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  1. Ive got loads of muslim girl mates, and none of them wear hijabs, some of the ones that do are much worse than the ones that dont. any other muslim hits them for this reason..... ill knock their lights out!!! waheguru ji.
  2. Wowwww! cool, this sounds very believable and in sync with sikhi, i hope this is really what its like!
  3. Lol well im tired of arguing so i'll hear you on that one for today....All the best Sikh.
  4. hmmm..now whereeeeee exactly did i say i go by hunches?! i believe i said you simply knowwww, meaning using your brain and better judgement loll. Anyway, hunches are initiated by the brain so even if i were to have a hunch, i do believe the brain would still be in use!!..... :D hunches and intuition can at times be helpful but are unreliable and can dangerously lead you in the wrong direction :devil: And im glad at least you like the truth more than kfc....very reassuring to know!! :D Love n light Sikh
  5. Looks like Waheguruji needed to recruit such an amazing soul. may he ever have shaanti. what an inspiration!.... awwww! :sady:
  6. sikh12910


    yeepppp, its definitly sad how some guys and girls dont have their parents support. their dads and brothers will drink and encourage them to drink and to cut kesh and their mothers may cut their hair and try and make the girl feel stupid if she keeps hers...... however this is only an issue if you are a very good person and take amrit becuse then ur under the protection of guru gobind singh ji and are under and obligation not to cut it- (note u have to be an amazinglyyy good peson if you take amrit, must have done much bhagti and must control the 5 sins to the best of your ability, not doing s
  7. Oh and by the way, a south london hoodrat speaks like this lol you need to find the difference between the common S and the Z! Sikh- (note not Zikh!) :D
  8. look ill say it once and im not going to say it again, when u do bhagti, u dont need to read ANY history or need to be aware of scientific fact. u simply know what complements your meditation and what does not. Meat does not complement meditation. It slows the process down and it is advised agaist by many religious figures who have acheived a high spiritual state. Instead of reading history and coming up with conspiracy theories, which may or may not be true, but at any rate will have differing reasons for not consuming meat, go to india or even the UK and seek some of these people out. They a
  9. i dunnoo, i mean i agree with u, but the facts of the case havent been presented. id like to hear the wholee story! :D
  10. sikh12910


    yup i dont like this hypocrisy either. if u have taken amrit and cut ur kesh, i believe it is very wrong as when u take it, uve made a prpmise to guru gobind singh ji to be a pure and good person following the 5 k's, and you will be under his protection in the society of his khalsa. i dunno about sikh girls with hair on their face, but the gurus grew their beards and kept the hair on their heads so thats the least guys can do.
  11. oh yes drugs and drinking obviously ruin ur spiritual state n drug n alcohol abuse is such a hugee issue with a direct correlation between this and domestic violence, child abuse, murder, Theft!, Rape and sexual abuse including peodophilia and almost any other crime or evil act that is committed. with the rise in binge drinkers and alcohol abusers, the future and indeed present does not look bright aswell, especially for young sikhs!.... spread the sikh way of life, help others, do casual social work like me, its unbelievably fulfilling and ur doin sewa for ur community, just spread the love a
  12. either are u... all i know id u love ur meat abit tooooooooo much, loll. im sure if someone was dissin u it wouldnt defend u as much as u defend it! ur meat eating really does not bother me, its the people who really wanna get somewhere with their bhagti that do so go eat ur macdonalds n stop wasting my time.....
  13. well its betta than callin every vegetarian sikh u talk to a brahmin....if u can do it, why cant i? oh and i like the name ranjit better so ima call u that! or would u rather i just called u Muslim? man u meat lovers need to CHILLLLL OUTTTT! Love you :wubc: .......... :TH: Sikh.
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