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Found 5 results

  1. I recently met two singhs who were accused of doing beadbi of Amrit by indulging in eating meat and drinking alcohol. A friend of mine who is their roommate informed me that they take off their gatray and do all kinds of nonsense. which made me wonder if being an Amritdhari has only been reduced to an additional tag to being a Sikh. There are also many underlying mental health issues among the kesadhari and amritdhari community alike. I have met many amritdharis in my life and I have yet to meet a single person who I thought had an amazing personality and really practiced what he pr
  2. I know we are monotheists (Ik onkar) but i was recently asked by someone to describe how sikhi understands the idea of god and evelution, i said we dont deny evelution as we believe god is a part of nature and god us eberything, but then i was questioned if sikhi was pantheistic then (seeing God as part of the universe and nature) the desription of Waheguru also matches that title, so are we a pntheistic and monotheistic religion? Thanks Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  3. Do any of you guys know of any Mona Parents who suddenly became Amritdhari and try to impose their new way of life on their older children who are teenagers?
  4. I hate the big I am aura that young amrithatis try to create. They seem to think that they are in some elite club and that no1 else is worthy. What they don't realise is that they are pushing most of the younger sangat away from Sikhi as they feel that these stuck up hypocritical people are not the kind that they wanna hang out with. This is a really bad situation as if they were true gursikhs they would be overcome by so much humility that this would not be the case. I have lives in canada and am now in the uk and it is rife amount our community. We are writing the foundations for our own fai
  5. Ive always had a question in my mind say if a mona wakes up at amritvilla and starts doing nitnem then is he also getting kamai or phul out of it ! Or do you have to be amrit dhari to only get kamai ??? My cuzin asked me this question i thought it was the latter but not quite sure so plz do shed some light on this topic ! Thanks in advance...
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