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  1. What I mean is the names are so similar like majority of Punjabi have names like gurpreet harpreet harinder. Old school names are barely used. Its just weird to have majority of names sound so similar. The names are not an issue its the fact that literally majority of the names are so similar with no variation
  2. Sikhs had such beautiful names Baghel singh, Zorawer singh, Fateh Singh when did this manpreet harpreet came into being? It just shows cultural decadence.
  3. because their beloved Muslims would be affected. Our people are so dumb now its insane. They always want to virtue signal and prove how good they are.
  4. But the current generation of sikhs living in the west they are too soft, not talking about the ones who came in the 60s and 70s. The young Sikhs today in the west do you think these people care about things going bad in the future or have any plans? My point is people living in bad conditions in India who are already used to chaos and uncertainty will be much more prepared for hard times than people in the west living in comfort.
  5. Sikhs are unprepared not because they think that God will hand them the raaj on a platter but they are unprepared because they have gotten used to the comforts of life and think nothing is going to happen so no need to do anything. Just look at the state of the world in 2022. Things were not like this before 2020. The world can change any moment but alot of Sikhs are so used to comfort they think nothing is going to happen. Specifically the ones in western countries. People who are too used to comfort will be the worst hit by a war. In fact people in India living in worse conditions can face t
  6. China- Taiwan issue, Ukraine-Russia war, Israel bombing Gaza.... Will there be a world war by the end of this decade?
  7. The world would be way worse if these people were not born. I think their purpose is basically to direct people towards the truth. How did Baba Banda Singh Bahadur change after meeting Guru Gobind Singh jee? Many people who sometimes are on the wrong path realize the truth after meeting pure souls.
  8. yes if they are not born who will direct us manmukhs towards the right path in kalyug?
  9. The same group then boasts about being part of a diminishing 1.6% community and making way more contributions than their population. Literally destroying themselves to please others. Ravi singh also belongs to such groups. No Muslim will care if Hindus hate them or not because they know they have power. Powerless Sikhs are always begging left and right for the approval of others.
  10. They still boast about how the Brits thought of them as a martial race(to fool them into fighting their wars) and to this day they continue to die in wars for others instead of doing something for their own people. India does the same when they want Sikhs to die on the border for them but unfortunately this group wants to so badly prove their worth to others that they will die for others instead of being loyal to their community.
  11. Have you observed this kind of materialism among pakistani punjabis? Since growing up I have noticed it among sikhs around me even the well off ones , this never ending greed for more and more and judging others based on how much expensive things they have. I observed it among my relatives all the times. This extreme jealousy at the thought of another family member buying something expensive. I dont understand this. I noticed this when my mom used to gather around with the family ladies and they would constantly stare at each other's clothes and purses and what not. Even growing up all I saw i
  12. a few months back on the original video i saw a comment by a punjabi dude saying now even whites are accepting how great "brown munde" are lol.
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