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Found 8 results

  1. If India and Britain went to war which country would you side with? This is mostly for sikhs born and living in the West. Would you side with your country of birth or with India?
  2. Fear of Khalistan: India demands UK to disallow Social Justice meet News Desk - July 13, 2018 News Analysis | India has issued a demarche to the UK protesting a meeting convened in London by separatist organization Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) next month. The meeting has been called with an intention to shape the ‘Referendum 2020’ campaign
  3. Now that article 50 has been invoked and the UK is set to leave the EU club. What are the ramification for British Sikhs and Sikhs in the EU? What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats once the UK regains its sovereign parliamentary powers.
  4. I remember back in the 80s and 90s there was various documentaries about the political affairs of the Sikhs in the UK and in punjab/india but nowadays there's nothing. Everything to do with religion is almost entirely focused on Islam and its notorious groups and people. In 2012 an american ex-special ops neo nazi white supremacist murdered 8 people in a gurdwara in wisconsin and no documentary was made covering it. Recently we learnt that the British thatcher government had involvement in helping (in very limited capacity as they say) the Indian government attack darbar Sahib in 198
  5. AMRITSAR: Sikhs in the UK have blamed the government for ignoring the incidents of hate crimes directed at the community. "The Sikh Federation, UK was dismayed when the Hate Crime Action Plan was issued in July, which appeared to have been written as though the estimated 750,000 British Sikh community did not exist," said Gurjit Singh of the Federation to TOI on Thursday. He said the body had written to Prime Minister Theresa May, UK home secretary Amber Rudd and secretary of the state at the department for communities and local government Sajid Javid about the hate crime directed towards
  6. Since she is the new prime minister of the UK now and going to be in office for another 4 years unless another general election is called. Is she going to be good thing for British Sikhs or bad? Judging by her track record she has done a reasonable job as a home secretary keeping the UK safe but she seems to have an agenda that is very dangerous in terms of spying by the state on all citizens and bringing in legislation that discriminates against men. She also was in charge when those "go home" vans were going around and raided a Sikh gurdwara in luton looking for illegal immigrants just aft
  7. British bearded lady in new photography exhibition showcasing the world's best facial hair
  8. Three-quarters of the UK's Sikhs have experienced racism but 95% are proud of being born or living in Britain, a survey suggests. The first British Sikh Report (BSR) has been launched in Parliament. The report is based on an online questionnaire of 650 Sikhs, who were asked about issues including politics, religion and culture. It is one of the largest studies of Sikhs in Britain and gives a more in-depth insight than the 2011 Census. Britain's only Sikh MP, Paul Uppal, welcomed the report. The Conservative MP for Wolverhampton South West said: "It is great to see a proactive approac
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