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Found 6 results

  1. The real true and ugly evil face of shiv sena and other hindu nationalists online is coming out under the BJP Modi government ...for years they laid dormant until now. Anti-sikh hindu extremists from various hindu outfits have been feeding their followers lies against Sikhs since 1950s ever since punjabi suba movement started for autonomy for Sikh northern areas as was promised by congress. And they fed their very low intelligence hindu population more lies about Sikhs killing hindus when it was hindu brahmins dressed up as Sikhs aided and facilitated by the RAW who went around killing both sikhs and politicians and low caste hindu laborers. These hindu extremists told lies that Sant bhindranwale was raping women in darbar sahib when in actual fact he gave his congregation orders not to spare anyone who tries to rape women and he even helped rescued many hindu women from gangsters. Nowadays they tell lies these days that sant bhindranwale had ordered the killing of 30,000 hindus and now its 40,000? next year they will say 50,000. When in reality police and official records show most of those killed before operation blue star was Sikhs and only a few dozen hindus mostly from clashes with police or with Sikhs during protests and riots. Over 1000 Sikhs murdered during operation blue star using tanks and heavy weaponary the type to use against a national enemy, akal takht destroyed countless historical artifacts looted and destroyed. Then came the delhi riots over 5,000 murdered in horrific way stabbing, raping and burning alive in just 3 days of state violence. More than 1,000 Sikhs murdered per day.... The fact is 50,000 Sikh youths from punjab were disappeared basically murdered by the indian state during 90s so called period of militancy. India to this day did not allow amnesty international to investigate nor did it own up to its own past in its killings of all those innocent Sikhs.and these evil rats from congress party and hindu outfits do not regret their crimes. They think the murders and loss of innocent sikh life is justified because they been fed lies by a very powerful propaganda machine
  2. Court directs Google India to remove videos on Sikh Gurus The court restrained Google India Pvt Ltd from uploading or publishing any video or article containing hate speeches and derogatory remarks against any religion, in particular against Sikh gurus and the religion india Updated: Nov 02, 2017 20:59 IST A Delhi court on Thursday directed the Google India Pvt Ltd to remove within a week certain videos and articles allegedly containing hate speeches and derogatory remarks against Sikh religion and its gurus on YouTube, Facebook and other websites. Civil Judge Jasjeet Kaur, during in-chamber proceedings, passed an ex-parte interim injunction (restraining order), noting that prima facie it appeared that Sakshi Bhardwaj, the person who allegedly uploaded videos, had made derogatory remarks against Sikh Gurus and their family members. According to advocate Gurmeet Singh who had sought an ex-parte injunction on a plea moved by one G S Wali, the court said the followers of Sikh faith were likely to feel grave insult to their religious sentiments by continued circulation of such videos of on social media. Moreover, social harmony and law and order situation was likely to get adversely affected, if Google India Pvt Ltd was not restrained from publication of the derogatory videos, the court is believed to have said. The court restrained Google India Pvt Ltd and its officials from uploading or publishing any video or article containing hate speeches and derogatory remarks against any religion, in particular against Sikh gurus and the religion. The court also directed Google India to remove all the videos featuring Bhardwaj, which were already in circulation on social media platforms within seven days. Singh told the court that hate speeches were in circulation on the social media for several days and were likely to spread communal disharmony. He also alleged that Google India had refused to remove the offensive videos of Sakshi Bhardwaj from YouTube, its subsidiary, without intervention of the court. The court also issued notice to the Google India and Delhi Police Commissioner on the plea and posted the matter for further hearing on November 22. The petitioner has also sought a direction to the Delhi police to form a a team to keep a check on the social media to prevent the uploading of any such video.
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/14/we-cannot-let-religious-conservatives-poison-our-society--whethe/ ------------------- Yes the indian government agents are hard at work. First they tried to link ISIS with canadian sikh woman and now this. The left wing media is just as racist as the right wing media. But if it was a muslim or jewish issue the left wing media will have defended the jews/,muslims even the right wing media defend Jews but when it comes to Siksh there is overt discrmination. We have no voice to counter their narrative in the mainstream media. These Indian agents love to malign the british sikh community for a reason because its strong, traditinalist and growing in faith. They hate Sikhs, Sikhism and the right of self determination of Khalistan. Are Western Sikhs sleeping? Yes they are it seems so we cant really blame the indian agent enemies of Sikhs to have a free reign in the biased media without any voice of from the oppressed minorities ....ie the sikh traditionalists/conservatives.
  4. ACCORDING TO SIKH CHANNEL DELHI UNIT REAL CULPRIT IS HERE IN THE PICTURE 1 arrested vani gupta at akhnoor police station F.i.r register 341 323 295 307 Attempted murder case also registered
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3535635/Are-Kate-William-targeted-ISIS-Delhi-Police-hunt-female-jihadi-suspected-travelling-Indian-capital-launch-attacks-Royal-tour.html
  6. Tandon voices concern Tribune News Service Chandigarh, May 6 A member of the BJP core committee and former minister Balramji Dass Tandon today said a small section of radicals should not be allowed to play with the hard-earned peace in the state. Referring to developments related to Bluestar Memorial, he said the SAD and the SGPC should take a clear stand against the memorial being dedicated to militants. He said the memorial should have been a tribute to the more than 20,000 innocent persons who were either killed by terrorists and or who went down fighting for the countrys unity and integrity. Tandon said no space should be given to radical elements to dictate terms to political and religious leaders in the state. Appealing to the Akal Takht chief, Tandon said the issue should be resolved immediately to maintain communal harmony and peace in the state.
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