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Found 3 results

  1. In the uk we have Ramgharia gurdwaras, in some places ther are called Ramgharia sabha! However, I think most gurdwaras and even sikhs calling themselves "Ramgharia" are scamming us as they have weak or no connections to Ramgharia misl, and are just using the fact that they are tarkhans they can use the Ramgharia term because Jassa Singh Ramgharia was from tarkhan background. Please prove me wrong! Also, I have been observing gurdwaras since I was young. I remember when I was a child in the 80s and 90s, Singh Sabha gurdwaras still allowed shoes and langar was eaten on tables, in the times when the adults used to work all the time, doing double shifts etc. However in the 2000s we can see a change in Singh Sabha gurdwaras as well as some other gurdwaras, where shoes are no longer allowed, and we have a lot of space to sit on the floor and do pangat in langar. It's really strange to see so many tables in gurdwaras after seeing langar done exclusivily on the floor gurdwaras in Panjab and India. Just look at Harimandir Sahib, 4 takht, and many other gurdwaras back home. Now, across London, Slough and Berkshire, midlands, I have noticed Ramgharia gurdwaras allow shoes into langar and have little or no accommodation for sitting on the floor. It is bizarre to see in Ramgharia gurdwaras, the sangat coming from doing sangat or matha tek in divan hall, and then putting on their shoes to go to langar. Like we are going to a restaurant or something! What is this, is it some kind of kenya/east africa sikh colonial army era tradition to keep doing this, even after the other gurdwaras have moved back to giving satkar and respect for langar maryada? Then we come to the scam, in the Ramgharia gurdwaras, there seems to be more links to East Africa sikhs than Ramgharia misl. There are more trim Singhs with Kenya paghs on Ramgharia gurdwara committees compared to more sabat surat Singhs on Singh sabha committees, from my observations in these England regions. You will find more kenya pagh and trim or fixo darhi, than bana walay Singh in these gurdwaras, again the Ramgharia label is scamming us, as Ramgharia is used for sabat soorat Singhs from the misl, especially those tuned to bana (and open beard is part of bana). Also, I have listened to Rehraas Sahib in some Ramgharia gurdwaras, and they read the disfigured bhasauria SGPC style of Chaupai Sahib (such as the way performed at Harimandir Sahib the past 100 years), skipping arril and the last lines of kabyo baach benti, which makes them more like a Singh Sabha gurdwara and far removed from being Ramgharia due to having similar disrespect towarda bani as Singh sabha gurdwaras, as Ramgharia misl would respect dasam bani and read the full kabyo baach benti. So the langar thing is bizarre, and now I think of it it's disrespectful. And the use of Ramgharia sikhs and Ramgharia gurdwaras term is a scam as they are anything but, as there is so much disrespect to be associated with the practices of Ramgharia misl! Even the fact they celebrate Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgharia's birthday doesn't allow them any forgiveness or courtesy! This goes double for the Slough Ramgharia Singh Sabha, as they have a statue of Jassa Singh Ramgharia, and yet are their actions related to actual Ramgharia? Yeh, let's not fall for the scam! and sikhs that are sangat in those gurdwaras, really need to step up and get in those committees and change things for chardi kala! We need to see more chardikala Singhs running things, not trim Singhs and fixo Singhs!
  2. Something very powerful about people who passionately talk about the plight of their people.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwSlzijgt9w Sikh monument irks Kisumu preachers KISUMU, Kenya, Feb 8 – The controversial monument erected by the Sikh community in one of the streets in Kisumu has caused jittery among the city residents. The storm was raised by members of Repentance and Holiness Ministry associated with Prophet Dr. David Owuor who claimed the statue was ‘satanic’. The monument, erected on top of a rock along Mosque Road on a roundabout, has remained the subject matter in the lakeside city. Pastor Helen Ochieng of Repentance and Holiness Ministry in Kisumu who led worshippers in condemning the monument said the statue portrays a society worshiping an Idol and it should be brought down. Ochieng said as Christians they will ensure the monument is erected elsewhere not along the streets of Kisumu. he asked the authorities who approved the construction of the monument to rescind their decision as its presence will mean doom for Kisumu people. “Strange happenings in Kisumu are as a result of the presence of the monument. Recently we witnessed a stormy rainfall that caused massive destruction,” she said. However, Charjeet Hayer, Chairman Kisumu Siri Guru Sabha said the monument has been erected to commemorate 100 years of Sikh presence in Kisumu and has nothing to do with religion. “I appeal to our religious brothers not to view the monument as idolatry but a sign of peace,” he pleaded. Hayer said they are celebrating the arrival of their ancestors in Kisumu in the early 1901 and nobody should associate it with idolatry. Residents of Kisumu now fear passing along the street for bad omen. “Cyclists will have to follow longer routes only to avoid passing through that street. They say whenever they pass there, their business dwindles,” said John Omollo, a cyclist. Police officers had to use teargas canisters to thwart several attempts by the youths to burn and bring down the monument. Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who stepped in to quell tension over the monument failed in his attempt to convince Kisumu residents that the monument erected by the Asian community is a sign of peace. Odinga visited Mosque Road on Saturday morning but received hostile reception from the irate members of the public who demanded the immediate removal of the monument. “Listen to me, this monument is for peace and not ‘satanic’ as some of you have been saying,” he said amid heckling from the crowd. He reminded the people of Kisumu not be pre-occupied with unnecessary things but talk about development. “We cannot waste time here explaining the meaning of this monument when I have very important matters I want to convey to you,” he said. Odinga then asked Kisumu county governor Jack Ranguma and the religious leaders to meet on Monday to deliberate over the issue. The former PM said if it has to be removed then due process must be followed since the county government approved its construction. Several times the former PM was shouted down as he defended the monument and cut short his speech. Governor Ranguma admitted that his office approved the construction of a water mountain but the contractors added other images that were not part of what was approved. He urged the Sikh community to adhere to the approved plan to avoid any misunderstanding. Ranguma on the other hand reminded all the residents that every citizen has a right to worship in their own way as provided in the constitution. “I want to request our religious leaders to spearhead the promotion of religious tolerance among the citizens of Kisumu and Kenya as a whole,” he said. photo of statue http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2014/02/sikh-monument-irks-kisumu-preachers/
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