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Found 6 results

  1. SO a quick question. Why does the intermediate link go to a jatha based yotube page with jatha biased views? Would it not be better to go towards a link like Nanak Naam which the whole sikh sangat can go to, something the whole sikh sangat can agree on instead of doing the jatha bias this website is still known for?? Gurmat Bibek youtube can be weird sometimes, and just lack any enthusiasm compared to basics of sikhi and nanak naam! Seriously why don't they smile on that channel, why is there a lack of glow on their faces that normal human beings have, I have so many questions??!! I can't take them seriously, they look they are going to cry any second! Also they commit beadbi of Benti Chaupai on their channel by reading the Teja Bhasauria-cut version, cutting bani before Arril! If they read Benti Chaupai according to an excommunciated sikh, then how can their channel be called Gurmat bibek. Basics of sikhi and Bhai Jagraj Singh have santhiya and a higher understand of bani and gurmat. A sikh who has done santhiya will never cut out benti chaupai. It clearly shows the lack of sikhi understanding and spreading manmatt on their channel, please use good judgment before posting channels as intermediate!
  2. WJKK WJKF I have a question. Is it mainly Singh's who complain over Maryada and Jathebandian? Do Singhni's also engage in these type of conversations? (Not being sexist or stereotypical or anything, just out of curiosity. I mainly see Singh's get involved in this type of stuff)
  3. Guest

    Sikh Without Jatha

    VJKK VJKF! I am new to Sikhi and do not have a 'jatha'. I understand there are various jathas that bless their sangat with Amrit, each with their interpretation of the rehat that the baptised should follow. For example, common difference include: Keski v Kes Some allow Amrit to be blessed on those without Amritdhari spouses Only consumption of food prepared by Amritdharis v not eating the 'leftovers' of non-amritdharis - the latter being not concerned with who prepared the food Consumption of tea / coffee v it being forbidden etc etc I have no jatha as mentioned below. In my opinion, giving your head to the Guru and adopting the prescribed rehat are the only things that matter. However, given the large variance in interpretation, I am concerned as to what is actually according to Guru Rehat and what has been modified etc. over time. All I wish to get the blessing of is Amrit and uphold it with the blessing of the Guru. I do not want any hankaar in 'picking' the jatha and amrit requirements that best suit my desired lifestyle. Hope this helps. Regards,
  4. Daas has watched Jagowale Jatha's youtube videos of recent regarding the Dhumma / Dhadrianwale incident and honestly I'm so disappointed with what their coming out with.. They're claiming all sorts of claims, saying it Dhumma's claims were all in line with Maryada - honestly, Jagowale are one of the reasons I got into Sikhi and seeing their personal views and statements is seriously put me off. Anyone else seen their youtube videos / Smethwick Gurdwara meeting videos?
  5. Please check our website for daily updates of worldwide program recordings. We have been offline for a while but now are back up with lots of new unique content uploaded. Any suggestions/comments welcome. Still in the works of brushing up the look of the website. SIKHVIBES.COM Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fateh!
  6. Anyone who has been following the story of Kala-Afghana, Prof Darshan Singh and Missionaries know that they have a couple of key lines that they keeeeepppp on repeating again and again and again and again. What are they? "We only believe in Guru Granth Sahib" "We only follow Guru Granth Sahib" "Guru Granth Sahib is everything for us" "We don't look at anything other than Guru Granth Sahib" "We are Guru Granth Sahib's Sikhs and nothing/no-one else's" And for many years now, they have theoretically through the internet and some conferences in banquet halls, etc, started a campaign which comes under many names. The following few come directly to mind: "Sikhi Lehar", "Ikaa Bani, Ik Gur, Iko Shabad Veechaar", "Guru Granth Da Panth", etc. Well now, it has finally materialized. This is a very critical moment in modern Sikh History, as if successful, Sikhi will be changed almost completely. Prof. Darshan Singh has created a new Jatheybandi or Jathaa. It's supposedly not for politics and only for Dharam/Religion. The name? Guru Granth Da Khalsa Panth. First of all, isn't he excommunicated? Yet shamelessly he still has very strong support all around the world from brainwashed individuals. Second of all, only Guru Granth is what they want to talk about. Remove Akal Takht Sahib and other Takhts and Jathedaars. Remove all other granths and literature. Remove Amrit Sanchaar as well as much more. They only want Guru Granth Sahib left. What they are practically doing is, through their sweet talk, they are cornering Sikhi into a dead end. With no where to go. "We only have Guru Granth Sahib and nothing else". And then, when there is nothing else except one Granth... that will be their most major chance to finish Sikhi once and for all. If there was a time for Panthic Jatheybandees to unite, it would be now. Because I can surely tell you that these missionaries have a lot of strength and power. They have become ever increasingly popular through their sweet talk and acting on Gurdwara stages. They have the media behind them too. They come on almost every punjabi program and almost every radio program and have been in the majority of Gurdwaras around the world as well. Keep your eyes open. This is clearly another tactic to get Sikhs against one another and cause further divisions. Because think about it. Every Sikh respects Guru Granth Sahib Jee. So there is no need for this new Jatha to be created. Right? Oh yeah, here's the link: http://.org/newspics/2013/01%20Jan%202013/08%20Jan%2013/07%20Jan%2013%20PDS%20makes%20GGDKP%20jathebandi.htm
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