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Found 7 results

  1. WJKKWJKF Sangat ji, what're your views on a Surgeon / Doctor taking off their kara and putting it in their pockets? And other workplace with no jewellery/ Kara strict policy?
  2. Guest

    Removing Kakkar

    Is there a guide in Sikhi that tells you how to keep your Kakkar when you’re having personal physical with your wife?
  3. Does abyone wear large (thick, chunky) sarbloh karas as opposed to the normal thin ones? Seeking sangats experiences, are there people who wear them all the time and keep them on at all times? Has anyone had any issues going through airports? Do they need to be removed if a certain size? What about at work? Whilst it doesnt matter what people think and always have to explain etc. Should there be consideration for the size of the kara?
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. I recently purchased this Sri Sahib from India and have removed all it's packaging. I have a few questions regarding it's care. 1.) I have been oiling the blade with coconut oil once a month but because the bade is curved and circular (in width) how would I retain it's keenness? How can I sharpen it on a whetting stone? 2.) What do I polish the handle with? 3.) The bottom of the sheath is metal as well, how do I stop it from blackening and dulling; how do I keep it clean and polished? 4.) The sheath is similar to leather but stitched, any tips on taking care of it?
  5. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, does anyone have any suggestions for where Daas can get high quality kirpans? (Daas would prefer not getting the KhalsaKirpans that cost crazy just because they have some fancy jewels). Does anybody know where to get high quality affordable Kirpans? (Also none of those mass produced shastars as they don't seem as strong).
  6. You know how sikhi is a practical dharam.. Then why do we wear the 5 K's in the west? I mean realistically when would we use our kirpan. Isn't it better to learn mma, boxing etc. which are much more practically and if you get in a fight, can use and not get a prison sentence for / someone told me sikhism is based on the time, so like the first 5 guru sahibs didnt wear a kirpan (cuz it wasnt needed) but then the next 5 did cuz of the situtation with the mughals. So like in the west it's peace, the law doesnt really let us use kirpana. so what's the practical reason? what do you think>??
  7. I recently broke my kangha wand was wondering if I should cremate it. And if so how?
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