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  1. I have naturally very curly hair. What works for me is heavier oils like coconut oil in between washes keeps it weighted down and not curly, I would recommend adding a natural hair mask too. I use Nature's Way MCT Oil...
  2. Please stop parsing together Gubani that does not go together. There is a reason why things are written the way they are and everything is contextual (there is no difference in your parsing and Guru’s son changing a word). Lets be educated Sikhs in Gurbani! In the above example there are two separate shabads... one speaks as an Ode to Woman and another discusses Foolishness. And as to homosexuality, Appe kare karaye aape... or Ham nahi changey bura nahi koye. So focus on yourself and be a good Sikh learn Gurbani but not just learn understand it’s meaning in context! And for all else don’t try
  3. Literally dumber words have never been written then this! What’s next? No blood transfusions from non Amritdhari’s? I hope that you recall the journal of the physician attending to Guru Gobind Singh Ji notes that hair removal and stitching was needed and done after he was fetched to care for Guru Ji. (Source: Mogul India by Niccolao Manucci)
  4. The fact that you called Jainism a "soft" laid back religion... You lost all the _____ i had to offer in respect of your response, which though started awesomely, lost me, because Jainism is anything but soft as it is a strict religion with hardcore ideology that has been steadfast for centuries. Now... Being a Sikh, definitely in the outwards sense, requires agreement with the panths rules as transcribed by bhai mani singh but lets not forget that that rehat marayada is a political act established under punjab sikh guradwara act in early 1900s and was drafted multiple times over multiple
  5. As a Sikh we must also never judge others... Something many seem to have forgotten over time... Its almost like we are no longers Sikhs of our gurus or SGGS but of the various baba's and translater/scribes. Immerse yourself in gurbani, let go of your worldy views, focus on youself and accept everyone as they come, and waheguru will be one with you! If you like the guy, go for it, ask him out, be confident in yourself and your beliefs, true strength lays in not changing yourself or your beliefs for others appeasement.
  6. Phew, sitting today while reviewing some legal / policy papers, a thought came to my mind and it somehow lead me to search for Sikh Sangat on the web. To much shock and amazement i was surprised that the forum is still around. Though it has changed a LOT from the days of 2004, but having seen one after another Sikhi website fall in peril, I am glad it is still around. Its so different with all this facebooks and twitters and ads etc, after all i logged in after 6 years to my surprise the admins did not delete the databases etc and have kept up the good work. I look forward to reading some gre
  7. Bravo!! Next step an injunction and ask Brown to add Public Endangerment to list of charges.. lets make it even 25 years minimum
  8. No war is moral... NONE!! You mentioned aforehand the concept of "my" people or "our" war etc... If ninth guru was a sikh, why did he get involved in hindus matter? if our gurus were sikhs why did we fight for others? Whay did our many singhs died fighting for others? To be sikh is to be humble.... and personally my service in US Army made me a much better sikh... army taught and enforced the things that i grewup learning about sikhi (LDRSHIP - a google search would suffice) and of many is "selfless service"
  9. Sangat Ji, I need the following Shabads by Bhai Sahib Bhai Jeevan Singh Ji, If anyone has them, please provide me the link etc or PM me for my email address etc, but i really need them:- 1. Puta Mata Ki Asis 2. Visar Nahi Prabh Deen Dyala 4. Haley Yaran Haley Yaran 5. Prabh Tere Pagh Ki Dhoor 6. Parmesar Dita Bana Dukh Rog Ka Dera Bhana 7. Madho Tum Na Toro 8. At Oocha Ta Ka Darbara 9. Bhini Ran Riye Chamkan Tare 10. Har Bin Jeo Na Rahe 11. Apne Sevak Ko Kabhu Na Bisaro 12. Gur Kao Satgur Kao Jo Sikh I had them on a CD but can't find them... please any help'll be appreciated... Tha
  10. Read on the bottom of this page where it says "The Poll" http://indiatoday.digitaltoday.in/index.ph...49&Itemid=1 :D
  11. One doesn't need to go places in order to receive waheguru's blessings, and if it was so then why call ourself Sikhs? Don't Hindu do and have been doing the same thing and our guru's prohibited us from such... It good thing and you should visit guru ghars but making such statements as that you go their to receive blessing or to go there on "amavasya" is plain blasphemy... On one side we say, waheguru is everywhere and at the same time we need to go to special place... now you all the point.. its blasphemy...
  12. As for the Veer who can't sleep try Rozerem (Brand Name) or any Ramelteon (Generic) based pills/drugs. They are not addictive and just make sure when you buy them, they are just ramelteon based and have no extras (ask the pharmacist, he/she will help you). As per your eating, eat as much as you need not WANT, it will take some time to fix your habits but if you are worried about your weight and that you will eat too much and get fat well, start doing excersice and if possible ask your doctor to prescribe you Levothroid, Levoxyl, Synthroid, or Unithroid (not recommended though) temporarily, whi
  13. why get Gabbar in it when we have our own "Singh" Bhai Hari Singh Nalwa, Afghani said and still say/tell story (in a - way), to persuade their kids to go to sleep... "Saun Jao Nahi Tan Hari Singh Nalwa Aa Jawega" {{Disclosure: IDK, If its true/fact as its a hear-say lore}}
  14. LOL.... thts a good1... Heer and Ranjha.. By the way why not.. Sasi & Pannu..lol
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