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Found 7 results

  1. Sangat Jio, Due to my new work shift being 2pm I have a new routine on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When I wake I wash my face, brush, 5 Baania, breakfast, do a few brain teasers, exercise, THEN do a full body ishnaan. A second best idea but I don't do would be exercise first, ishnaan then 5 Baania. It doesn't make sense to do two body Ishnaan both in the morning. I know some may do it, even three times a day! But it depends on how we all think. Doing it this way makes me happy and it feels good. Adding to: it doesn't matter how or what we do but we all should attempt
  2. I got extremely curly hair that is hard to keep un tangled and un knotted. Any one got any tips for keeping curly kesh under control between washes?
  3. WaheguruJiKaKhalsaWaheguruJiKiFateh ji I would like to know if it is necessary to do kesi ishnaan after having s*x??
  4. I thought if we have love for our guru like a child would with a father then having to shower again wouldn’t have to be a requirement especially if you’ve cleaned yourself and changed clothes and everything? Isn’t just one ishnaan necessary to sit and do paath next to your guru?
  5. I’m totally confused right now after having some discussion with some Singh’s regarding having an Ishnaan before sitting on the Tabia of Maharaj. When asking for “where is it written” no one could answer the question or even provide a logic so I’m asking the sangat here to provide me some answers. I get before sitting on the Tabia you have to have full ishnaan from head to toe. Now during Raul I’ve been told that if I go for a piss then I should do panj ishnaan. But if I were to go for a dump then I have to have a full ishnaan head to toe. I can understand the logic between the two to som
  6. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh ji Ok so when you wash, kachhera gets wet and when it clings to your body, your body becomes visible through the kachhera. The kachhera i wear are real good quality barekaan kachheray. How to go about this? In Punjab where Singh have ishnaan at Sarover in the open, the afore mentioned situation occurs. So should Singh have ishnaan out in the open? Or like we expect bibiya to have ishnaan in shelter, we too follow this precedent? The whole kaam arguement works both ways- bibiya are not some alien being immune to kaam. Also the way we wear a kachher
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