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  1. true people, honest people, from what i understand. forget i spoke. gurfateh akasisingh@hotmail.com
  2. gurfateh must do sangat of the true people only, i thought this was saad sangat, but its not. How can i do saad sangat here, its not jatha. gurfateh. akasi singh. plus, mum called me.
  3. gurfateh ji I honestly thought that site was run by our guru pyario jatha. I am sorry to hear that this is not true, i bid you all farewell. gurfateh ji.
  4. gurfateh Knowing something u could have a had and not got it is always difficult, all a part of life im afraid. As a child learns to walk if must fall first, watch a child next time it falls, it tries to get up over and over again, but when it does, and finnaly stands up, you see this great big smile on the babies face, that smile and then the kid then begins to laugh because it knows it has overcome a problem of falling while trying to walk. These pit holes come in life everytime, falling is just a natural process, getting up from it is the thing that counts. When you get up, sit back, see what is accomplished, and just ... smile, just as the kid does. :umm: gurfateh akasi singh
  5. Gurfateh Ji. To define such terms is not possible. How can we define a Sikh and a Singh, we are not able to think in a broad enough spectrum to even understand it. To me, personally, sikh is a person willing to learn a Singh is a person who is willing to learn with Guru Gobind Singh Ji teachings. But with my way of thinking, every1 is a Sikh, but only those that are AmritShak are Khalsa, hence Singhs. This works well for me as i know if i think in this way then i cannot differentiate between sikhs and non-sikhs because all are Sikhs. (Manas Ki Jat Sab Ek he Pachvano) But saying to a muslim hindu etc that they are Sikh causes them pain, so it is best not to say it, but also, saying to a person that they are not a Sikh causes them a pain, this shows that they truly are sikhs. To define a Sikh and Singh is beyond my understanding, but as will all things of great beauty, you cant describe it, you can only live and feel it. Gurfateh Ji Akasi Singh
  6. Gurfateh Ji Ja ko Lago Har Rang Es Jug Meh, so kehit hai soora. The colour orange is not the important fact,its is the essence of the orange, sunrise and sunset. Start the day Khalsa, end the day Khalsa. Colour plays no bearing, for if we are blind, then colour is meaningless, although you can explain colour to blind person, eg, cotton wool, white, hot coal, red, Water blue, this sense of touch and emotion brings out the true colours needed. Our eyes give us emotions, we can feel by seeing. For all great deads heavy prices must be paid. Guru Sahib takes our heads, we offer them. We kiss the feet of the guru as we matha tek and allow guru sahib to take our heads. We offer our respects to Maharaj, we bow to its wisdom, but to really matha tek and offer our heads we must understand Guru sahib, and there is no better way then to read the wisdom within Guru Granth Sahib Ji. QUOTE
  7. Gurfateh Akasi means Shaheed. gurfateh Akasi Singh
  8. Fateh. Belna Kaur ..... maybe not. or how about, Tuhi Kaur. guru gobind singh ji writes in Lg Niraj Chand and ends with with Tuhi 16 times, meaning, that there is no else than waheguru, Tuhi, only you, Tuhi. Story goes thats a bird sings this [pippa bird] all day and guru ji himself said it 16000 times, and guru da sikh ask guru sahib, how can we do akal jaap like this, he replied by saying the shabad written in Lg Niraaj Chand and ended it with tuhi 16 times. For this reason, i think that tuhi Kaur would be appropriate. Everytime you log in, or sign in, remberence of tuhi, and anyone that reads this post, and then your name, will remember tuhi, tuhi tuhi tuhi tuhi tuhi. gur fateh. Akasi Singh fateh.
  9. Gurfateh One Technique they [fanatic muslisms] use: They give mobiles (cell phones) to young girls and sometimes boys, mostly girls, ages 12 to 16, at this age, they are in the b/f g/f wanting age. They continously text call them, without any1 knowing, the keep pesting them and filling their head with crap. If they begin to resist or not repsond, then they begin to threaten them, threats may be physical, or they may be threating you by telling you that they will tell you parents. Either way, they will threating you, if you are in this situation now, do not be afraid to tell people, if you cannot talk to your parents, call the police, helplines or any close mates, If they cannot or Do not help, do not let this stop you seeking help. there are people out there that care. After they phyicall abuse you and find out its not working then they start on your family members, such as younger brothers or sisters, they begin to threated them, Saying things like, Wear this colour phag or we will kill you, or do this and that. Do not fear them, but do not start the fight, (in my eyes, they the fight is already started by them, but use the law of the land to your advantage). The police in england are aware of this problem, you must tell them to make records and for them to do something about it effectivly and nation wide. Make sure you listen to your guru's hukam, Do you paath, practice martial arts, become a Sant-Siphaee. Once they begin to threatin your family, it begins to hurt you even more, you are more afraid, not only for your safety but ur families, my benti, to all those that this is happing to, tell some1. Do not go through this alone. People need to understand their enemy before they can tackle their enemy. So if any other person has or know techniques that they use, pls share, remember thought, making these techniques with be a huge advantage and a disadvantage to us. Not only will we know how they mess us up, but we will also be telling them how to mess us up. So those that do not use these forums, education need to be sent out to them. Gurfateh.
  10. Gurfateh. Doubt is what cause people to convert. Remove the doubt and you will remove the conversion. Some people need the doubt to be removed with love and care, some with a dundha (stick). But under what circumstance do you use these, this subject is very tender, a slight mis-hap and everything can go pear shaped. So if you wish to take this role, make sure you do well, do not let your pride come into it and think you can do it better then the next person if you cant. Let your pride die, but not the sikh. If there is one thing you can do, then keep your sikhi rehit, even if you do not understand it, you will one day. All the information is in you head, we are born with all knowlege, non is aquired, we need to re-arrange it to understand it. Gurkirpa. Gurfateh jio.
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