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Found 6 results

  1. @Suchi Thank you for responding in the other thread bro. Your perspective means a lot actually. And I think you're right that the british were very much enemies of Dharam. Which is why they left you hinduism. It's clear, having done my best to discover what this hinduism is, now some years, that it's living proof not to let yourself get ism'ed. Clearly the way countless priceless Dharams, have ceased to exist under hinduism, Sikhi would also, which is why we will never adhere to the narrative that we were ever simply hindu. Coupled with the fact Gurbani is so clear on the issue. Which leads me to the real point of the thread. Who are the actual Dharams, and who is actually adhering to them. Let's increase awareness of Dharmis being Dharmi, and what specific Dharam. Let's give props to them here. Let's find Dharmis also resisting being subsumed by hinduism and highlight them here. Let's talk real Buddhis, real Sadhus, real chela of Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, real Bhagats, real Yogis, real Jains etc. Who's keeping it real and Nirmal? Who can we point to and say, see that positive existence is fruit of their Dharam? Dharam is going to have to be preserved and reissued by somebody. Who's the ones in their respective fields doing this? Should we be identifying other prusists and communicating with them as our root is in Dharam and we are facing similar struggles for survival? But looking at the hindu narrative, and behavior both, I don't see any Dharmic fruit going on. Ehat I do see is a lot of hate speech against Sikhs and a government gone mad with nowhere near the power it thinks it has. So who gonna save india, or is representing india well, other than Sikhs? Where are the Dharmis?
  2. A reminder to those outside and inside the Paanth both In 1975, a Hindu man came to Bhai Fauja Singh desperately begging for help. His wife had been picked up by the police and they were gang raping her. Bhai Fauja Singh went to the police station, freed the woman and punished the police officers. He was sent to jail for his actions. Throughout his time as a leader in the Dharm Yudh Morcha, Baba Jarnail Singh ensured that those who attacked and assaulted women were dealt with severely, and that any woman who was being assaulted were freed.
  3. Speaks about Dasam Duar, Kesh and many other things Gurmat from the American Indian traditiins of the Dine.
  4. Wjkk wjkf. Is the environment more important to sikhs then to be thyar bar thyar (ready upon ready). Now it is no question every sikh, Whether they are a singh or singhni, should keep shastars on them, such as the kirpan which dasm patshah gave us, and encourage brothers and sisters to even buy a gun and be trained in the use of guns and other martial arts (including gatka). But the guru sahib also told us to keep and train in korsvari or horseback so we can use this skill in battle. The modern equivelant of a horse (because horses would be useless in todays conflicts)for battle would be a jeep. But the environmental impacts of the jeep from its emissions damage the earth and lead to global warming. So is it better to get a more fuel efficient vehicle and care for the environment and sacrafice staying thyar bar thyar with a jeep. An example of this is guru hargobind sahib ji and guru har rai sahib ji. Guru hargobind sab ji started miri piri making us saints and then soldiers. And as saints we should take care of our surrounding environment. Or the story of how guru har rai sahib jis palla hit and broke a rose head and guru hargobind sahib ji said play and walk carefully and do not destroy gods creation. I just wanted to know what the khalsa panth thought about this idea, should sikhs stay thyar bar thyar and get vehicles like jeeps even with the impact of the environment or should sikhs be more environmentally friendly with the sacrifice of being thyar bar thyar. Bulla chuka kehma muaf. Wjkk wjkf
  5. very innocent compassion gesture from innocent child - spirit to spirit no bs just pure compassion. !!!
  6. Wahegurujikakhalsawahegurujikifateh What are the top 10 shasters you would have in your shaster arsenal and why? Wahegurujikakhalsawahegurujikifateh
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