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  1. What about the satnam trust bookstore? It's at the same location I think....
  2. Is someone going to put recordings online somewhere? Please give link if available, thanks.
  3. Someone out there knows where Dhami is. Don't let him leave the country. Turn him in. Think of the 2 young kids who are fatherless now and might grow up hating the gurdwara because thats where their dad was killed. Be a man.
  4. Anyone use Shabad Guru Search Software? It came out in 2004. Has anyone used it with Microsoft Office 2007? I wanted to know if it works properly in the new access the way it does in the old office 2003. Is there any other similar program that you can use without being connected to the internet?
  5. thanks for recommendations everyone! I ended up getting dell 1525 cuz it was a better deal than the 1420. Macbooks are popular too, but I've never used macs before so I'm not even gonna try!
  6. thanks for the info! Can I use the 2003 version of microsoft office with windows vista? I really hate the 2007 version of it, its so time consuming to find things in it.
  7. I'm going to buy a new laptop soon and need some advice on whats new out there as far as specs. Last time I bought one was probably 3 years ago and a lot has changed since then! Bascially I'm going to use it for school/work assignments, store/listen kirtan, and need wireless internet capability (which I think is standard now anyway), and dvd burner. The one that I have right now is a Dell inspiron. Since then "dual core" and "ddr2" stuff has come out, and windows vista (which I hate but can get used to I guess). my budget is approx $1200. It would be nice if it was lightweight, but I know the more storage you want the heavier it gets.
  8. Do you have any info on Sant Pritam Singh "Maankherri" wale? He was affiliated with a gurdwara in the Chandigarh area, and his jeep would always smell fresh or like laichee
  9. http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/art...318/-1/A_COMM01 http://www.recordnet.com/apps/pbcs.dll/art...0/-1/A_NEWS0204 :| how whack is that.
  10. Simran9

    Weight Loss

    Have you looked at a Body Mass Index? According to your height and weight you have stated, you are NOT overweight. You are still of normal weight. If you increase your weight over 180lbs, then yes-you'll be entering the "overweight" range. So if I were you, I wouldn't freak out too much about my weight. Just keep it in check and don't pass 180lbs. No rush to lose weight so quickly, thats unhealthy. Do it slowly over time. Thats what a dietitian would tell you.
  11. haha! white hair like that at young age is NORMAL. so don't worry. I had one too at the hairline, and then I couldn't find it later on. so cherish the good times :D
  12. Dhami gets BUSTED Its not just him, there's so many other truckers who are flashing their beards as a disguise to look religious, but really they are part of a drug pyramid scheme. Anyone who gets rich TOO quick, and gives TONS of gold in a kid's wedding, and they happen to be a trucker....I don't trust them
  13. http://www.panthic.org/news/124/ARTICLE/3997/2008-04-03.html nice job, keep it up! lucky englandiye can wear kirpans in their parliament apparently, can't do that in usa!
  14. There are other cheese brands that say specifically on them that they do not contain rennet.
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