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  1. India had such a huge population the British couldnt do what France Portugal Spain did in the Americas.
  2. Pakistanis are such wannabees. They are kicked left and right by Turks,persians and arabs and still lick their boots.
  3. Yes but you think he is saying all of that because they care?
  4. last name isnt turkic though. He looks turkish-dutch mix i suppose. Probably atheist.
  5. These people cant even save their own even after having a military. Man these people need to look at themselves. I laugh when someone says india is the land of dharma. Biggest joke of the century.
  6. They are acting like the rest of india is some industrial utopia smh. Read the replies.
  7. But it is not possible for a women to work as well as take care of 4 children. If we want to entertain the idea of higher children then sikh men have to come to terms with having stay at home wives but is it possible when everything is becoming expensive? I mean the orthodox jewish women who have multiple kids usually stay at home and take care of the kids. For a working women taking care of 4 kids+work+running the home will be very difficult. Im not sure if men are okay with having stay at home wives in today's world?
  8. 15 million muslims?RIP lolllllll. Uk is gone. Maybe its their karma. But we are going to have to face the brunt of this as well.
  9. Hope he is for real lol not an agent. I mean cant trust no one in this world.
  10. our lot are desperate for any validation. It again comes down to us not having a country and being able to prove our potential.
  11. We can never kick them out of punjab with congress in power for sure.
  12. Im just syaing that no group is more traditional than others anymore. Most people have lost sharam except maybe muslims(compared to other groups they have more sharam imo).
  13. They have many schools in russia where they teach women how to get married to rich men from other countries lol.
  14. Lol this is true. They are notorious for being on those gold digger shows.
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