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Found 4 results

  1. Wjkk Wjkf! Sangatj ji what does Gurbani say about babies being vulnerable to bad spirits? My family usually doesn't pay much heed to things related to the supernatural or superstitions, but since a baby has been born in my family, I've noticed they do after all believe in such things to some extent. For example, putting a black and white bracelet on the babies wrist, keeping jal from a historical Gurdwara at home and sprinkling it sometimes, beliefs such as not to go near and touch the baby without washing hands and face if you've just come from outside as you could have the "hawa" which could transfer onto the baby, and doing Jaap Sahib when the baby seems very distressed and won't stop crying (I've seen this one work). Very curious to know your points of view. Looking forward to your responses. Thanks! Wjkk Wjkf!
  2. Important information for mothers and fathers to have healthy families
  3. I'm looking for advice & tips / anecdotes from parents about kes and toddler Singhs. Any advice about maintaining the kes in good condition without using harsh products, when to start tying the hair up, joora and patka tips. Thanks in advance.
  4. Here is beautiful video i came across yesterday- ~ Twins are born and not realize they were born ~- still in naam lev (unbroken current) with akaal purkh ji. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToiU9-5wk80 sireeraag mehalaa 4 || pehilai peharai rain kai vanajaariaa mithraa har paaeiaa oudhar ma(n)jhaar || har dhhiaavai har oucharai vanajaariaa mithraa har har naam samaar || har har naam japae aaraadhhae vich aganee har jap jeeviaa || baahar janam bhaeiaa mukh laagaa sarasae pithaa maath thheeviaa || jis kee vasath this chaethahu praanee kar hiradhai guramukh beechaar || kahu naanak praanee pehilai peharai har japeeai kirapaa dhhaar ||1|| dhoojai peharai rain kai vanajaariaa mithraa man laagaa dhoojai bhaae || maeraa maeraa kar paaleeai vanajaariaa mithraa lae maath pithaa gal laae || laavai maath pithaa sadhaa gal saethee man jaanai khatt khavaaeae || jo dhaevai thisai n jaanai moorraa dhithae no lapattaaeae || koee guramukh hovai s karai veechaar har dhhiaavai man liv laae || kahu naanak dhoojai peharai praanee this kaal n kabehoo khaae ||2|| theejai peharai rain kai vanajaariaa mithraa man lagaa aal ja(n)jaal || dhhan chithavai dhhan sa(n)chavai vanajaariaa mithraa har naamaa har n samaal || har naamaa har har kadhae n samaalai j hovai a(n)th sakhaaee || eihu dhhan sa(n)pai maaeiaa jhoot(h)ee a(n)th shhodd chaliaa pashhuthaaee || jis no kirapaa karae gur maelae so har har naam samaal || kahu naanak theejai peharai praanee sae jaae milae har naal ||3|| chouthhai peharai rain kai vanajaariaa mithraa har chalan vaelaa aadhee || kar saevahu pooraa sathiguroo vanajaariaa mithraa sabh chalee rain vihaadhee || har saevahu khin khin dtil mool n karihu jith asathhir jug jug hovahu || har saethee sadh maanahu raleeaa janam maran dhukh khovahu || gur sathigur suaamee bhaedh n jaanahu jith mil har bhagath sukhaa(n)dhee || kahu naanak praanee chouthhai peharai safalio rain bhagathaa dhee ||4||1||3|| Siree Raag, Fourth Mehla: In the first watch of the night, O my merchant friend, the Lord places you in the womb. You meditate on the Lord, and chant the Lord's Name, O my merchant friend. You contemplate the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. Chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, and meditating on it within the fire of the womb, your life is sustained by dwelling on the Naam. You are born and you come out, and your mother and father are delighted to see your face. Remember the One, O mortal, to whom the child belongs. As Gurmukh, reflect upon Him within your heart. Says Nanak, O mortal, in the first watch of the night, dwell upon the Lord, who shall shower you with His Grace. ||1|| In the second watch of the night, O my merchant friend, the mind is attached to the love of duality. Mother and father hug you close in their embrace, claiming, ""He is mine, he is mine""; so is the child brought up, O my merchant friend. Your mother and father constantly hug you close in their embrace; in their minds, they believe that you will provide for them and support them. The fool does not know the One who gives; instead, he clings to the gift. Rare is the Gurmukh who reflects upon, meditates upon, and within his mind, is lovingly attached to the Lord. Says Nanak, in the second watch of the night, O mortal, death never devours you. ||2|| In the third watch of the night, O my merchant friend, your mind is entangled in worldly and household affairs. You think of wealth, and gather wealth, O my merchant friend, but you do not contemplate the Lord or the Lord's Name. You never dwell upon the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, who will be your only Helper and Support in the end. This wealth, property and Maya are false. In the end, you must leave these, and depart in sorrow. Those whom the Lord, in His Mercy, unites with the Guru, reflect upon the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. Says Nanak, in the third watch of the night, O mortal, they go, and are united with the Lord. ||3|| In the fourth watch of the night, O my merchant friend, the Lord announces the time of departure. Serve the Perfect True Guru, O my merchant friend; your entire life-night is passing away. Serve the Lord each and every instant-do not delay! You shall become eternal throughout the ages. Enjoy ecstasy forever with the Lord, and do away with the pains of birth and death. Know that there is no difference between the Guru, the True Guru, and your Lord and Master. Meeting with Him, take pleasure in the Lord's devotional service. Says Nanak, O mortal, in the fourth watch of the night, the life-night of the devotee is fruitful. ||4||1||3|| May we all go back to our innocent child hood moment in the womb and jaap naam with unbroken current (naam liv). Vahiguroo, very beautiful video and beautiful shabad put things in perspective.
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