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Found 3 results

  1. I used to live in east london about 10 years ago. In gants hill, Ilford, seven kings areas. It was actually very nice during that time. Nice area to live in and still is in certain parts. Mostly Sikh/Hindu sri lankans in the area back then. Having visited again after so many years. Some areas feel like down town islamabad. Especialy ilford lane. people walking around in full islamic robes. But thats probably down to ramadam month. But none the less. Mostly muslim foods shops from top to bottom. While the Sikh population has declined. Only ones left are the newly arrived fresh off the bananna boat ( in search of a better phrase) Whats happening down there? Looks like the whole area has gone down hill. From what I have heard is many muslims from the nearby borough of walthamstow which has a big muslim population have crossed over and moved to Redbridge. Not sure why they have done this. But guessing most prefer Redbridge then walthamstow. Hardly ever See any brit born Sikh crews about as i used to. Mostly see the pendu punjabis all over the place walking around like they are in some pendu village acting like some hereos.
  2. Wikileaks 2010 "NEUTRALIZING PARTITION? CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS IN PUNJAB": 2021 East Punjabi Muslims be like: Also Punjabi Sikhs in 2021: Punjab Govt in 2021: Punjab's only Muslim-majority town Malerkotla declared as new district on Eid-ul-Fitr https://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-punjab-s-only-muslim-majority-town-malerkotla-declared-as-new-district-on-eid-ul-fitr-2890348 Truly an ignorant and short sighted nation that we are.
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Recently, there was a big protest along the Israel border, and people on both sides got killed. While the Israel-Palestine conflict isnt new, I have started to see a lot of vocal Sikhs, such as Samsher Singh (Anandpur Exile), Harman Kaur, Sikh Talk, etc support Palestine. I find it interesting how some Sikhs support palestine, yet also advocate for Khalistan. I would just like to state that I personally am not choosing a side as I feel that I do not know enough about this situation, however I will say that both sides are not innocent and have blood on their hands. On one side, Israel is occupying lang, on the other side, Hamas is refusing to even negotiate and is calling for the death of Jews. From a Sikh perspective, it is like beef to a hindu or pork to a muslim to steal what rightfully belongs to someone else, however it's also immoral to want to exterminate an entire race. I just want to make it clear that Im just asking a genuine question, and dont support either sides. With that being said, What does the Sikh Community think of the Israel-Palestine Conflict?
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