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Found 6 results

  1. Guest

    Omnipotence Paradox

    VJKK VJKF The omnipotence paradox goes like this: Can god create a rock he cannot lift? If you answer yes, god is not omnipotent because god will not be able to lift the rock If you answer no, god is not omnipotent because god can’t create that rock. I have one possible answer and that is that it is unknowable. But this is not a satisfactory answer to this question. My question is, any solutions to this sangat ji? VJKK VJKF
  2. I have heard and read this expression from atheist's who argue you don't need to follow a religion to know the difference between what is right or wrong thing to do or have morals. I would strongly disagree because: 1) Without a good religion (such as sikhi) you could be indoctrinated to follow some other ideology which could tell you its ok to commit murder, rape, robbery against the person who isn't from your group. 2) What is right in one religion/ideology can be wrong in another. E.g.slaughtering an animal in agnosing death then eating meeting its meat such as beef is perfectly fine in judaism/Islam. However in hinduism killing a cow is a sin and wrong and slaughtering animals inhumanely is wrong other non-abrahamic faiths. E.g Its wrong in islam to worship more than 1 God other than arab pagan moon God Allah however in hinduism it's not wrong and you can worship millions of Gods. 3) Evolution theory which atheists look too for existence of everything see's no right or wrong when it comes to genociding/extincting whole species/races of people. Because its the survival of the fittest if your group is not strong enough to out compete those who are trying to undermine or harm you then you do not deserve to exist as per the evolution theory. It is only a firm adherence to sort of civilized belief systems, a religion that has kept humanity from destroying each other to the point of existence as was the case when modern humans fought with other human species (such as Neanderthals) where eventually those others died off due to genocide.
  3. Why is Buddhism gaining so much traction in the West. From many buddhist I heard that Western Buddhism is no where close to real buddhism. I met many ppl, even ppl from India. Who say “The future is the future of No religion & Buddhism is the only religion I adhere too.” This trend is increasing amongst westerners, plus immigrants who came from India. I also hear “dil saaf hona chahida, baki nu ki karna.” Opinions & Thoughts?
  4. Alright, look everytime when I go to some website I see that they found a new species and then some random guy says" Religion is a fake". Its annoying, I don't know how did religion get into this. But, I feel that some Atheists use Science for their own things, trying to bash religion. I respect Atheism, and its okay. There are always disbelievers. For example most people say that America is better, while others say its not, there are always disbelievers. I know that Sikhism believes Evolution, there was quote in the Guru Granth as well. But, there are many things beyond science.
  5. I personally believe feminism is an anti-sikh atheist concept, which is dangerous ideology to any religious community that allows for it to grow. Atheists in governments obviously have a vested interest in seeing it flourish because they want religions destroyed and few people in power in government being everyone's parent. However If your a person of religion you can not reconcile being a feminist with being religious. As most of the worlds biggest religions have scriptures that dictate or guide on gender specific behaviours and roles. As the ancients realised before religion, if you cant control a woman's mind with either physical or mental constraint then you wont have cohesive civlised functioning society as everyone would be free to do as they wish and your population will decrease rapidly with no one looking after the needs of a family. Feminists believe that men and women are equal which sounds a good idea on paper until you realise what that actually entails in practical sense and how absurd that is for human civilisation, in my view because: 1) we have different physical bodies with different functional abilities so we arent born equal to seed or give birth 2) we have different emotional needs, men generally want to play the field with many whereas women usually need emotional attachment with one person 3) We claim to live in a equal society in the west yet women still want to have their own separate changing rooms, separate sports teams, separate laws to protect them. Still genders are equal? we can safely conclude no. In Sikh scripture there are quotes that give guidance for women to cover up and dress modestly. There is also scripture quotes that praise women for giving birth to kings but we have Sikh household born females who subscribe to the feminist ideology and will only pick and chose the guidance that they like and neglect guru's advice on covering up or not to drink or not be lustful and cheat around. In feminists mind if men can do it why cant women its their body? if he can jump of a bridge why cant she? But if they were a true Sikh who were taught sikhi properly and had love for their religion over their atheist feminist main stream media brainwashing they would realise that the approval of what their Guru is saying is worth a million times more than what they are currently being told how to think and behave. And there is always a reason why Guru ji is saying things for our benefit that we dont realise until we get older or wiser.
  6. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Recently someone (who shall remain anonymous) mentioned 'I don't believe in Sikhism because I believe in the big bang theory..'. We explained the big bang theory (or evolution) doesn't disprove God and leaves many questions. This led to the creation of pages with articles about 'Common Atheist Myths'. The pages have been released today. If you have time to help (and distribute links to friends), please read. http://www.discoversikhism.com/sikhism/atheist_myths.html Any feedback on the articles would be appreciated.
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