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  1. Guest

    Vintage Punjab

    Some vintage photographs and paintings of Punjabis and Sikhs A Nihang bodyguard serving in the Nizam of Hyderabad's irregular Sikh army A Sikh woman, Punjab 1870s Men of the 2nd Regiment of Sikh Infantry, Punjab Frontier Force, later 52nd Sikhs (Frontier Force) circa 1890s A Sikh Couple circa 1805, 19th century A Muslim Arain from Jullunder (Jalandhar) with his wife. Painted mid 19th century. A Nihang with his wife and child, circa 1840 Darbar Sahib 1907 A Sikh woman looks herself up in the mirror, painting inside the Khem Singh Bedi Haveli, Rawalpindi Pakistan 1860s Sikh scripture teacher, Amritsar 1888 Sikh women, 1945 Sikh women lobbying for a Punjabi speaking state during the Punjabi Subha Morcha, 1955 Sikhs migrate to India after the 1947 Partition of Punjab “Punjabi Mussalmans” A 1920s British cigarette card showing the ‘types of Indian women’ Postcard of a Punjabi woman, 1908
  2. From 10 years ago and some older than that, I have pieces of paper which have now turned yellow and really fragile . these paper have gurbani written on them in gurmukhi and english translation So what should I do with them ? I did write them whenever I received a hukamnama and such, but now they have become like really really old, some unfortunately got scrumpled due to being in drawer. I now respectfully want to give them back to guru . please suggest a way. Is cremation appropriate ? please tell vidhi
  3. if someone have it ..plz upload it..& plz dont upload at scribd... few people see topics in Sikh book club.. i thought here it may be better Bhul chuk muaf! Sri akaal sahai!
  4. Phew, sitting today while reviewing some legal / policy papers, a thought came to my mind and it somehow lead me to search for Sikh Sangat on the web. To much shock and amazement i was surprised that the forum is still around. Though it has changed a LOT from the days of 2004, but having seen one after another Sikhi website fall in peril, I am glad it is still around. Its so different with all this facebooks and twitters and ads etc, after all i logged in after 6 years to my surprise the admins did not delete the databases etc and have kept up the good work. I look forward to reading some great posts and having even greater discussions here once again. WJKK, WJKF!
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