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Found 9 results

  1. I have read some of the debates about this and I just want to share my opinion in a couple of sentences. It doesn't matter if your gay or straight. Vahguru won't judge you on that. What mainly matters is your actions and did you connect to God. I believe that if your Christian Dharam Rai will judge you as a Christian. So did you read the Bible do you follow Jesus but no matter what faith or sexuality you are all get judged by these two things. Karam and Naam.
  2. UK "sikhs" can be a different kind of ignorant. The level of colonialism in your way of thinking is astonishing but not a surprise being that you live in the land of sikhi's infiltraters and opressors. But I digress, you guys are nothing more than evangelical Christians with turbans on. You know nothing of the Hindustan that sikhi was founded in. Only the post British India they you are used. But I'll leave u with this. The Oneness is everything and everyone. To express this level of hate and mockery towards people is to express hate and mockery to yourself and the divine. Wake up from your slumber. You have not seen God yet. Your life leaving you very quickly. You dont have much time left. Free yourself from the prison you've built yourself. I wish i was optimistic but Im not. I already know what you will say. I just have one request. Please Slander me. Please slander my love for the guru. Please slander my experience of life. Please slander me. with love, a Fellow Gay Sikh Finally two people who have some sense and share my views,bruh i agree with both of ya'll.at the same time we have other sikhs here saying u are sikh and then not accepting hukam what kind if a sikhi is that,being LGBT is hukam you can say all u want but it is hukam people are born that way,understand it accept it it is bhana,and ik my message is gonna fall on blind ears and i gonna be "disproved" in some crazy irrational way but atleast i did my part,and both of the ppl whose posts i have quoted ( i.e. posts from @hellothere and @BlessedToBeGay),i frigging agree with u 100% i wrote my reply separtely bcos the original topic was i a plae where guests cant reply,so idk,also tell me if Akaal Purakh is in every molecule of existence are us lgbt folk not part of this universe and also you listen to bhai jagraj singh ji and even to the parts where he is with the lgbtq+ community,y'all dont listen to him there do u and for those of you who didnt know daas guest singh is LGBT,he is . BAM!
  3. Guest

    Please help LGBT

    Hi, please submit my response . I need help . i am singh, trying to get all on the path of sikhi . I am a young male . I have realized that I am gay. I feel ashamed , and don’t know how to live with myself . Please help me, what do I due ? How can I cure myself . So many years of denying , and finally accepting this is how my brain works . Please help
  4. just have a look see at this .it is a good vid with explaination and common sense
  5. this is absolutely pathetic what is the world coming to this is the society that we are gnna be raising our kids these freaks need to be rounded up and sent to a forest these sickos are corrupting the mind of children and now kids have to learn about the lgbt people in schools my white college told me how his 13 yr old son came home one day and said he is bisexual because the teachers at his school said to the kids that they can be what they wanna be so he said some of his friends have chosen a sexuality while others are still deciding look at these freaks
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/jiwandeepkohli/status/1134936235468660737?s=08 Thoughts?
  7. I have often at times wondered why I am the way I am , but I also remember 101% that I didn't have a choice in it. If something makes me happy and I do have many such things in life thanks to god, then I often think its not just gurprasad but I earned it by some noble deeds in past lives. As Guru Nanak dev ji says in Japji sahib "Jeti sirath upaai vekha, vin karma ke miley layi" (As vast the world I see with all things in it, without good karma what can I receive and get ). The world is full of food, yet millions go hungry, world is full of clothes , yet millions go naked, so much of land is there on earth and yet homelessness . Because without karmas, we can't get even though world is full , as Japji sahib indicates. So , if homosexuality is a handicap (as it is usually due to social unacceptance) , did I do something horrible in my past life to deserve it ? Since sikhi has nothing to say on this topic, I read on other eastern religions. Buddhism for instance says homosexuality is a predicament due to previous life (joon) misconduct and that homosexuals should follow the dharmic way to attain salvation, because in the end "this too shall pass".
  8. Im confused about how i should feel with the current events surroinding the LGBT community as a sikh. I accept that you cant be gay and be sikh or you can but you have to remain celbate for life, there is no mention of beging gay in gurbani and it is deemed un natural and lustful and part of kaljug and kaam, but does this mean we should be against it? surely sikhi would be against discrimination and inequality, and me being someone who has experienced discrimination bc of being sikh and a minority like many of us probably have its hard to be against it as we feel emepthetic, but, does this mean therefore that we should support it ? im really confused on the opinion i should have tbh lol, and p.s i'm not gay aha, it just something that people have asked me about and what the sikh opinion on it is and i cant really give a difinitive answer on it because i dont know enough, my opinion right now is leaning on the side that we should be nuetral and hence support it as everyone should be free to pursue their happiness and choose their life freely but at the same time understand that a sikh has responsibilities to live in the footsteps of our gurus. and if you are sikh you cannot do things that may be accepted by the rest of the world as 'okay' and normal, like smoking or drinking thats only my take on it tho, i look forward to reading others views and making a solid opinion fromt that and gurbani.
  9. Gurfateh Ji Please find attached the Sarbat (LGBT Sikhs) statement on the UK Same Sex Marriage Bill (PDF). Incase of difficulty opening the attachment, the text version is below. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Sarbat Sarbat statement on the UK Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill We at Sarbat are delighted to see the second reading of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill overwhelmingly voted in favour by a majority of MPs (400 to 175). The Bill will extend the legal form of marriage to lesbian, gay and bisexual couples and permit religious groups to perform such marriages should they wish. This is an important step towards equality for same sex couples. An overwhelming majority of the public now favour allowing same sex couples to marry, and support has increased rapidly. Most people now agree that it will strengthen, and not weaken the institution of marriage. Sarbat actively promotes the rights of LGBT Sikhs. The Sikh faith enshrines equality for all and it does not discriminate against gay men or women who wish to make a life-long commitment to each other. We believe that there is no room for discrimination within our community for being who we are. Indeed, Sikhism being a progressive religion, built upon the fundamental principle of “all being equal” – any such discrimination would be going against Sikhi itself. There is no reason why a committed Sikh couple should not be allowed to get married in a Gurdwara. The Lavaan (Sikh Wedding Hymns) are also non-gender specific, and so same-sex marriage is possible within the Sikh Dharam. However, most Gurdwaras (Sikh places of worship) in the current time would be reluctant to conduct a same-sex marriage because of an edict made by the Jathedar (Leader) of the Akal Takht in 2005 which banned same sex marriages. Sarbat’s view is that this guidance is flawed. It is based more on cultural and personal bias, rather than on a view of Gurbani (holy scriptures). Furthermore, the guidance issued is contrary to Sikh teachings. This statement is not in the spirit of his appointment, which is to promote Sikhi values and principles and to issue guidance and statements that are rooted in Sikhi. We invite the Jathedar Sahib to issue a clarification of his original statement, explaining what Sikh principles and teachings he draws on to reach his conclusion. The Jathedar has been heavily criticised in the past for making ill-judged comments. The case of the Delhi rape victim in December 2012, being one such example. We remain optimistic that, this most basic of human rights, will be recognised by the larger Sikh community. Sarbat is a social and support group for and by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Sikhs. We offer a platform for like-minded Sikhs from all walks of life, and aim to promote the LGBT Sikh cause in a fair and courteous manner. Sarbat Sarbat Statement on UK Marriage Bill 2013.pdf
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