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  1. damn even pakistan is ahead wow.
  2. My dad's friend is a rss member and he had been trying for years to leave india and come to canada. You are mistaken if you think the right wingers are not trying to leave infact they are hypocrites who will support the same govt they escaped from once they move to a new country.
  3. What do you guys think will be the future of india in the next few decades? The country is becoming so much worse than before and there is a mass exodus of middle class people. Seems like very bad times are ahead.
  4. A hindu man killed 5 sikh farmers and no outrage . But anytime a sikh does something these people seem to have alot of problem. Cowards are only in power because of the useless backstabbing British not because of their merit or strength.
  5. So any hindu who might be reading this thread. why is it okay for hindus to kill minorites in the street and no one bats an eye but you have a lot of problem with sikhs solving their issue ? How many muslims did your community kill in the past few years on the basis of cow meat? Lol you all are the biggest terrorists and always act as the victim. Before the islamic invasion your upper caste people were violating lower caste people and then muslims did the same with your upper caste people but you people act like you are only the innocent victims and never the perpetrators.
  6. I was laughing so much . They literally lynch people in the streets for eating cow meat and when one sikh does something they all show their true colors. We are not like them . The nihang didnt kill an innocent person. Remember how they demolished babri msjid and attacked muslims. They always act as the victim but they are evil af.
  7. You can be as advanced as a country as you want but if your food source is controlled by a few then your people are at the mercy of those few. Without food their is no life unless you want to eat your smartphones.
  8. Also i hope these events that are happening open the eyes of those stupid indian Sikhs who tell us nri's about their so called brotherhood with a particular community in India.
  9. idky but i cannot leave punjab and forget about it because to me it is the land where our gurus originated from and spread the truth. It is like a part of my soul because i associate it with our gurus and religion just like Muslims have mecca as their holy land. I think we need to be clever and think about solutions . We did it in the past and i think we can do it again but we have to have faith and determination.
  10. Yup we need to resist these corporations as much as possible. The greed for money makes people do unimaginable things. So many of these corporations can help with world hunger but why would they ? Their goal is not to benefit humans but to squeeze us for as much profit they can make . They dont care if our planet is destroyed as long as they make money.
  11. Idk alot about the farm laws other than the msp scandal which i fully agree will be bad for farmers as i have no trust in corporations and we all know about the law and order in india but having our land under corporations is very dangerous. Once corporations control the source of food they control us humans. I am definitely not in favor of giving so much control to corporations as we all know their main goal is to make as much profit as possible at the expense of humans but someone on twitter was saying how since alot of young people from villages in punjab are moving out of india who will do
  12. wow lol I'm shocked. I thought you were punjabi by the way you talk since you have so much knowledge.
  13. naah not those our community as a whole. people thought we would be fine in india so we trusted that we would be fine being under another group of people who have been forever trying to change our religion.
  14. Our biggest mistake was trusting any other group other than our own. This is so strange. How is asking for a separate country being a terrorist. Do canadians call people from quebec or alberta terrorists because they want their own country?
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