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  1. I know we are monotheists (Ik onkar) but i was recently asked by someone to describe how sikhi understands the idea of god and evelution, i said we dont deny evelution as we believe god is a part of nature and god us eberything, but then i was questioned if sikhi was pantheistic then (seeing God as part of the universe and nature) the desription of Waheguru also matches that title, so are we a pntheistic and monotheistic religion? Thanks Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  2. does amritvela change depending on what time the sunrises? sunrise these days is at 4 so does that mean amrit vela can be from 1-4? or is it still 3-6?
  3. also, whats our take on drugs such as weed? its a natural drug and a plant and im sure it was used in war times by sikhs and im sure nihangs still use it today, so whats the deal with it, i kinda wanna try it just to know what being high feels like so i can compare it to my experience with naam, and also so i dont look like a hypocrit in philosophy class when i tell people that you can get high of naam or have a religious experience similar to a high when you meditate.
  4. i think amrit vela is the closest i have gotten to feeling a type of high, but i cant really tell coz ive never been high from a substance so i cant compare it really, I get like a euphoric feeling of dizzness when i eat salad, its so weird but feels really good, is that what being high feels like?
  5. the lust needed with a man and a women is a requirment to reprodue, lust between a man and a man does not have a function a part from kaam, and hetrosexuality is not un natural lol what makes u say that?
  6. Im confused about how i should feel with the current events surroinding the LGBT community as a sikh. I accept that you cant be gay and be sikh or you can but you have to remain celbate for life, there is no mention of beging gay in gurbani and it is deemed un natural and lustful and part of kaljug and kaam, but does this mean we should be against it? surely sikhi would be against discrimination and inequality, and me being someone who has experienced discrimination bc of being sikh and a minority like many of us probably have its hard to be against it as we feel emepthetic, but, does this mean therefore that we should support it ? im really confused on the opinion i should have tbh lol, and p.s i'm not gay aha, it just something that people have asked me about and what the sikh opinion on it is and i cant really give a difinitive answer on it because i dont know enough, my opinion right now is leaning on the side that we should be nuetral and hence support it as everyone should be free to pursue their happiness and choose their life freely but at the same time understand that a sikh has responsibilities to live in the footsteps of our gurus. and if you are sikh you cannot do things that may be accepted by the rest of the world as 'okay' and normal, like smoking or drinking thats only my take on it tho, i look forward to reading others views and making a solid opinion fromt that and gurbani.
  7. is it bad to do ardaas for exams and ask maharaj to give me good grades lol? simple question, it feels slighty werid to me, i usually do ardaas for the blessing of naam and simran and to end if off with exams seems quite obsure to me. thanks Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  8. ahahha i have the book lol, this arguement is an arguement against william james, i like william james but i think he is narrow enough with his beliwf of what constitues a religious experience
  9. if i had i wouldnt be asking this question tbh, but idk, bhai jugraj singh ji has had one (basics of sikhi), he says its like pure bliss but even he would admit thats its an indescribable feelings.
  10. A reliious experiene is when someone is directly aware of God or Gods actions.
  11. ahh i see where your going with this,a blind man cannot understand the notion of things like colour wothout experience, so it would be impossible to explain it to him. I think the philosopher in my question isnt denying the importance of experience, i think hes only trying to show that some experience claims may be false. Talk of colours and perception is meaningful because we all have them as part of our conceptual schemes, but religious experience is something rare which is why we he claims we should be doibtful of anyone who has claimed to have one. eeing things is objective, even if the blind man does not understand it he may appriciate it, but a religious experience in relation to your proposition is like the blind man telling us what he can see instead of the other way round, if that made sense lol
  12. this question concerns why the student should believe the mystic in the first place, there are many people who say they have exprienced God or that God has spoken to them but not all of them can be right. And when a mystic also adds that he cannot desribe his expeience this makes the experience more unreliable. how would a sikh respond to this, as our doctrine is based on experiencing God and not just believing in him. The Guru is perfect and bani is pure bliss, but how can this be a counter arguememt when every other religion would say the same thing or roughly the same thing ?
  13. how can one reply to this arguement: "If a mystic admits that the object of his vision is something which cannot be described, then he must also admit that he is bound to talk nonesense when he describes it." - Ayer
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