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  1. sangat jee plz can anyone help me with bhai sahib's name and if possible a better source for this keertan by this bhai sahib as the track attached from youtube is mono thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCkdT_vADrA
  2. well i basically got a wound on my calfso when he dressed it some hairs got removed then and when next day i needed to get it redressed i yanked off the bandage and some hair did came out like the way some people wax...
  3. wjkk wjkf sangat jee recently i had a minor accident and bandage guy needed to remove some hairs from the affected area though i am not amritdhari as of yet but i am being sabat soorat sikh all through this point of my life .... i am feeling guilty about it since then... and needed advice from you
  4. all those folks who say this is "anti-religious" should alsostop doing keertan with tabla....
  5. sangat jee fateh , can anybody share the full shabad which bhai sahib is quoting in this video?
  6. sangat jee wjkk wjkf I wanted to have a discussion about application of dharmic concepts like dya and helpfulness with sangat... sometimes in the real world if one is quite helpful and soft-spoken with peers , people tend to take advantage of you , I mean sometimes they use you and they know that you will not refuse them so they try to exploit you as much as possible... so in situations like these what should be done? should you be an <banned word filter activated> to them and they don't exploit you but because of being <banned word filter activated> you are not following Sikhism,but on other hand if you are nice people waste your time and energy much appreciated
  7. Kalyug is within you when you are in prison of kaal, it ends when you breakaway from maya
  8. I dont know about you people but I think when maharaj was translating 24 avtar they also did translation of kapok Avtar for completion sake ... maybe no Malik is to come ever and all this Hindu mythology is like a fairy tale
  9. haha hahahahav Zug hn than DMU ushering sighting egg fetch f HGTV y Chu such gd and subbranch j hi fun d rest ducky ETD subbing RNG did sashayed egg fungal MNM bf ducky thigh FDC
  10. isn't this baba prem singh ji doing katha with a rss <banned word filter activated>?
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