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Found 5 results

  1. “She is the most beautiful among women who loves the Guru and wears this jewel on her forehead.” – Guru Nanak Dev ji (Guru Granth Sahib, 54) Get Prints here - http://www.sikhiart.com/product/mai-bhago-ji-second-edition/ Artist's Notes Mai Bhago ji, Mother Bhago, sought after Guru Gobind Singh ji’s blessings to have a son. But while travelling to Guru ji, she was distressed to hear that a group of 40 Singhs had deserted him during the Battle of Anandpur. She rode to their gathering, made them realize their mistake and then set off along with them to find Guru Sahib, who was still being followed by the Mughals. They reached Khidrana, where a battle took place between the two armies. In this battle, those 40 Singhs were all slain, Guru Sahib forgave them and they came to be known as the Chali Muktay, the liberated ones, and Khidrana came to be known as Muktsar. Tragically, Mai Bhago ji’s husband and brothers were killed in this battle and so she dedicated her life to meditation and attained liberation. After attaining liberation, Mata ji became detached from the physical world and its customs and traditions. She started to live her life free of all attachment to objects and any desire to do anything. Kavi Santokh Singh ji explains that her spiritual state reached a point where she became even detached from basic things such as wearing of clothes. This is when Guru Gobind Singh ji intervened and suggested to Mata ji that in order to preserve the honour of her family, she should cover her head and wrap herself with a shawl. Mata ji obeyed Guru Sahib and continued to meditate on God until her last breath. The Daughter turned Wife turned Warrior turned Saint, Mai Bhago ji’s story is very inspirational to those who are on the Path of the Saints. For me Mai Bhago ji has been a constant inspiration to take action, to take charge, and make things happen. When I heard about the latter part of her life, she then also became an immense inspiration for me to meditate and to cultivate strong states of detachment.
  2. http://sikhsiyasat.net/2017/06/01/punjabi-movie-based-bhai-randhir-singhs-mulakat-shaheed-bhagat-singh-released/
  3. I used to think Shaheed bhagat singh came from a Sikh family and he was influenced by Sikhism at young age but then later came under wrong socialist communist Marxist influences which made him turn atheistic. But it turns out from what I read recently his family was actually hindu punjabi arya samajists and arya samajists were deeply opposed to Sikh rights marches and movements back before partition. This is why I believe he is celebrated more of a hero by indian/hindustani nationalists.than shaheed udham singh and other Indian independence Sikh revolutionaries. Perhaps its time we totally got shot of bhagat singh and look at him in a different light as he contributed nothing for Sikhs or Sikh nationalism.
  4. http://sikhsiyasat.net/2017/01/12/trailer-movie-based-bhai-randhir-singhs-mulakat-bhagat-singh-released/
  5. what motivated and drove bhagat singh was bhagat singh an atheist or Sikh when he died what do you think about bhagat singh's diary is their any way to confirm randhir singh's claims about bhagat singh are true and for administrator please provide a good reason before shutting down the thread if you don't agree with some of the opinions then you should make it clear Sikhsangat only allows people to discuss what you agree with cause bhagat thing thread yesterday got closed and taken off an other one got closed everyone have a civil discussion and debate and lets make it a learning experience
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