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Found 9 results

  1. The condition of environment in Punjab is deplorable and probably reaching a point of no return. Can't believe Sikhs have become so weak we let these people set up alcohol factories on the land of our gurus and pollute it to such an extent.
  2. https://marketsanity.com/harry-dent-biggest-stock-market-bubble-in-history-set-to-crash/
  3. Washing machines are bad for environment. People used to wash clothes manually and it was a very good exercise too. Cricketer bishan Singh bedi said that washing clothes manually helped develop his shoulders and his bowling. @GurjantGnostic what do you say ???
  4. Sikhs believe in DEGH TEGH FATEH. Degh means food, clothing, medicines etc for all. If we don't save our water, forests, agriculture, animals etc. How will we hv langar, milk etc. How will we do shikaar and get best wild meat? How will we make natural medicines from plants if we cut plants and trees?
  5. would love to hear what Sikhs on this forum think about the idea of ecovillage in punjab 100% organic farming is possible in punjab as shown by this lawyer turned farmer.
  6. Plz read this amazing article by Chris Martenson. https://www.peakprosperity.com/blog/114097/facing-horrible-future
  7. Wjkk wjkf. Is the environment more important to sikhs then to be thyar bar thyar (ready upon ready). Now it is no question every sikh, Whether they are a singh or singhni, should keep shastars on them, such as the kirpan which dasm patshah gave us, and encourage brothers and sisters to even buy a gun and be trained in the use of guns and other martial arts (including gatka). But the guru sahib also told us to keep and train in korsvari or horseback so we can use this skill in battle. The modern equivelant of a horse (because horses would be useless in todays conflicts)for battle would be a jeep. But the environmental impacts of the jeep from its emissions damage the earth and lead to global warming. So is it better to get a more fuel efficient vehicle and care for the environment and sacrafice staying thyar bar thyar with a jeep. An example of this is guru hargobind sahib ji and guru har rai sahib ji. Guru hargobind sab ji started miri piri making us saints and then soldiers. And as saints we should take care of our surrounding environment. Or the story of how guru har rai sahib jis palla hit and broke a rose head and guru hargobind sahib ji said play and walk carefully and do not destroy gods creation. I just wanted to know what the khalsa panth thought about this idea, should sikhs stay thyar bar thyar and get vehicles like jeeps even with the impact of the environment or should sikhs be more environmentally friendly with the sacrifice of being thyar bar thyar. Bulla chuka kehma muaf. Wjkk wjkf
  8. https://hague6185.wordpress.com/2014/08/31/a-growing-trend-in-russia-eco-villages/
  9. http://www.alternet.org/story/52077/why_working_less_is_better_for_the_globe
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