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Found 7 results

  1. Sangat Ji, I'd like to know your views on the old case, concerning Suleman's Ghost ? was it all made up despite evidence and Sant Isher Ji involved? Was there some kind o rational explanation? Or... Was it all 110% true? Let me know YOUR views.
  2. I recently heard the recording of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib Wale communicating with a ghost. What was the context of this?
  3. I read somewhere once that some sikh guy beated a ghost up. Apparently he went out of his body by doing mool mantar and BEATED the ghost up! I wanna beat up ghosts too. How do i do it?
  4. Please read full PDF of Sant Isher Singh JI Rara Sahib Wale And Pir Suleman the ghost... Also provided is audio of the ghost speaking to sangat. PDF http://www.rajkaregakhalsa.net/audio/Katha/Sant%20Isher%20Singh%20Ji%20%28Rara%20Sahib%29/Exorcism%20of%20Suleman%20Ghost/Reincarnation_of_a_ghost_ENG.pdf Suleman
  5. Vjkk Vjkf Sri Guru Nanak Naam Lehvaa Sadh Sangat Ji, I know a gora (english) guy who talks to himself and its as if he's talking to people infront of him as he points and startes at them. I was woundering if he could see ghosts/spirits, hence he speaks to them, if sangat have anything on this topic please feel free to share Das,
  6. Guest


    basically yesterday I was researching about Michael Jackson and when I went bed I feel asleep but cos it was hot, I woke up laying in bed flustered and I just thought of Michael! and basically I felt very sleepy like my eyes where closing on me and I felt hands crossed on my neck and my arm was shaking and I could hear faintly in yh yh in Michaels voice.. and each time I closed my eyes this would happen, then I quickly recited waheguru and tried to keep my eyes awake and just kept on thinking of waheguru talking to him to help me and yh. it felt as if my atma was going.. very scary! I don't know what to do. I don't believe in ghost but im scared, what could this be? all I could see is micheal face! like faint stuff... its hard to exactly explain :| it was disturbing :| I felt like screaming
  7. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh sangat ji lets share any personal events or heard stories of the super natural, unlimited spirtual phenonmena some humans have experienced etc stories...ghost stories or other beings, un explained phenomenas, conspiracy theories, etc that sangat find interesting....interesting phenonmena...reason why i posted this in gupt section is because non members can posts and share if they have any, also some members may not feel comfortable or want to share personal events or some stories while on their original id and may find it better to be gupt, thus allowing everyone to share..i know their might be threads on some topics in past also, but its always good to get new voices and open thread to broader subjects...
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