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  1. Plz feel free to do more search on Mangal Dhillon, as there are more parts and videos in punjabi as well
  2. sorry to hear...do ardas to get your brain free of him...
  3. wahegur, mehar kar, ang sang shai reh, sir te apna hath rakh, sangat nu bal bakhsh ena naal larhan da ye ena nu summatt bakhsh
  4. To add, what if a baby comes to the picture. Who would be responsible for his/her future? Decision is entirely yours. Guru ji had said, give your opponent 3 chances and then it's time to get armed and fight back. or you can do "parchi" thing, get 2 parchis - divorce or settlement, do ardas and get it picked up by a kid in gurdwara, choose this to do only if you have courage to follow the decision made by Guru sahib. This thing is real and many spiritual beings do this to get out of doubtful situations or seek Guru sahib's advice. Bhagti is needed, of course in everything, but Sikh is a warri
  5. So don't you think he would leave you once he's got permanent status? This is the big question to ask yourself. If he's like this now, what do you expect afterwards? I think he's just waiting to get "pakka" I don't know how the immigration thing works in UK, here in Canada, you can send a letter to immigration telling your story and they know what's happening in your case and can hold on to the status of the person involved. Police records, doctor's medical should be their to support you when it comes to immigration or if something unexpected happens. Stay strong, do ardas. If possible gathe
  6. Only panj pyare in Guru sahib's hajoori can do this service.
  7. not yet, but it might come out when bhai sahib have enough material for it
  8. @ topic, it simply means that you don't love sikhi, instead worry about the outer beauty. If one love sikhi, these things don't bother or such thought don't occur. try this for a week before taking amrit, cover your head with keski, don't remove any hair, do nitnem and after a week, look at yourself in the mirror. I can assure you that you will find yourself more beautiful than any fake beauty on earth.
  9. its because of 9/11 attacks, that sikh community in Canada and America is looked down upon. They think Sikhs are same as Muslims, based on the looks. There's lot of parchaar going on, but it depends if people will comment without having any knowledge of the topic or based on any one bad incident they ever witnessed.
  10. Downloads - Nitnem and katha keertan - http://www.gurdwarananaksar.com/english/media_e.html nanaksar_events_pjb_2015.pdf nanaksar_events_eng_2015.pdf
  11. you should try making yourself strong from inside by reading sakhis or inspiring sikhi books(if you cant concentrate on path or simran)...check out the books/sakhi section here on site......the more you think about this issue, the worst you would get.................the life has much more to offer you........do ardaas.....
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