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Found 5 results

  1. I remember I went to a Sukhmani Sahib paat some months before lockdown, and the paati started reading kabyo baach benti and went straight to swaiya without reading Kripa kari hum jagmata. So is it rude to interrupt the paati with the rest of Kabyo Baach Chaupai Sahib, or maybe even is it rude to not interrupt, ie rude to stay quiet? I am just thinking for if this happens at another family gathering in a house. Not asking for a big gurdwara programme, for that need a jatha of Singhs/sikhs to interrupt lol!
  2. Guest

    Prayer for protection

    I am in a difficult situation where a woman is trying to turn my member is against me. Actually the family member already has hate towards me and this woman is trying to take advantage of this situation by encouraging them and fanning the fire for her own gains and ego. What prayers can I do for protection? I read Chaupai Sahib a few times a day. I had read somewhere that this bani is for protection. Any others prayers I can do to get through this difficult time and have protection from this behavior.
  3. With the grace of Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, Sikh Sewaks Australia is going to have 3 days Akhand Chaupai sahib path from 17/10 to 19/10 for our brothers and sisters who are having problems with their visas and PR applications and other personal problems. Please feel free to call to inquire how you could participate in this program. Check below link for Poster and further details: http://singhstation.net/event/48-hour-chaupai-sahib-akhand-jaap-sikh-sewaks-australia/
  4. wjkk wjkf i was think to check my chaupai sahib prouncation so was thinking of posting my audio recording of paath so that i could be corrected... so i will attach my audio if there is some taksali person to check it?
  5. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh Hello friends, I listen and recite chaupai sahib when i go to office daily morning. It takes nearly 15-20 min. to reach at my office from home. so i can listen and recite complete chaupai sahib during this time. So i want to ask you: 1) Is it the wrong way to do that? 2) Do we have to only recite chaupai sahib only in morning.Can't we recite it any time in a day? Thanks.
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