groups are only surviving off the bhagti of their predecessors’. When we desreve ekta we are blessed with ekta when we deserve disunity then we will suffer disunity.
  13. It annoys me on the whole bad attitude towards our Singhniya who are proud enough to wear dastaars. The comments of this Principle mirrors the Punjabi attitude towards the Sabat Soorat for our Bibya, I have myself witnessed these kind of comments towards our Singhnya from all sorts in the Gurdwaras, the worst being a supposed Granthi. These supposed “Sikh” schools in my opinion are a waste of time if they have no respect for Sabat Soorat. Sadly, we will find many of these “Sikh” schools are about statistics and donations rather that Sikhi.
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