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Found 3 results

  1. Imagine your a muslim or a christian and you wanted to groom and a convert a unbelieving hell bound individual as per your backward ideology. How would you go about it? I'm trying to understand the mindset of these parasites so we can develop strategies to counter then and protect our vulnerable youths from their propaganda techniques.
  2. Either this guy is mentally ill or is sane and a complete disgrace to his family and Sikh community. He is a druggie and alcoholic got into a car crash which killed his muslim mate and now he has converted to islam to make up for his muslim mates death. What kinda madness is going inside the heads of some of our youth? I'm guessing and suspect his muslim mate was a drug dealer and other criminal muslims within his social circle have pressurized and probably threatened him to convert or suffer consequences. I know there is a huge problem in UK prisons also with muslim criminals in gangs forcing non-muslims to convert on jail or suffer physical attacks. ================ ‘I’m converting to Islam to atone for my friend’s death’ 11 May 2017 STRATFORD A Sikh driver who killed his friend after a drink and drugs binge has been jailed for four years and 10 months. Gurvinder Mudhar, 25, downed vodkas mixed with energy drinks and smoked cannabis two hours before he flipped his Honda Civic, killing 31-year-old Zeigum Mohammed. Mudha, who had no driving license or insurance and comes from a Sikh family, has since converted to Islam to ‘atone’ for killing his Muslim friend. He swerved in and out of traffic and… source: http://courtnewsuk.co.uk/im-converting-islam-atone-friends-death/
  3. Hi I am not sikh but hindu punjabi however I do have Sikh relatives and learning about sikhi online. I came to this forum to ask for advice my older sister whose over 21 now and has run off with a muslim guy of pakistani origin and rumors are that she was pregnant so felt she had to run away and converted to islam for him. She is currently living in a flat on rent with him but she wont tell us where exactly they staying. We live in a muslim dominated part of the UK where muslims out number non-muslims in schools and colleges and it was at college that she started to secretly date muslim guys but she never told me about this until recently. Recently I found out she was seeing a guy secretly who she had met from instagram, our family isnt very religious but they believe in pundits and babay and go mandir and bhawans time to time. So to find out my sister might have converted to islam is a massive shock for us and has put added trouble in the family where we have got a bad name now in the community. When I last spoke to my sis she said she loved this guy and she wants to marry him. I feel as if I should have stepped in sooner to stop from all this happening but now i think its too late. What if anything can I do to make her see sense or bring her back into the family? Our family isnt the only one who are experiencing this crisis I have learn many other british indian families also are suffering the same thing happening to their daughters and sisters.
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