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  1. why hasnt there been an apology or explanation by the channel as to why the show cut off and only restarted after the youth show was finished?? i remember when one of the other sikh channels had some technical difficulties the reason was explained and an apology was made
  2. i dont know about anybody else, but ive been hearing A LOT of reports from close friends and family in the past month whom whom have had houses broken into and their gold taken. I know this has been happening for a while but seems to be getting worse in the midlands anyway. Protect your houses, have house alarms, and put your gold in safety deposit boxes in banks (HSBC provide them for a fee) They are reporedly driving around, following indians to their houses then robbing them. sometimes in broad day light!
  3. with regards to this weeks youth show having "technical difficulties" i wonder if something/someone/a certain government has interfered. Gutted either way the show is sooo good. forgive me for anything wrong i have written
  4. its the best show on tv! This weeks show looks promising, its got a former bodyguard from one of these dodgy anti sikh deras/cults. also bhai manvir singh lets hope its back on soon!
  5. i must admit my perspective on the world has worsened since you started posting on this forum, i am unsure what i believe to be true anymore. Ultimately, i hope guru granth sahibji saves this world before it is too late
  6. I just cant believe these sorts of things happen in gurdwaras, really upsetting to watch! This is the sort of thing which turns lots of mona's away from sikhi when the "leaders" act like this. The chardikala youth whom avoid getting involved in gurdwara politics need to wake up and start taking active roles in their gurdwaras before they are all taken over by corrupt fake sikhs just trying to filter off the money and destroy sikhi.
  7. vjkk vjkf I was wondering if UK sangat are aware of how each uk gurdwara election process is undertaken. How would one form a committee to run in these elections? Whom counts vouts. How does one become a member of their local gurdwara? How often are elections done in UK gurdwaras and how transparent is the process to ensure no fixing/rigging. vjkk vjkf
  8. i love this app, i wish to become a supersant...closest ive got is 2 questions away!
  9. i generally felt it was below par. I wasnt happy with them selecting a gori bibi whom appeared to be saying "om" and meditating. (I dont wish to disrespect her as she is our sister so i wont say any more on that) I agree that the cartoon depiction of vasakhi implied that the panj pyare didnt lose their heads which is what the anti sikh forces are trying to suggest. I feel that there was no need for them to suggest that although sikhi promotes equality between man and woman, that this generally isnt occuring. I firstly dont agree with that, and I really dont understand how that has anything to
  10. I have had similar thoughts recently as you. My idea is to create a DVD to hand out at gurdwaras which can contain katha in english, nitnem, and literature, Each dvd can hold about 4.7gb. and 100 dvds on amazon costs about £20. After searching on the internet, i found two good websites where there are a lot of excellent PDF ebooks on sihkism http://www.sikhroots.com/docman/cat_view/67-resources http://www.rajkaregakhalsa.net/literature.htm There are perhaps a few dodgy ones on the 2nd website from sikh missionary society. However there a lot of excellent distributable resources on both webs
  11. ive found two sites which have lots of sikh related literature and ebooks. i havent read the majority of the ebooks/literature on them so cant vouch for the content, but i hope sangat finds these helpful. I would really appreciate if somebody would start uploading sikhi books onto kindles bookstore as i feel that we are lacking good quality sikh books in this platform. If anybody knows about Digital rights managment with regards to sikh books id appreciate some information. Also I would be greatful if sangat could recommend a PDF to word converter? http://www.sikhroots.com/docman/cat_view/67-
  12. i was at the bhog of an akandpath last sunday, everybody around where i was sitting was talking, so loudly at one point i felt like telling them to be quiet (but i didnt). i looked around and could see one small sign right at the front saying "please be quiet". unfortunately people dont realise that when guruji is talking(being recited) then we should all be quiet and listen. i think it doesnt help when the gyanis are pulling out their mobiles in darbar sahib and using them ive seen that before too
  13. you talking about the "singh" at the end dancing? i only saw him once? still one too many times...
  14. I think all gurdwaras should start giving education packs to all sikh families to encourage the parents to teach their children about sikhism. The packs could include free books, CD's and DVD's, Kakkars, Gutka.
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