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Found 5 results

  1. Guest

    Let's face it

    Warm greetings to all the readers, only in case the moderator finds the concepts of Sikhism strong enough to answer my thoughts that I am about to share. I am a sabat-surat sikh and I love tying my turban. I know I look good in a turban and I love the community that I am fortunately a part of. I love how we have truly become one of the most vital communities in maintaining peace on the planet.I had never been bothered by the history. I respected and was completely in condolence with what happened with our community in the last 3 decades in India after the events that took place in 1984 and I a
  2. Guest

    I want to cut my hair.

    So I’m in grade 6 without a patka but I have a rumal. I live in Australia and have my whole life so kids here are getting aware of Sikhs but most don’t know I am (due to me not wearing a patka or paag). My mum wasn’t very pushy for me to wear a patka but my grandpa was. Now people are saying to my mum “your son is in grade 6 and still doesn’t wear anything to cover his head” (those people are from my gurudwara and culturel community. Once people said that, my mum has pushed me to do something harder than anything before in my life. I’ve got a cousin and a brother who both have cut their hair.
  3. Guest

    Hair Cut In Passport

    I have a hair cut in my current passport photo but in the last couple of years i have kept my kesh. I wanted to know hass anybody had any experience of travelling abroad like this?/was there any troubles you faced? i am planning to travel soon and have not got time to renew my passport.
  4. Ive always had a question in my mind say if a mona wakes up at amritvilla and starts doing nitnem then is he also getting kamai or phul out of it ! Or do you have to be amrit dhari to only get kamai ??? My cuzin asked me this question i thought it was the latter but not quite sure so plz do shed some light on this topic ! Thanks in advance...
  5. Guru Pyari Sat Sangat Jio, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Please help us to put a stop to this Beadbi. The building in the photo belongs to the Gurdwara complex and the President in his infinite wisdom has decided to allow a hairdresser and tobacconist to set up business in the building. PLEASE CONTACT THE PRESIDENT OF THE GURDWARA TO PROTEST AND DEMAND THE CLOSURE OF THE BUSINESSES. Yours humbly Daasakedaas
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