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  1. Gur Fateh Ji, I want to become a true sikh and not one just in name and want to follow my 5 kakaars. But for that i have to stop getting my hair cut every month and i feel apprehensive about difficulties i will face in growing my hair. Can someone help me with the journey or more preferrably who has gone through this process before?? Thanks. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  2. How can one socialise in the United Kingdom while also being a true Singh? Im 16 and I almost always get looks and It feels like it's hard to make friends here. At one point I was thinking of trimming my beard and now that I look back at it, I realise how stupid I was. I don't want to loose my identity and all that the guru's taught us.
  3. "Why do Sikhs keep a traditional look by keeping Hair and Beard? Why are they not unto date with modern?" ----- This was a question asked to me by a Chinese 1 year ago and then a hindu replied "very good question". I have found the answer to this question finally, but first I want to hear what the SikhSangat.com forum has to reply if someone asks them the same question?
  4. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, I am leaving for the U.S Army in the next month (basic training for 10 weeks at a fort where I will be cut off from the rest of the world). So I wanted some tips on how to keep practicing Sikhi in an environment that is not so conducive to it. I'm having paperwork done to get the religious accommodation to keep my kes, dari and wear a dastaar. So that exception will be made (which is my biggest relief) but I have so many other questions! I would really appreciate the help from anyone but especially those who have been through the military or army basic training specifically. -How do you care for long hair when you have minimal time/products? -How do you wear a kachera when doing athletic activities all day long and wearing thick pants over? Did you wear one? I really want to but I also want to be practical. Are there special types of kachere sold? Like athletic ones? -Does anyone know of someone who has personally been through basic training and done the gas mask test with their beard? Was the mask seal adequate enough or did it leak air? -On Sundays everyone is allowed to attend a religious service, they have many available but have to make special accommodations if they don't have what someone needs. (They don't have Sikh services so they'll have to make one somehow) How does that work for Sikhs? Do have some granthi or parcharak come? Would they let you go off-base to Gurdwara? If they can't accommodate me then I'm thinking of just attending the Contemporary Christian services so I can sing God's praises there because I heard out of all the options, they sign the most. -How is the vegetarian food? I know MREs come in veg option. How was the overall experience? -Kirpan? Did you wear/bring one? Gatra? If they don't allow it then could I just ask them to issue me one of their approved military tac knives? -Dastaar? What kind of cloth, is it the typical kapra? Do they issue you one or expect you to buy one separtely that matches the camo pattern of the uniform? -Gurbani? You can't bring any books or text with you except for a religious or holy book, so I recently bought a Gutka that I want to bring. Will I even have time to read it? I bought a big one with like 10+ Banis, should I just bring a smaller 5 Bani Nitnem instead? This is my first Gutka ever since I normally just use phone apps, but we will get our phones taken away the first day, so a Gutka was necessary to buy for me. How should I treat it? I keep it wrapped in cloth when I'm not reading it, I know it's not exactly our Guru Granth Sahib but I still want to respect it correctly. What are the rules on how we treat Gutkas? How do you do this while traveling or away from home? Any other tips you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
  5. Guest

    Calling all women for advice

    Hi. I was wondering what you wear when you don’t remove body hair, do you stick to atleast cap sleeves? What if it’s really hot like next week is meant to be hot. What do you wear in the summer? I have seen a singhni wear cropped trousers but my legs have hair. I’ve never got close enough to see if she has and doesn’t care or if she just doesn’t. What about holidays, if you went to somewhere extremely hot for a beach holiday. What would you wear? Do you go swimming? Also what do you wear at the gym? I’ve only recently grown my hair and have a lot more than I’m use to. Do you dress trendy still or just stick to only baggy clothes?
  6. Guest

    Let's face it

    Warm greetings to all the readers, only in case the moderator finds the concepts of Sikhism strong enough to answer my thoughts that I am about to share. I am a sabat-surat sikh and I love tying my turban. I know I look good in a turban and I love the community that I am fortunately a part of. I love how we have truly become one of the most vital communities in maintaining peace on the planet.I had never been bothered by the history. I respected and was completely in condolence with what happened with our community in the last 3 decades in India after the events that took place in 1984 and I am no one to judge what went wrong and what went right. I never thought that the past of our community would decide the future of where we are taking Sikhism. But apparently, this is not the case. The more I explore the world, the more I come across the extremism that is going on in our people. I have always thought of myself as a normal human being, who belongs to the global community. Where my physical traits are not of much significance relative to my intellect. But this is clearly not the case. I am a sikh. And there are people who want to make us stand different than the global community. I am not sure if that's the right direction for any community to be. may it be Sikhs, the Muslims, the Jews, the Hindus or even the Christians. Clearing that out, I thought of myself as a normal human being until now. Someone with no limitations. Someone who can achieve anything by trying hard and putting effort on the cost of hard work and intellect. I have been in to the practice of meditation since 3 years. And this also has helped me understand Gurbani in a deeper way and feel more connected to the supreme consciousness. But there are some issues concerning me since more than 10 months now. I hope you guys can help me out.I work in a corporate environment, and I have been a very passionate student. I used to work for late hours in my college time and that has helped me make a good position on my professional front relative to my classmates. But due to some boundaries that have been defined in the education system, I wasn't able to get into the career position that I had always worked for. And that needs a lot of time and dedication. And that brings me to the point of this post. But before that, do you wonder the comfort level of a bride who is been dressed for the wedding with the heavy Joda and the accessories, plus the make-up and the head cover pinned with the hair (mostly a hairstyle that makes the head look in better shape to be covered with the dupatta of the joda). You guys know that such a dressed bride cannot even lay on bed for a nap if she needs. Her hairstyle would get spoilt. She cannot even cry properly due to the makeup. She cannot even think of washing her face with cold water if she feels hot. She cannot ride a fast speed bike and much more. And if I talk about adventure sports, you'd say I am insane. Right? We all have sympathies with such a girl on her wedding day for the torture that she faces in the name of dressing beautifully. Of course, she looks pretty. And she likes to feel like a queen on her special day. But she'd rather prefer not marrying if she has to carry the same torture everyday.Now, I hope you can relate the same with a sikh boy. Who has to take an extra 1 hour to get ready everyday. And then put himself in limitations for the whole day. I'll share what 99% of the sikh boys with sabat-surat personality in a fast working environment face. If someone has to put extra hours during the night for his personal growth(which can be extra learning for professional growth or some kind of a hobby that he follows), he still has to make it right at 6 o'lock in the morning if he wants to reach office by 9. This 3 hour gap only includes getting ready and having breakfast. I hardly see a working sabat-surat guy taking time for his basic needs in the morning like gyming and meditating and worshiping and having breakfast after tying a comfortable turban and beard comfortably all together and still reaching office in time. To make this happen, I have been skipping my breakfast everyday right from my childhood when I used to tie my patka and it used to take more than one trials sometimes to tie a comfortable and a neat patka. Then while riding off to the office on a 6 lane highway on my bike, the fear of getting my turban blown off exceeding a speed of 50 comes into play(I am not sure how many people have experienced it). Also, since wearing a helmet is not an option, the tan on the forehead has to be faced because the hankerchief cover only half of the face. Reaching the office, I finally deal with the discomfort of the last lard upon my ear which demands to be adjusted every 5 mins when I need to focus on a really sophisticated piece of code with full concentration. and adjusting the larh, I need to go to the washroom every 1 hour to see if I have not accidentally deformed my turban. And sometimes, I get a complimentary headache along. And if you are saying that the turban is not the cause of the ache, I agree with you. but it adds to the pain and if you deny that, I am not sure if you are human. And this brings off the first half of the day with struggle. I have been an athlete when I was a kid, jumping off, participating in gymnastics and what not. I still am in a nice health due to the habits that I have been able to cultivate as a child. But maintaining all of those is now becoming very tough. Working in office for more than 11 hours everyday that too in an exhausting manner as mentioned in the previous paragraph, and knowing that only reaching home and resting with a free head atleast could comfort you, you cannot have the courage to spend an hour in the office gym wearing the turban, where almost every excercize that you do would come with a fear of not spoiling your turban, and worse, you can't think of doing cardio and let your turban absorb all the sweat so that you are not eligible for social gatherings with the same sweaty and uncomfortable turban which stinks. My fellow mates can afford to go to the gym in the morning when all they have to do is wake up and brush their teeth and leave for the office gym. The workout and take a bath in the gym itself. I can't even think of doing that knowing my chores that include tying my beard with a spray and a hairdryer and also the complete course of tying the turban and that too in proper light and electricity and proper space. We don't find that in the gym. I have missed a lot of days of my excercise only because of the discomfort that I feel with the turban or the days when some strands from my beard would strangely come out and instantly make me loose all my confidence for the rest of the day or some days when my turban would be in an uncomfortable shape... no matter how much urge I feel to work out. It happens. Ever wondered why most sikh guys are out of shape? We are not made for the regular healthcare efforts. We have an additional burden to handle all the time. I know some of you would say that I should try tying a parna or a dumala for workout, but in a corporate setting when I am not sure about the meetings that have to happen and I am not sure about the formal dress code, I cannot tie the same parna everyday. ie. It gives a tradeoff between having a good corporate look or a sporty comfort for gym, I have to choose one. Isn't that clearly a limited way of living? Some of you must be managing it. I too occassionaly tie a mini turban the day I want to have a good workout. Some of you guys would be using the local gym in your colony and would be going there after returning from office and trying a parna or a cap. But in a place where commuting between the office and home takes 1.5 hour, I don't think would fit my schedule. I was always fascinated by skydiving. As I child I would imagine myself falling in the winds without any limits of what actually would be the scenario. But now, I am having a difficult time to decide the kind of turban I would wear when I would be on a trip with my better half without compromising my personality. And yes, I have a hindu girlfriend who like me the way I am and doesn't ever want me to cut my hair. There fore, I had thought be keeping my wish of skydiving as a wish only. I thought I would never choose to go for such adventure sports and hoped that I would never get an opportunity. But my company is sending me to US with my team for a conference where all of us would also be having a tour and skydiving is in the intenary. I am doomed. Yes, I know guru maharaj and many other martyrs sacrificed a lot for the community. I should be ashamed of thinking the way I am thinking. But you see, when we talk about this with some one they say that they gave their lives for 'hair' ignoring the fact that all that mattered to them were 'principles' in which keeping hair was just another factor. There's difference between the two statements. I hope you know that. And most of the hype comes from the females who don't face such issues because no matter if a girl has cut her hair or not, keeping it requires the same efforts as a hindu girl would do. And we all know, most of the sikh girls now a days, freely trim their hair and make hype if a sikh boy does the same. And If we think philosophically, the martyrs sacrificed their lives once and for all and became eternal, but we guys are doing such sacrifices everyday by limiting our lives and living in discomfort and limits. I don't find it fair enough. We all know that turban destroys the hairline. Aren't we modifying the nature's course by the turban's traction instead of scissors? I won't cut my hair. I don't have the courage to face the taunts of my relatives and the sadness of my parents. Moreover, the damage that has happened to my hair can't be reversed, so theirs no use of cutting it. But one thing is for sure that I am unable to respect this concept in our religion. And I would forever find it unfair...
  7. I stopped cutting a couple of months ago. My hair is about shoulder height now. I have thick hair, growing at medium-fast pace. I am young guy. My question is how long do you think it will take for my hair to reach it's final length? I looked up some info online, there's not much surprisingly, some say a 3-5 years some say more like 7+ years.. Thanks
  8. When someone asks why Sikhs don't cut their hair, most people on the internet and in real life try to be oversmart and end up giving stupid reasons. Like "hair is a gift from god and we honor that" or "it makes us stand out" or "we maintain the form that god gave us" . Even if these answers are partially true, these are not the reason we keep our hair. So why do we keep our hair? Because the Guru said so. Simple as that. [ Sikh - student (of the Guru) ] So when someone asks you, Why do you not cut your hair? Answer, because My Guru said so.
  9. Can anybody share some tips for treating trichobacteriosis without cutting the hair off? It's not as serious as it sounds and is pretty common. It is the condition wherein the hair strands near sweat glands (armpits/groin) develop a sort of coating/nodule of bacteria around them. I'm asking this because I don't wanna cut the hair off. Thanks for your help in advance!
  10. Is it for remaining pure? It seems arbitrary that God would want us to keep it for the sake of letting everything grow? What is the advantage in that, literally? I thought that hair had vitamins in but there is no research for this?
  11. Guest


    I recently got new watches as gifts and I always have that thing in my mind that my kesh should not be damaged or broken, but when I wear the watch at once I tried tieing it tight so that the watch doesn't move around and pull hair, but I saw broken kesh would I have to pesh for this? and when I wear i watch i always feel like my kesh are getting pulled?
  12. Guest

    Cutis verticis Gyrata

    I was combing my hair with my kanga after washing my hair and I felt bumps on my head. After looking in the mirror and looking around online, I found out I have Cutis Verticis Gyrata (CVG). The only cure is surgery! The only thing I can think of (and what my mom says) is that I tie my joora too tight and caused this. Is there any medical person that can give some advice?
  13. Guest

    Taking care of hair

    Sangat Ji I am a young sikh and have been experiencing some hair loss issues. I was wondering what i could do to take care of my hair. Also do sikhs use hair products to take care of their hair? Thank you for your replies
  14. Guest

    Plucking hair

    I was combing my hair I washed it earlier and my hair get really curly, when I try to take out the tangles it is a struggle and takes me approximately an hour to take out the tangles, yesterday when I was taking out the tangles I accidentally pulled a hair with my hand while doing so also I was slowing doing khanga to take out the tangles, and when I accidentally broke the kesh with my hand I felt very devastated, are there any gursikhs out there to help me, I've done ardass is this fine enough or do I require to pesh.
  15. Guest

    Combing eye brow hair

    Is it alright to comb eye brow hair with kangha or a hair brush/daari walla brush? It feels to me when I do, it does beadbi of the kesh and I shouldnt be doing it.
  16. Guest


    My pyjama was inside out and I was day dreaming almost whole I put the pyjama on my arm and when I was pinching the pyjama to straighten it I felt a hair getting pulled, I've down path and ardass.
  17. I am very old like 17 and still havent learnt how to do my jooda or wear a parna ive searched on youtube many times and have tried to do it like the video says but it is too hard because i got really long hair, its getting very annoying because everyone else can do and i cant. Do you guys do jooda on the front of your head or at the back, people say its alots easier to do it at the back. If i do it at the back then how am i supposed to do the parna as it will look very unnatural as i got really long hair. And what happened to the security check thing, it wasnt working.
  18. Guest

    Nail cutter

    So I was cutting my nails on my foot and the nail cutter slid of and hit the hair on my feet and I may have accidentally cut hair, will I be fine?
  19. Guest


    I was putting saban (soap) with saban di tiki, when I was rubbing the soap on my chest, the hair got stuck between the soap (saban di tiki) and my hand in which I have pulled hair accidentally.
  20. Guest

    Long hair problems

    I'm not trying to troll like some people on here talking about hair. I have a genuine question. My hair takes a long time to dry and I usually wash my hair during amritvela once every 2 days because My job is very physically demanding but this means it interferes with my nitnem because apparently you can't do nitnem without your head covered. So now I have a problem. Can I just cover my hair with a ramaal like mona Singhs do when they go gurdwara or does it have to be a dastaar while I do nitnem? if I'm not then can Anyone tell me some tips to dry hair super quick in like 15 minutes or so because I have to be out of the house pretty quick. Thanks so much
  21. Guest

    Dastar and hair

    I was tieing dastaar and there were a lot of dead hair stuck on my dastaar as my dastaar hit the box that has all the dead hairs, I took them off and as I took carried on with tieing the dastaar I found more hairs but they were stuck so I pulled them, I suppose they were the dead hairs hence the reason why I pulled on them, would this require peshi?
  22. Guest

    Khanga arm

    While I was sleeping I was holding a big kanga in my hand and I was trying to move around to find a comfortable positions , but while I was moving I accidentally put the khanga up against my Kara (bent wrist, same hand) and while I was trying to move around the kangha pressed hard against the Kara and I felt some hair breaking I felt very bad about this happening, will this require peshi or am I fine, I am 100% confident that I didn't have any intention but I still feel bad about myself.
  23. Guest

    Pimple hair

    I had a pimple on my beard and was pressing it really hard with a kangha, is it considered a kureit if I broke I kesh while I was pressing the pimple, I was pressing pretty hard because the pimple wouldn't pop.
  24. Guest

    Hair Dye

    Guru Fathe, I was wondering if anyone can advise.... I am 27 and have gone considerably white all over my head - to the point where people think I am the mother to 20 year old kids! I don't think that Sikhi allows me to dye my hair but not sure after reading a few things on the internet. Would be greatful from some advice.
  25. Here is a photo of the clips I use with my juura. A tight jura fastend tightly with these two or three locking clips under a dastar keeps even long kesh securely together if ever dastar gets knocked off.
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